Chapter 831: Requesting for Assistance

 Chapter 831: Requesting for Assistance

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The Thunder Monarch looked at the Impasse Armor in the screen and revealed a hint of arrogance in his expression.

This mecha was something he had created based on the information on the super technology that was on the moon's relics. It was a super armor produced by creating a force field generator as well as changing the coverage and direction of electromagnetic forces and strong interaction.

The strong interaction gave it an almost invincible defense force. Its surface had a great luster that reflected all light waves, electromagnetic waves, and of course martial will.

Strong interaction would bring together nuclei, causing the material's length to be beyond one's imagination. Not only did the nuclear bomb not damage it in the least, but the various previously conducted experiments involving various electromagnetic cannons, laser cannons, sound waves weapons, super low-temperature weapons showed they were all ineffective against the armor.

Even the Thunder Monarch himself was unable to break through this armor with his attacks head-on.

The advanced application of electromagnetic forces gave it a powerful attacking prowess. The plasma cannons shot out from the surface of the armor's body could shatter all currently known material structure on Earth. The electromagnetic force engine in its body was even able to convert magnetic fields of currents into all sorts of output forces almost without any losses.

At present, at its greatest limits, the armor could lift up about 10% of the Mount Tai mountain range. This action was equivalent to over one billion tons of continuous output.

The geomagnetic energy furnace in its body could draw out the energy from the earth's magnetic field and possess an almost limitless amount of energy.

With just these three points alone, the Thunder Monarch believed that amongst all the Divine level experts across the entire Miracle World, there were probably not many who could be a match for this mecha. Based on the battle prowess ratings they obtained, the battle prowess displayed by the Impasse Armor was almost ten times more than what Fang Xingjian had displayed when he was on Earth previously.

It could be said that after creating this Impasse Armor, the Thunder Monarch now had the confidence to defeat any expert on Earth.

'Even if Fang Xingjian were to come now, he probably won't be a match for the Impasse Armor either,' the Thunder Monarch thought inwardly. 'But if the battle were on Earth, the destructive force would be too great, and there'd be too much damage done to Earth.'

Having the battle on Earth would naturally not be as good as in Miracle World. After all, when the battle prowess was this strong, each and every movement could bring forth a great disaster. If the battle were to break out on Earth, countless countries and citizens would be sacrificed, and the losses would be incalculable.

Yet if the battle were to be in Miracle World, there would not be any reservations held by those on Earth's side.

However, Miracle World's ether particle density was extremely high, and all sorts of physical material took form through physical particles. Earth's technology would not be able to operate as usual over there.

This was the next problem that the Thunder Monarch had to deal with.

Beside him was Ford Clan's Geno-a level 29 magic prints Warrior and the Thunder Monarch's younger brother. Geno was also a renowned professor in physics.

Geno asked, "Brother, are we going to make a move on the Fang Clan?"

"That's right. Fang Yuehe has been getting increasingly arrogant during this period of time, banking on the aftershock from Fang Xingjian's influence. He has swallowed a large number of the Federation's properties. The same goes for those members of the Fang Clan. They're not thinking of our Ford Clan at all."

"With the Impasse Armor, even if Fang Xingjian were to come back, he won't be our match. It's time for us to teach the Fang Clan a lesson."

Looking at the agitated people before him, the Thunder Monarch nodded inwardly. Ever since he surrendered to Fang Xingjian, the status of the Ford Clan had plunged, and they were now unable to raise their heads before the Fang Clan and Fang Yuehe.

Furthermore, despite being a Divine level expert, the Thunder Monarch had been forced to give in to Fang Xingjian for the sake of his survival. Countless people ridiculed him in secret.

Although he could bear with this, it did not mean that there was no fury building up within him.

Moreover, these blows had dealt a great impact on the Ford Clan's reputation. Many of the Ford Clan's younger members lost the honor and fighting spirit they had in the past.

However, at the thought of the means that Fang Xingjian possessed, the Thunder Monarch still shook his head and said, "That's inappropriate. Fang Xingjian managed to step into the Demigod realm in less than three years, and he annihilated Divine level experts when he was only a Demigod. His talent cannot be measured by normal standards.

"Moreover, we don't know how much stronger he has become now that several months have passed by.

"Right now, the Impasse Armor has a battle prowess that's several times stronger than how Fang Xingjian was back then. However, before we have absolute confidence of winning, it still isn't suitable for us to take action immediately."

"Then what do we do?" Geno, who was from the Ford Clan, could not accept this. He said, "Are we going to let the monkeys from the Fang Clan continue being so arrogant? The strong interaction output material used on the Impasse Armor's surface is hard to break through under the pressure from the Earth's core. Fang Xingjian will definitely not be his match."

"Don't be anxious," the Thunder Monarch said with a smile. "The Mage Association has cut off connections with us, and we're lacking too much current information from Miracle World. As a Demigod expert, Fang Xingjian might have already attained a breakthrough to the Divine level.

"With his character, he probably won't be quiet even in Miracle World. Send someone over immediately. We'll definitely be able to get news about him and find out how far he has progressed by now."

Geno was still discontent. He said, "Then we're going to let the Fang Clan off just like this?"

"The Fang Clan..." The Thunder Monarch squinted and said, "Notify the Tiandao and Medici Clans as well. They've also been overly suppressed by the Fang Clan. This time around, we'll all apply pressure on the Fang Clan together and see if Fang Xingjian has left any hidden trump with them."

Currently, amongst Earth's Five Great Clans, the Fang Clan was extremely prosperous. The Onassis Clan which comprised of black-skinned people had almost been wiped out by Fang Xingjian in the past.

The remaining Ford, Tiandao, and Medici Clans were holding up with difficulty and had many complaints toward the Fang Clan.

Although the Thunder Monarch was extremely confident in the Impasse Armor, he still wanted to be extra careful. He planned to sound out the other party and only make his move when he was absolutely confident in winning.

"One more thing. Expedite the production and improvements of the Impasse Armor. Continue to work on improving it while the production is ongoing. Don't stop. The more sets of Impasse Armor we have, the higher our chances are of winning. As for the Fang Clan, we'll just let them be arrogant for now."

Hearing this, the many members of the Ford Clan's upper echelon present revealed gazes of viciousness, anticipation, and eagerness.

However, at that moment, an assistant suddenly barged in, looked at the Thunder Monarch, and said, "Sir, the Fang Clan is requesting for assistance."

The Thunder Monarch was stunned for a moment. "Requesting for assistance?"


Half an hour ago, in the sky above Demonic City...

A sudden flash of light had appeared in the sky 10,000 meters above Demonic City. The flash of light then changed slowly and gradually condensed to take the form of a young man.

The young man had black hair, black eyes, an innocent appearance and a comfortable aura. He had the same exact appearance as Tiandao-who was one of the five great Divine level experts on Earth in the past.

However, Tiandao had snatched the Crystal of Time left behind by the Gold Mage King and gotten killed by Fang Xingjian thereafter. So, how could he appear here?

The young man's gaze swept across the Demonic City that was under his feet. He suddenly laughed, 'Interesting. To think that this time around, the parallel world that I've arrived in is this place?'

Strange gleams flashed in his eyes, as if all things in the universe were revolving in them.

'Mmm, my trial this time is at that place?'

Then, with a flash, he disappeared completely.