Chapter 835: Geomagnetic Storm

 Chapter 835: Geomagnetic Storm

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Mages tended to be superior in a fight against Divine level experts of the same level.

It was because black magic gave them powers which surpassed what they could have at their level.

It was only when they encountered people like Fang Xingjian who were immune to black magic, existences from another dimension like the Evil God Tribe's warrior, or people like the Guardian Kings who possessed divine arts that this situation be different.

To the people on Earth who had just gotten some advanced technology, the Tiandao who had already acquired gold faction black magic of the middle and high level was just like a nightmare.

'Damn it... Why is his black magic so powerful?

'The amount of diabolic energy that Mages can use on Earth should be very little.

'He must have stored a large amount of diabolic energy in his body.'

Many thoughts flashed through Fang Yuehe's mind in an instant, and just as he was contemplating about what to do, a bolt of lightning flashed in the sky. Tiandao seemed to have been instantly struck by a huge unknown force and was sent flying like a baseball. In the blink of an eye, he smashed through over ten blocks of buildings, leaving behind dust flying all about as he fell into an area of ruins.

Rumble ... Tall buildings collapsed from the impact one after another, once again bringing about a series of screams in Demonic City.

Fang Yuehe looked at the Thunder Monarch in astonishment. Currently, a layer of mirror-like metal had covered up the latter without Fang Yuehe knowing when it had occurred.

The Thunder Monarch had put on the Impasse Armor, and his voice then rang out directly in Fang Yuehe's mind.

'Hold on for a moment. I'll be able to deal with him immediately.'

At the next moment, the Impasse Armor turned into a series of silver afterimages and appeared in the sky above the ruins.

A loud rumble rang out! Shattered stones, which were like small mounds, and countless slabs of reinforced concrete soared into the sky. They exploded and scattered about, revealing Tiandao who had been buried underneath.

Tiandao's martial will scanned the Impasse Armor and revealed a puzzled expression. 'What the heck is this thing?'

The surface of the Impasse Armor appeared extremely smooth due to the tugging of the strong interaction. Even his martial will was reflected, and there was no way he could probe the internal situation.

Then at the next moment, the Thunder Monarch slapped out once again, and a violent electromagnetic force field was took effect on Tiandao across a distance of several hundred meters, covering each and every one of the cells in his body.

As if he had just been knocked by a small asteroid, Tiandao was instantly sent flying across a distance of over ten kilometers once again.

He dragged out a long and astonishing wave of several tens of meters high on the surface of the sea, coming to a stop with much difficulty.

'Force field attack? It comes in from all directions, and even during the state when time is stopped by Crystal of Time, there's still no way to dodge it.

'And in terms of pure strength, this guy's is greater than mine?'

The Impasse Armor directly drew out energy from Earth's magnetic field and then converted it into an electromagnetic force field to perform attacks. The power it contained surpassed one billion tons, and this was a power which went beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

It was comparable to lifting up over 1,000 towering buildings which were several tens of stories high or one to two thousand aircraft carriers.

This meant that as long as the Thunder Monarch was willing to, he could flatten the entire Demonic City within a second when he was wearing the Impasse Armor.

Seeing Tiandao fall onto the surface of the sea, the Thunder Monarch flew over slowly.

"Tiandao, I don't know where you got your increase in powers from.

"If it were in the past, this power would allow you to dominate Earth.

"But now, you're already outdated."

As the Thunder Monarch spoke, he struck out his palm once again. Lightning flashed in the sky, and an invisible barrier collided into Tiandao. The force field unleashed a power of several hundred million tons, slapping Tiandao several thousand meters into the sea like slapping a fly.

After being dealt three heavy blows consecutively, a large area of cracks appeared on Tiandao's conjured physique, and he looked like a piece of glass that could shatter at any moment. He smiled coldly and looked toward the sky. 'Courting death.'

In the command post, everyone watched as Thunder Monarch beat up Tiandao like a father beating up his son. All of them cheered.

"It's a success! Tiandao isn't a match for the Thunder Monarch."

"What armor is this? It's amazing."

"The magnetic field across the planet is experiencing a violent turbulence."

"Did this armor bring about a geomagnetic storm?"

"How terrifying is this power?"

Xia He looked at each scene of the battle with a grim countenance. He never expected that the Thunder Monarch would have developed such a terrifying personal armor. If the Thunder Monarch were to defeat Tiandao, then the former would dominate the entire Earth.

However, Xia Yan was not unhappy in the least. Instead, he was very excited.

'Be it Fang Xingjian or Tiandao, both of them walk the path of Miracle World's ancient cultivation methods.

'But the method most suitable for mankind is still to be doing things like how the Thunder Monarch has done, relying on our technological developments to gain power.

'This armor might end up representing mankind's advancement into Miracle World and the start of our domination over Miracle World.'

Fang Yuehe also connected with Fang Clan's private satellite and saw the scene where the Thunder Monarch gave Tiandao a bashing.

'To think that the Ford Clan... has actually kept this so deeply hidden?'

Looking at the powerful battle prowess displayed by the Impasse Armor, Fang Yuehe's heart sank.

He had originally wanted to rely on the Divinity Challengers to show off their powers and scare the Thunder Monarch. However, he had not expected that the Thunder Monarch to have kept the Ford Clan's activities more deeply hidden than he had imagined as they developed such an astonishing weapon without others knowing.

With that, the prowess they had obtained thanks to Fang Xingjian was useless now. The Thunder Monarch's uprising would be unavoidable. The thought of this made him felt very gloomy.

The subordinate next to him said, "Sir, the Thunder Monarch's equipment is by no means insignificant. We'll need to come up with think up of plans to deal with this earlier."

"That's right. The Ford Clan really lives up to their name of being one of the Five Great Clans. Even though they're a fallen clan, they still have great power and influence. Now that they've developed this equipment, it's inevitable that they'll rise up."

"It's best for us to avoid taking them on for now."

Just then, someone else said, "Maybe Xingjian will be able to turn the tables around if he comes back."

When the others heard this, they only smirked inwardly. No one felt that Fang Xingjian still had the chance to take control of the situation with how Earth's technology was advancing so rapidly.

Fang Yuehe's wife shook her head and said, "Xingjian was very strong a few months ago, but he's also outdated in the current Earth. With the information obtained from the Moon's relics, mankind will be entering an unprecedented era.

"The means of relying on oneself to cultivate and become stronger like what Xingjian did has already been eliminated."

In the battlefield, Tiandao started to retaliate.

He moved behind the Impasse Armor at akin to light speed, and the Gracefulness of Time was activated once again.

Facing the Impasse Armor whose speed had been reduced to be at one centimeter per second, Tiandao pulled with his hands and once again performed the Blade of Time.

The chaotic saber's glow had a rustic aura as it swept out toward the Impasse Armor.

However, the Blade of Time, which had always been successful and undefeatable, was now being shaken up and shattered by the Impasse Armor under Tiandao's astonished gaze.