Chapter 832: Parallel World

 Chapter 832: Parallel World

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The innocent-looking young man walked on the streets of Demonic City. Looking at the bustling traffic, he had on a nostalgic expression as he thought, 'Demonic City...

'How long has it been since I've come back?'

Although this Tiandao bore a very close resemblance to the Tiandao who had been killed by Fang Xingjian, they were not the same person.

It was because this person was Tiandao from a parallel world. In that world, not only had he gotten his hands on the Crystal of Time, but he had also killed the Astral Ancestor and Blue Sacred Moonlight, taking away the cultivating manuals belonging to these two influences.

The Crystal of Time possessed the ability to stop time for a second in times of danger. Although the cooling period was also one second, he was able to stop time for one second with each passing second.

Tiandao had made use of this for his cultivation, constantly subjecting himself to danger and repeatedly activating the Crystal of Time's ability. This gave him double the time that ordinary people had to use for cultivation.

However, the most crucial thing was that in that world, he possessed the world's top black magic talent.

The rate at which he cultivated gold faction black magic surprised even himself. Moreover, he had the Crystal of Time in his possession, and he cultivated black magic that concerned the control of time.

As his cultivation continued to improve, he gained more and more time, surpassing what ordinary people possessed.

Having more time to cultivate and having better cultivating talent than others allowed Tiandao to become increasingly unstoppable.

Thereafter, he assaulted the Fifth Prince, seized the top-notch martial arts belonging to several tens of forces, assaulted and killed the seven great clans, and took into possession the cultivation methods belonging to the Divine level experts from the seven great clans.

Tiandao then defeated the Gold Mage King, repulsed the Black Mage King, and ruled over the gold, black, and red faction Mages in the Mage Association, dominating over an area in Miracle World.

This time around, he was striving for the Nine-Tiered Heavens in an attempt to advance to tier six of the Divine level, thereby arriving in this parallel world that was extremely similar to the world he came from.

"Mister, can you please don't stand in the middle of the road?" A traffic police said impatiently to Tiandao as he walked up to Tiandao and pointed to the road that was congested with cars.

"In the middle of the road? I apologize." Tiandao smiled and then blew gently toward the direction of the road. At the next moment, the entire road was torn apart by the strong gales, and violent impact waves shot out for a distance of over ten kilometers. Not only was half the city split into two, but many streets were directly destroyed.

Over ten blocks of buildings fell down slowly amidst the screams of numerous people, sending dust, smoke, flames, and explosions into the air.

The initially congested road turned into ruins. As for the vehicles, most of them were sent flying into the sky by the strong gales, and they became distorted from the impacts while in midair. Currently, they had already turned into scrap metal and were plunging down toward the ground.

Looking at the traffic police who was scared speechless, Tiandao shrugged and said, "It's no longer congested now, right?"

Tiandao patted the traffic police on the shoulder and walked toward the direction he was originally headed to.

Tiandao had been very familiar with traveling to parallel worlds through the Nine-Tiered Heavens since a long time ago.

To other experts who were of the same level as him, traveling in a parallel world like this might still be a path filled with dangers. However, he-a genius amongst geniuses and someone who could challenge people of a higher level-was fully capable of dealing with the parallel world that the Nine-Tiered Heavens projected.

It was because this was intended to be arranged for tier five Divine level experts, but his capabilities already far exceeded that of ordinary tier five Divine level experts.

Moreover, he came from Earth, thus the parallel worlds he visited were all Earth's parallel world. The forces in these worlds tended to be even weaker.

Therefore, visits to the places which provided a trial for tier five Divine level experts were just like strolls in the park for him.

Moreover, the black magic he grasped was that of the Gold Robed faction. The convenience of being able to control time by borrowing the evil god's power was what allowed him to do as he wished without any fear.

From his 'experience', the fastest way to clear the trial was to display his powers without any restraints so that the major forces on Earth would give up on resisting. He would then be able to unify all the resources in the parallel world to help him complete what he wanted to do.

Additionally, he only needed to follow the guidance from his Sudden Inspiration to know what he needed to do.

Almost less than half a minute after Tiandao assaulted Demonic City, several tens of light beams soared into the sky, appearing above Tiandao and surrounding him.

Tiandao rubbed his chin and asked, "Special forces?"

These were magic prints Warriors who wore exoskeleton armor. When the magic prints Warrior in the lead saw this young man, he was taken by surprise. "Lord Tiandao! You're back?"

Tiandao grinned and slammed his palm out across space, blowing up the several tens of Warriors.

'There's another me in this Earth's parallel as well?

'Although everything looks very similar, this isn't my world after all.

'Moreover, if I don't kill a few batches of people, how will you know my capabilities? How will you be willing to submit to me?'

Tiandao then slowly walked toward the direction of the Fang Clan's manor. Batches of magic prints Warriors went up to stop him. There were even robot troops and supersonic fighter aircrafts. They were practically turning the entire Demonic City into a battlefield.

However, the fighter aircrafts were squashed across the space and exploded, the robot troops were shattered with an explosive bellow, and the magic prints Warriors were crushed into powder by Tiandao as if he was slapping flies.

Before this tier five Divine level expert, all of the reinforcements that came rushing from all parts of Demonic City were helpless.

"Damn it! Has Tiandao gone crazy? Why is he attacking us in Demonic City?"

"This can't do. We can't use large-scale destructive weapons in Demonic City. We aren't able to deal with him."

"Let's mobilize the new weapons! The new weapons that have been developed to deal with these Divine level experts!"

Ever since Fang Xingjian had returned to Earth, single-handedly dealing a great blow and preventing several million troops from beingable to do anything to him, the Earth's military forces started to think of ways and depleted countless resources to research and develop all sorts of weapons targeted at him.

Moreover, the Thunder Monarch was not the only one who had obtained improvement after having obtained the information from the Moon's relics.

Tiandao, who was walking along the streets, suddenly stopped. "Hmmm?"

To think that he sensed danger through his Sudden Inspiration...

'To think that there's someone on Earth who's able to give me this sense of danger? Who is this person?'

At the next moment, he suddenly looked toward the sky, and under his astonished gaze, a crimson-red glow flashed. Then a light pillar encompassed the spot he was at entirely, and a series of explosions went off with him as the midpoint, covering a range of 100 meters.

"This is the latest plasma cannon. It can bind plasma clouds into rays, creating high-energy particles that have a high temperature of several hundred thousand degrees Celsius and can move at sublight speed.

"Moreover, before it attacks, a large number of electron beams will soften up the atmosphere, preventing the energy of this cannon blast from being attenuated by the atmosphere.

"If one is struck head-on by this attack, it would be the equivalent of withstanding the Sun's internal environment within a short period of time. Even Fang Xingjian might not be able to survive this.

"These are the latest weapons that we've developed based on the Moon's relics, with Divine level experts as the targets. Although the destructive range of the weapons isn't wide, their killing prowess per unit area far surpasses that of nuclear missiles."

Ever since the great battle on Earth, Earth's military forces had treated Fang Xingjian as an imaginary enemy, and all of the weapons were developed with the goal of killing Fang Xingjian.

Seeing the figure disappear into the mass of plasma, everyone present heaved a sigh of relief.

"It's a success."

"We finally have a weapon that can kill Divine level experts."