Chapter 830: Heading to Earth

 Chapter 830: Heading to Earth

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After setting up the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation in the Imperial City, Fang Xingjian descended with the two Mage Kings. He saw Charlie directing a group of apprentices into the Imperial Capital. It seemed that these people were brought in from the other regions.

Seeing Fang Xingjian come down, Charlie immediately set aside his work and went up to him, saying respectfully, "Does the Imperial Preceptor have any commands?"

Fang Xingjian asked casually, "Are there any news of the Second Prince?"

The Second Prince had secluded himself for training, and no one knew where he was. However, everyone thought that with how the news of the events at the Imperial Capital had spread throughout the world, the Second Prince would definitely rush over after hearing about them.

However, by the looks of things, the matter did not seem to be so simple.

Charlie shook his head and said, "There aren't any news yet."

Fang Xingjian frowned slightly as the Second Prince still had yet to appear after so long. Additionally, even with his Sudden Inspiration, Fang Xingjian was unable to sense the Second Prince's existence. This meant that it was very likely the Second Prince was no longer in Miracle World.

'Is he striving for the Nine-Tiered Heavens?'

With the Second Prince's aptitude that he gained from the ten levels of the mystical prints, his cultivation path should be smooth-sailing and the probability of him striving for the Nine-Tiered Heavens was extremely high. Since that was the case, Fang Xingjian gave up on the idea of continuing the search.

Bringing along the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King with him, Fang Xingjian arrived in the newly constructed palace with a flash.

The newly constructed palace did not float in the sky like the previous one had done. Built in the center of the Imperial Capital with dark colored marble, the new palace did not seem extravagant or luxurious. Instead, it was filled with a rustic, impressive, and dignified feeling.

Right now, Charlot was listlessly listening to an official's reports. The Fourth Prince was seated next to him.

Seeing Fang Xingjian's sudden appearance, everyone present was about to bow and greet him when he waved his hand and dismissed them.

"Master!" Charlot looked at Fang Xingjian and bowed respectfully. Compared to how he had been in the past, Charlot had become more well-behaved. It was because Charlot realized that this Master of his seemed different from the one he recalled in his memories. Not only did Fang Xingjian seem a little cold, but he was also extremely strict, not allowing Charlot to overstep his boundaries at all.

Fang Xingjian nodded slightly, looked at the Fourth Prince, and said, "I'll be leaving for a few days and will leave the matters in the Imperial Capital to you." After saying that, Fang Xingjian tapped out a finger, and a stream of sword light darted through void space and entered the Fourth Prince's mind.

"I've set up a sword formation in the Imperial Capital, and it's sufficient to go up against most of the Divine level experts. This is the method of controlling the sword formation. Remember it carefully."

The Fourth Prince nodded. Then he gazed at Fang Xingjian and said, "Xingjian, are the two Mage Kings going as well? We've received news that both the Steel Lion Kingdom and the Sand Country seem to be a little restless of late. I'm afraid that they will take advantage of this situation."

Seeing the worry in the Fourth Prince's eyes, Fang Xingjian said, "Don't worry. If the sword formation can't hold up, I'll be able to sense it immediately. With my current speed, it'll only take the effort of a few thoughts for me to rush back. There's no need for you to worry."

After saying this, Fang Xingjian continued to give out commands regarding the collection of information as well as gathering of resources, such as the forging of the fourth Divine Sword for his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation. He then brought the two Mage Kings along with him and left in his light form.


During the time Fang Xingjian had been in Miracle World, a series of changes had occurred on Earth.

On a certain archipelago in the Pacific Ocean on Earth...

At present, several hundred kilometers of the ocean had been sealed off, and a large number of soldiers and magic prints Warriors were patrolling the island.

In the command post situated in the middle of the island, over ten high ranking officials of the Earth's Federation were looking at the screen before them anxiously.

Previously, Fang Xingjian had single-handedly killed three great Divine level experts on Earth and then defeated a large amount of the Earth's Federation's forces. He had swept the people of the world off their feet and become the strongest expert on Earth.

Due to that, the Fang Clan's status soared tremendously. Not only were they now very influential in the Earth's Federation with their influence expanding rapidly, Fang Xingjian's Second Uncle-Fang Yuehe, who was the current person in charge of the Fang Clan-had also become one of the governors at the highest level of the Earth's Federation.

However, other than the time Fang Qian had come over once and taken away a large number of scientists with her, Fang Xingjian had not contacted Earth thereafter.

Additionally, upon the discovery of the words on the moon, there had been new breakthroughs in terms of their technology.

Furthermore, having lost their contact with Tiandao and Titan-the two Divine level experts-and having the Mage Association cut off their connection with them, the Earth's Federation no longer placed their attention on Miracle World but turned toward achieving breakthroughs in technology.

This was because the Earth's Federation had also obtained a large number of technological information that surpassed the Earth's level, similar to the information Fang Xingjian had received in the parallel world.

The experiment this time around was to test the results.

Half an hour later, a huge fireball shot up into the sky, and a force 12 typhoon blew, bringing forth a tsunami with a height of two to three meters gushing out in all directions.

The battlecruisers several tens kilometers away kept on bobbing up and down due to the impacts from the tempest and the tsunami like they had entered a raging storm.

A piercing light shone down, and almost no one could look at it in the eye.

Right now, a nuclear experiment was being conducted in this archipelago situated in the Pacific Ocean.

It was only after a whole 40 minutes that the huge fireball slowly dissipated. The small island, where the nuclear warhead had exploded, had turned into a dead land. Everything above ground level was almost completely wiped out.

A large number of armored vehicles, city walls, and fighter aircrafts used to withstand powerful destructive forces had been crushed by the high temperatures and impacts, turning into chunks of ruined metal.

At the center of the nuclear explosion, a three-meter-tall metal human figure stood there peacefully.

The entirety of the metal human figure was silver in color, and the metal surface was like a mirror, almost perfectly reflecting the scene around it. It was as if the figure was covered with mirrors. Its streamlined figure gave off a great science fiction vibe.

The metal human figure floated in midair, but there were no signs of damage on it at all.

After another half an hour, magic prints Warriors wearing exoskeleton armor started to head up there to collect information.

In the command post, everyone held their breaths and concentrated, awaiting the results.

"The surface of the armor has no damage."

"No abnormalities found in the mechanical system."

"No abnormalities found in the force field generator."

"No abnormalities found in the physical structure."

"No abnormalities..."

"No abnormalities..."

"The entire Impasse Armor has not suffered any damage after being subjected to a 75-million-ton nuclear explosion. The energy depletion is not even 0.0001%."

Hearing this reply, everyone present cheered. A Caucasian man in the lead also revealed a hint of joy on his face.

"Great. With this Impasse Armor, we finally have a power that can fight against those Divine level experts from Miracle World."

This person was the Thunder Monarch, who was previously one of the five great Divine level experts on earth. He was the head of the Ford Clan which specialized in technology.

Back then, he had bowed down to Fang Xingjian and managed to keep his life. Thereafter, he obtained the relics on the moon, made an effort to work hard, and devoted all his efforts into developing this Impasse Armor.

An old Caucasian man at the side said, "If we produce 80 or 100 sets of this Impasse Armor, even those Divine level experts from Miracle World would find it hard to fight us."