Chapter 826: News

 Chapter 826: News

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Above the spot where the Imperial Capital was originally located, there were the radiances of many martial wills. The glow of the Black Mage King's martial will was the one with the greatest impact.

The black martial will scattered out like dark clouds, instantly covering a distance of several kilometers. At the next moment, the martial will shot up into the sky like a huge hand, uprooting a huge mountain that was several tens of kilometers away and then tossing it into the large hole.

The Gold Mage King did not lose out either. A large golden hand stretched out, sweeping a series of small mounds that were higher than the ground from the distance into the large hole.

Just the two Mage King level experts alone had the ability to change the entire world. Within a mere few minutes, they had already swept all the mountain ranges within several tens of kilometers that were above ground level into the large hole.

Not only did they fill up the empty hole, but they even cleared up the area within several tens of kilometers into a piece of completely flat plain.

The battle prowess of each Divine level expert could shake the entire world, and they even had a destructive prowess that surpassed nuclear weapons. The moment they utilized this power toward production, the productive force could be comparable to that of several hundred thousand, several million, or even several ten million people.

It was just that most Divine level experts were engrossed in their own cultivation and would not use their powers in this area.

However, under Fang Xingjian's orders, the Black Mage King and the Gold Mage King had to do this even though they were unwilling.

After having taken care of the ground, the Black Mage King waved his large hand and grabbed a few blocks of large mountains from over 100 kilometers away. A glow flashed on the Gold Mage King, turning into an astonishing rainbow that moved a great river which was several tens of kilometers away.

All sorts of flames, lightning, and acid appeared with a flash. Combined with the resources the two Mage Kings grabbed, they continued to produce all sorts of brick, cement, stone pillars, marble, and other materials which fit the requirements.

These little things were very easy for the Black Mage King and the Gold Mage King to achieve.

Of course, with their ability to reach the microscopic realm, they could also change physical particles' structures directly to work miracles of turning stone into gold. They could also make some simple elemental changes to obtain the things that they wanted.

However, there were over several hundred million or even several billion physical particles within physical matter that had a volume of one cubic meter. The efficiency of the order to obtain enough materials to rebuild a city through such a miraculous method of changing physical particles was too low.

On the contrary, the way they were doing it now-directly refining materials based on physical characteristics-would allow them to achieve all sorts of high technological effects. They could perform all sorts of processing methods including using high temperatures, as well as sealing and cooling processes.

The Gold Mage King even performed black magic to accelerate the processes.

With these, the duo's productive force could almost be comparable to that of the United States' productive force.

Just within a mere few minutes, they had produced enough materials to make a city.

Then the other Conferred Knights and many Demigods started to use those materials to rebuild the city.

Fang Xingjian created a clone and sent the clone to the Great Western Region. It was to call Tyrant, Prince Philip, and the others over.

At that moment, Lilia ran over from the distance. After Fang Xingjian saved her earlier, she had stayed in the area outside of the ritual, waiting for Fang Xingjian to appear.

It was only after Fang Xingjian and the others left the small world, returned to the Imperial Capital, and started to rebuild the city that she noticed the unusual activity and came rushing over.

Looking at Fang Xingjian, a strange gleam flashed in Lilia's gaze. She asked worriedly, "Master, are you alright?"

Although Lilia knew that the Purple Mage King had not thought of harming Fang Xingjian, Lilia had no idea what the Purple Mage King wanted to do. Furthermore, this evil god summoning ritual had been filled with danger, and even the four Mage Kings had taken action. These had caused Lilia to be extremely worried for Fang Xingjian.

"No issues." Fang Xingjian waved his hand and got Lilia to head to help out.

Tyrant and the others were Divine level experts after all, so they soon arrived at the Imperial Capital. It was not just them. Fang Xingjian also called the Xingwu Region's Lan Yue, Astral Ancestor, and Blue Sacred Moonlight over.

Looking at the destroyed Imperial Capital, everyone revealed an astonished and stunned expression.

The Fourth Prince sighed, looked at Fang Xingjian, and said, "Where is Father and the others?"

The gazes of the people present were filled with curiosity. They were extremely concerned about the results of this battle.

Fang Xingjian explained the entire situation to them. Hearing what Fang Xingjian said, their expressions kept changing. When they heard how powerful the Evil God Tribe's warrior had been, all of them were greatly shocked.

Then when they heard that Fang Xingjian had defeated the Evil God Tribe's warrior, they appeared agitated.

Additionally, when they heard that the two Mage Kings had now joined their ranks, all of them gasped.

Tyrant kept on assessing the Black Mage King and the Gold Robed Mages secretly. He thought of the past when he had been a mere Gray Robed Mage. Yet he was now the same as the Black Mage King and Gold Mage King-one of Fang Xingjian's subordinates.

Thinking of this, even Tyrant felt a strange feeling.

Blue Sacred Moonlight, Astral Ancestor, and Lan Yue appeared extremely shocked.

The two Mage Kings were legendary characters, living legends. With the thought that even experts who were this strong had been taken in by Fang Xingjian, how could the three of them not feel astonished?

When Blue Sacred Moonlight thought of how she had wanted to submit to Alexander and give up on Fang Xingjian, she appeared very apprehensive.

She felt extremely thankful that back then, she had merely exchanged information currents with Lan Yue and had not actually let Fang Xingjian know her thoughts. Simultaneously, she made up her mind to pledge her unwavering allegiance to Fang Xingjian from this moment on.

After hearing the story, the Fourth Prince nodded and said, "I didn't expect that the evil god's clone would be so powerful. If it wasn't for you, the entire Empire would probably be destroyed."

Although the Imperial Capital was almost completely wiped out, the Fourth Prince had not been on good terms with Alexander ever since a long time ago. The people whom the Fourth Prince was close to had already been brought out from the Imperial Capital previously, so he only felt a brief moment of grief before he pulled himself back together.

Prince Philip said, "The Imperial Capital needs to be rebuilt, and the entire government needs to be rebuilt as well. Xingjian, what are your thoughts on these?"

Fang Xingjian already had his plans. Although the entire central government was gone, he had the entire Great Western Region as his base, and he already had a complete governing system. It would not be difficult to spread this governing system throughout the entire Empire.

Moreover, he had six Divine level experts under his wing, namely Tyrant, the Fourth Prince, Prince Philip, Lan Yue, Astral Ancestor, and the Blue Sacred Moonlight. He could dominate over an area and suppress all backlash and chaos from the eight great regions.

Therefore, over the next few days, Fang Xingjian watched as the Black Mage King and Great Western Region reconstructed the Imperial Capital. Meanwhile, he dispatched the Fourth Prince and the others to the other regions to help him take over the respective Regional Offices in the other regions, with the exception of the Great Western Region and the Central Region.

A large number of Conferred Knights and Knights were also sent out from the Great Western Region to take over important positions in the different regions. Suppressed by the Divine level experts, almost no one dared to openly display their resistance.

Simultaneously, the news of Fang Xingjian having killed the evil god's clone and that Alexander and many experts in the Imperial Capital had died in battle spread throughout the world. This caused waves of upheaval throughout the entire Empire.