Chapter 828: Ring of Time

 Chapter 828: Ring of Time

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The Black Mage King smiled bitterly, "You're asking me? How could I know that? The objectives of existences like the demonic gods aren't something that we can know..."

Existences like the demonic gods had wills that penetrated through the past and the future, as well as through the space-time of countless universes. They were already existences that were completely different from ordinary living beings.

It was just like how cats and dogs found it hard to understand what humans sought. The difference between demonic gods and humans was not as simple as the difference between mankind and cats and dogs.

Fang Xingjian nodded, then he looked at the Gold Mage King and asked, "Do you know why the two Guardian Kings wanted to capture me without even saying a single word after seeing me?"

Hearing that, the Gold Mage King said, "The Chaos Witch was the one who told me about this. It's said that you have a high level of resemblance to the previous Pope of the Church of Universal Truth in terms of both your appearance and disposition.

"But I have no idea why the Church wants to get rid of you because of this.

"The Chaos Witch belongs to the Cyan Robed faction, and they have always grasped countless secrets and mysteries. Their unique trait of being able to avoid physical contact allows them to move freely through space. They know the countless mysteries of the world and have set up many arrangements in several places. Furthermore, they have many hidden forces and have always been secretly guiding the flow of history. Even the Church of Universal Truth is unable to do anything to them."

"Oh?" Fang Xingjian had come into contact with the Chaos Witch back when he prevented the Fifth Prince from recovering in the 1,000-year battlefield. The Chaos Witch's faction's ability was really unusual. At the very least, he had no idea how she had been able to ignore all the attacks.

"Has no one ever been able to deal with them?"

The Gold Mage King shook his head. "They are unable to attack others, and others are unable to attack them. The Cyan Robed faction has always relied on words to mystify the human heart. Their gift of the gab has led to the destruction of many families."

Fang Xingjian fell silent for a moment, still thinking about the matter concerning the Pope.

Previously, he had already known that he shared some resemblance to his mother, but he had not expected that he also shared a close resemblance to the Pope. 19 years ago, his mother had gone to the south where the Church was at. He had no idea what their connection was.

Fang Xingjian had initially thought that the two Mage Kings would be able to solve a lot of the mysteries he had. However, by the look of things, when one puzzle was resolved, more would appear.

He nodded and asked once again, "Do the two of you know what the connection is between Earth and Miracle World?"

Hearing this question, the Gold Mage King looked at the Black Mage King.

The Black Mage King frowned. Although he was a little unwilling, he still said, "It's a long story..."

According to the Black Mage King's introduction, they had unknowingly discovered the area of space-time that was connected to Demonic City. Thereafter, they had interactions with the people from Earth and even formed collaborations.

After all, the world's metamorphosis had yet to occur back then and they were all still tier one Divine level experts. The level of ether particles on Earth had been insufficient, and there had been no diabolic energy there. Thus, none of them had gone over to Earth.

Moreover, they only felt that the Earth's scientific information was worth referencing to. The scientific information had a mutual corroboration with their cultivation. Another thing was that magic prints Warriors could be trained very quickly, so the magic prints could be treated as another form of battle prowess.

They had also been conducting research about magic prints, but there had not been any results.

"You guys weren't the ones who created the magic prints?" Fang Xingjian was slightly astonished. He had always thought that the magic prints were the simplified version of black magic, which the Mages had created to rapidly create experts on Earth. However, now, it seemed that this was not the case.

The Gold Mage King shook his head. "I find this matter very strange as well. Magic prints were spread by a talented person who suddenly appeared 19 years ago. This person's cultivation was deep and unfathomable, a lot stronger than ours.

"At present, the world's metamorphosis has already occurred. In my opinion, this person had already far surpassed tier one of the Divine level although the world's metamorphosis had yet to occur back then.

"This person was the one who spread the 12 types of magic prints on Earth. I studied the magic prints at a later time and discovered that it complements black magic. Although the prowess of magic prints isn't comparable to that of black magic, magic prints can be mastered easily. They have clearly been modified based on black magic."

Hearing the Gold Mage King's explanation, a strange gleam shone in Fang Xingjian's eyes and he thought, 'Could it be... a magic prints warrior who attained a breakthrough of the Nine-Tiered Heaven? Or was it a Mage who arrived on Earth to spread the magic prints?'

Fang Xingjian had been to other parallel worlds in the past and changed their history. Since he could head to other parallel worlds, other people could naturally arrive on their Earth as well.

At the thought of this, Fang Xingjian felt even more perplexed by the two worlds' structures and the Nine-Tiered Heavens system. He felt that there were layers of mysteries hidden behind them.

Fang Xingjian had initially thought that Earth and Miracle World were both Earth but that they existed on different timelines. True Lord Qingshan's existence seemed to have verified this point as well.

However, when he did a rough calculation at a later time, he realized that the two planets' geographical terrains were different. Not only were their geographical terrains different, but their sizes were different as well. Moreover, the stars and the moon could not be seen in Miracle World. This was another area where the Miracle World was different from Earth.

After voicing out his questions, the Gold Mage King nodded and said, "Everyone thinks that the the Nine-Tiered Heavens experience are merely experts cultivating in their dreams. However, we know that the dreams are passing through space-time and thus leading the experts to comprehend the profoundness behind space-time.

"The foundations of all the powers in the world originate from the changes of space-time. We originally thought of the possibility that Earth and Miracle World are each other's parallel world. However, after a detailed research, we discovered that there are areas which seem right but are wrong.

"Has Master Fang heard of the Ring of Time? Based on the Association's records, there haven't been any seniors who have gone to a parallel world that was similar to Earth."

Fang Xingjian had expected this long ago. Other than himself, he had not encountered any other Divine level experts who had gone to Earth through the Nine-Tiered Heavens. When Miracle World's experts strove for the Nine-Tiered Heavens, all of them had entered a world that was similar to Miracle World.

"Ring of Time?" Hearing this term, Fang Xingjian asked puzzledly, "What is that?"

The Black Mage King said solemnly, "It's a legend."

Based on the Mage Association's records which had been passed down through the generations, almighty existences that surpassed the Divine level were able to surpass the restrictions of time and space. At their level, they could almost only be sealed or confined. It was definitely very hard to kill them.

The Ring of Time was a means to seal them.

To put it simply, the universe's structure was that the past and future formed a timeline. All of the victories or defeats at each juncture in history formed forks in that timeline.

Each parallel world represented a fork in the timeline. Different choices and different outcomes would create different timelines, which was the formation of countless different parallel worlds.

Then when the past and future of the timeline converged, a ring would be formed.

For example, a person was knocked down by a car. Then his parents went back to the past to inform him of the time and location of the car accident, allowing him to avoid being knocked down by the car. Therefore, his parents would not actually know that he would encounter a traffic accident and would not go back to the past to inform him of the traffic accident. As a result, his past self would not know that the event would occur and the future him was knocked down again. Then his parents went back to tell him again, and after he avoided it, his parents were once again unaware of the accident and did not tell him. After that, he got knocked down again...

There would be limitless changes of him being knocked down to death, being saved, and being knocked down and killed.

This was just an example. The actual situation would be 10,000 times more complicated. It was because the past kept changing the future, and the future kept changing the past, turning the timeline into a circle. In this circle of a timeline, the lifeforms in it would never find out about the locations and directions in the timeline.

Every single thought and action of the people in the Ring of Time would change their past, but when their past was changed, their present selves would cease to exist, making it a completely different situation.

Everything in the Ring of Time would sink into an endless cycle without them knowing.