Chapter 833: Beating Into Submission

 Chapter 833: Beating Into Submission

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The Earth's military command post was now filled with cheers.

Over 100 officers and staff cheered, and the Planetary Defense's Commander Xia Yan also heaved a sigh of relief.

Ever since the Planetary Defense of the Earth's Federation was almost wiped out by Fang Xingjian previously, they had recruited military forces, policemen, as well as government elites from various countries to form the new Planetary Defense. They then used Divine level experts as their hypothetical foes and made preparations on how they could fight them.

'To think that Tiandao actually dared to come back? Thankfully, the military forces have developed new weapons with the help from the Moon's relics.'

Looking at the effects of the attacks projected on the screen and seeing how even the surface of the ground had been turned into dust, Xia Yan was secretly astonished as well.

'The prowess of this plasma cannon is too shocking. It should have been a weapon used on spaceships. If not for the information obtained from the Moon's relics, it would probably take Earth many more years before we would have come up with this.

'Based on our original estimations, the battle prowess that Fang Xingjian displayed was about 1.5 times that of Li Shuanghua, Despot, and Thunder Monarch. Although Tiandao is strong, he is at most of a similar level to Fang Xingjian.

'However, when even he dies under the impact of the plasma cannon, then Fang Xingjian will probably find it hard to deal with.

'Moreover, this plasma cannon is easy to control, implicates a small area, and doesn't cause pollution. It's extremely suitable to be used in killing Divine level experts.'

However, at that moment, an alarm rang out.

"Strong magnetic fields detected."

"Extremely high heat energies have been produced in the center of the explosion."

"Send over the real-time images!"

The scene of the exploded ruins was enlarged on the huge screen through the zooming in of the camera lenses.

Right now, it was as if time had been reversed at the spot where the middle of the explosion had been. The images kept on going backward, and in the blink of an eye, Tiandao appeared once again, standing firmly in the same spot. He did not appear to have any signs of injuries.

Level 12 black magic-Blessings of the Time King.

The Gold Mage King had once used this to bless his many disciples and grand disciples, allowing their bodies to return to their undamaged condition. It was the ultimate means in gold faction black magic for saving one's life.

All of those in the command post who saw this scene were dumbstruck.

Tiandao looked up and it was as if his gaze pierced through layers of void space and atmosphere, reaching the outer space and the space station where the plasma cannon, which had already been activated, was located.

At the next moment, Tiandao's body flashed, and he disappeared completely.

"This isn't good," Xia Yan said as his heart skipped a beat. Then he immediately issued the orders, "Take care of the space station. He's going to attack the plasma cannon. Prepare to discharge the plasma cannon again immediately."

However, before he was done issuing the command, his assistant gasped, "The space station has been attacked, and we've lost contact with it."

"How is that possible?!" Xia Yan was in disbelief. "That place is 400 kilometers above the ground! Just how long has it been?!"

"Based on the computer's calculation, there was only 0.013 of a second between Tiandao's revival and us losing connection with the space station."

"Traversing 400 kilometers within 0.013 seconds? A speed of 25,000 kilometers per second? How is that possible..."

"This guy has become even faster than Fang Xingjian!"

"The atmospheric layer isn't affected. It isn't an ordinary means of moving."

Right now, the Earth's military forces were still unaware that the Divine level experts from Miracle World could already move at light speed from when they reached tier two of the Divine level.

To them, Tiandao's current speed was unbelievable.

However, Earth's reaction was very quick too. In less than 0.01 seconds after Tian Yi destroyed the plasma cannon, the two space stations nearby had already locked onto him concurrently.

Under the supercomputers' control, two beams of crimson light pillars passed each other, forming a huge bright red cross that completely encompassed the spot where Tiandao was located.

There were no disturbances from the atmospheric layer in space. Without the atmospheric layer, the plasma cannons did not experience the energy attenuating side effects and could be unleashed at a great efficiency. Their prowess was over ten times stronger than the first strike.

However, this time around, the beams did not hit their target so easily. Earlier on, Tiandao had merely wanted to test out the prowess of this attack and thus allowed himself to be hit by the plasma cannon.

This time around, he moved away in the one second the Crystal of Time was activated.


'The prowess of this weapon is no weaker than a tier five Divine level expert's attack at the peak of the microscopic level. It also involves the powers of the microscopic world. To think that Earth's research of their technology in the area of the microscopic domain has already reached such a level?'

Looking at the blood-red cross that was several tens of kilometers away, the corners of Tiandao's lips curled up into a smile.

At the next moment, two huge sparks flashed in outer space like fireworks had been set off.

"We've lost contact with Number 13 and 15 space stations."

"The target's speed is too fast!"

Tiandao's ability to move at akin to light speed far surpassed the reaction speed of the people in the command post, who could only rely on the supercomputers' automated defense mechanism to proceed with the aiming and shooting.

However, to Tiandao, who had both the Blessings of the Time King and the Crystal of Time, such rigid and methodological attacks were meaningless.

The space stations in outer space exploded one after another like fireworks being set off successively in the sky.

In less than a minute, they lost contact with all 12 plasma cannons which had been set up along the Earth's orbit. Everyone in the command post wore extremely grim countenances.

"How is it that Tiandao has gotten so much stronger than before?"

"This sort of maneuvering force and destructive prowess are a lot stronger than how Fang Xingjian was previously."

"Why is he attacking us? Contact the Tiandao Clan immediately!"

Xia Yan's countenance was very grim as he asked, "Where is he?"

"The satellites are searching! He seems to have left outer space and returned to the atmospheric layer."

"He appeared at the Pacific Ocean's base!"

A golden glow kept on flashing from time to time in the sky.

With Tiandao maneuver at moving akin to slight speed, the entire Earth was just like his backyard.

Five minutes later, the military base at the Pacific Ocean on Earth was wiped out.

Ten minutes later, Japan's military base was burned down into ashes.

20 minutes later, the Pacific Fleet that was situated in the North Pacific Ocean was annihilated.

Next, it was the Atlantic Ocean's base... the Indian Ocean's base... Western Asia's base... the South Pole's base...

In less than an hour, over 15 aircraft carriers were sunk, 1,000 fighter aircrafts were destroyed, over ten thousand soldiers died, and over 500,000 combat robots were wiped out.

"Tiandao is too strong."

"The strength that he is displaying now has surpass that of Fang Xingjian's."

"Regardless of whether it's in terms of damaging prowess, maneuvering force, or defensive abilities, his attributes are over ten times stronger than Fang Xingjian's."

"Our military force and latest weapons are no match for him at all."

In a mere one hour, Earth's military forces were badly beaten up and unable to retaliate. This one hour could be said to be like a nightmare to the people in the command post.

Single-handedly, Tiandao had forcibly beaten the entire Earth's Federation into submission.

'They should be convinced by now and will probably come to submit to me soon.'

After completing all of this, he returned to Demonic City as if nothing had happened, arriving before the Fang Clan's manor.

Based on his Sudden Inspiration's senses, the crux for him to clear the trial this time around was here.

Looking at the Fang Clan's manor, Tiandao's eyes narrowed slightly as he recalled, 'The Fang Clan's manor in this world is located here?

'In Fang Clan, Fang Xingjian is the only one who can receive a few blows from me. I wonder what kind of remarkable characters there are in this world's Fang Clan.'