Chapter 827: Communicating Secrets

 Chapter 827: Communicating Secrets

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Alexander had gained fame for several decades, dominating the Empire and never experiencing defeat.

However, he had previously tied against Fang Xingjian in a fight,and now, he had even died in the evil god summoning ritual. Many people were overcome with emotions at the thought of this.

Numerous people in the world were astonished by this news.

As for the evil god's clone, not many people were aware of it. The only people who knew about it were the various members of the upper echelons of different influences-experts who understood Mages. To them, the news of the evil god's clone being killed was even more astonishing than the news of Alexander's death.

A raging storm spread throughout the entire Empire. Many people of different races and religions from the northern plains and the eastern desert came to the Empire in an attempt to obtain information.

Countless people turned their gazes and attention onto the Imperial Capital.

However, Fang Xingjian was prepared. Although there had been some troubles in getting the six Divine level experts to take charge of the six great regions, these troubles were eventually suppressed.

The news of the Mage Association's involvement and the deaths of the two Guardian Kings were naturally concealed by Fang Xingjian. He did not even share the news of the two Guardian Kings' deaths to the six Divine level experts under him.

The Black Mage King and Gold Mage King sent their clones to head to the Mage Association, calling 90% of the members of the black, red, and gold faction Mages to the new Imperial Capital.

A tremendous amount of wealth, people, as well as heavenly and earthly treasures were all moved to the Imperial Capital ceaselessly.

It was as if the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King had both yielded to Fang Xingjian with great devotion

From then on, these new Mages would become a part of the Empire's power and be stationed in the Imperial Capital for the long term.

Before Fang Xingjian had absolute confidence in himself, he would not let them out.

The news of the two Guardian Kings' deaths were still completely sealed by the people who had survived in the small world.

After all, there were only ten over people in total who had witnessed the two Guardian Kings' deaths. So, it was not difficult to seal this information.

Although these experts had witnessed how strong Fang Xingjian's prowess was, they were unwilling to go to war with the Church of Universal Truth, which was a massive force, unless there was a need to do so.

After all, the church of universal truth was the number one force that had dominated over the world for countless years. With its great reputation, who knew how many hidden means they had up their sleeves?

Therefore, the people who knew of this news, including the Beast God, Charlie and Yue Shan, did their best to hide it. They were extremely proactive in their attempt toward avoiding a war against the Church of Universal Truth.

However, Fang Xingjian understood that it was impossible to keep this piece of news hidden forever.

The news of the Mage Association joining the Empire was treated with an even greater level of confidentiality Thankfully, the Imperial Capital was in the midst of being rebuilt, thus not many people noticed the Mage Association's arrival.

If the Church of Universal Truth were to find out about this, they would probably gush out at any moment, heading south to attack the Empire.

They would be unable to accept the Mage Association and the Empire merging together, and furthermore the fact that the two Guardian Kings had died in the Empire.

For this, the three great Saints, who were in the midst of an internal strife, might even come to a temporary truce and send an expedition to the south.

As for Fang Xingjian, he was still unwilling to go to war with the Church of Universal Truth at the moment.

He knew that the day would come when he would need to fight against the Church of Universal Truth. However, it was definitely not now. Guardian King level experts were too unique. Not only were they extremely strong, but they also controlled the power of the unpredictable divine arts in their hands.

To think that there were already 19 experts who were so powerful yet there were still three more great Saints above them.

No one knew if any of them who could see through Fang Xingjian's illusory arts. Therefore, Fang Xingjian was going to drag this secrecy out for as long as he could. He would try to get himself more time and become stronger.

Therefore, the leaked news were only of Alexander's death, the reconstruction of the Imperial Capital, and the evil god's clone getting killed.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed by, and the general structure of the Imperial Capital had been rebuilt.

This was a square-shaped city with a length surpassing 30 kilometers.

As the city's structure had been built almost completely by the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King together, it was covered with many squares of streets and buildings, and filled with man-made traces.

Of course, they had only created the general city's structure. The various embellishments, lifestyle items, and tools still needed to be slowly perfected.

All sorts of jobs to increase the population and to rebuild the central government were progressing steadily.

The Imperial Capital had been destroyed and both Alexander and the Abyss Lord had died. However, with the involvement of the Gold Mage King, Black Mage King, as well as the Mages from the black, red, and gold factions, the Empire's powers increased instead of declining.

With a tremendous number of people being brought in, the Imperial Capital would return to prosperity very quickly.

Despite this, Fang Xingjian left the management of the concrete situation to the Fourth Prince.

Right now, Fang Xingjian was standing 10,000 meters high up in the sky together with the Gold Mage King and Black Mage King, looking down at the new Imperial Capital on the ground. He had too many questions to ask the two of them.

"So, that thing is called the Evil God Tribe?" Fang Xingjian frowned and asked, "To think that a monster like that is only one of many in a tribe?"

"That's right," the Black Mage King nodded and said, "The Evil God Tribe is the tribe that the Red Evil God-or rather, the Red Demonic God-created. The term 'evil god' is just the way our world calls them. In a multivariate universe, the higher existences that know and understand them better call them demonic gods."

The Black Mage King slowly shared the secrets in history.

The Mage Association had survived for countless years in Miracle World. During each onslaught, they had not lacked experts at tier eight or even nine of the Divine level experts.

There were also quite a number of them who had arrived in other parallel universes, other worlds, or other planes of existences through passing through the Nine-Tiered Heavens or even through some kind of black magic.

Therefore, their understanding of the multivariate universe and the evil gods far surpassed that of other factions, clans, and royal families in Miracle World. This was the difference in their backgrounds.

Despite this, the information concerning demonic gods was a secret amongst secrets. At the very least, the Gold Mage King did not have a very good understanding of the demonic gods. Right now, he was also looking at the Black Mage King and listening to this precious information very carefully.

"So there are a total of 12 demonic gods? In correspondence to the 12 evil gods?" Fang Xingjian continued to ask.

The Black Mage King smiled and said, "There are 13 demonic gods."

Fang Xingjian paused for a moment before responding, "You're referring to the God of Universal Truth?"

"That's right," the Black Mage King nodded and revealed a self-ridiculing smile before continuing, "It's just that the God of Universal Truth is too powerful. Therefore, the members of the Church of Universal Truth that borrows the power of the God of Universal Truth will be able to deal with us-the Mages from the other 12 factions-all by themselves.

"Based on what I know, we aren't the only ones in the multivariate universe who can borrow the demonic gods' powers to perform sorcery. Experts in the many other universes do this as well."

Hearing the Black Mage King's explanation, Fang Xingjian's gaze flashed with a hint of understanding.

It was true. Regardless of whether it was the God of Universal Truth or the 12 evil gods, all of them were powerful existences that were far away from this universe. However, they could still bestow their powers to the humans in this world across the immeasurable distance of the space-time that was between them.

Looking at it this way, their differences were not really that big.

Yet what followed were even more questions. The first question that came to Fang Xingjian's mind was why could he be immune to black magic and yet not be immune to divine arts?

However, he did not ask the Black Mage King this question. He merely looked at the Black Mage King and asked, "Then what is the reason why the 13 demonic gods spread power and knowledge?"