Chapter 824: Rebels and Traitors

 Chapter 824: Rebels and Traitors

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Fang Xingchen's expression became even duller. At this moment, he understood that he would never have any chance of exacting revenge in this lifetime. However, there was still a hint of discontent in his heart.

'Both my parents died in your hands. Although I'm unable to take revenge, the Church of Universal Truth may be able to,' he kept on thinking this. 'With the two Guardian Kings killed, the Church will definitely not leave things be. They are the top influence in the world, having accumulated history from thousands or ten thousands of years. There are also more than ten other Guardian Kings who are of the same level as Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes.'

The other people were all shocked numb by what had happened. Their mouths were wide open, and they entered a state of silence.

The First Prince let out a bitter laugh and sighed, "Fang Xingjian, are you really going to make enemies out of the Church of Universal Truth?"

"I'll make a trip to the Church sooner or later," Fang Xingjian said.

It was true that he would head to the Church. The changes the Purple Mage King brought to Fang Xingjian's body had resulted in a completely different change to his thoughts and inner heart. There were also memories appearing in his mind from time to time, filling him with curiosity toward his past.

His mother's death... The man in black who had taken his mother away and had also bestowed him with the purple flames... The purple flames which had given him the world's best talent in sword arts... The man in black's final warning...

All these secrets seemed to be in the north and in the Church.

'It's just a matter of time. Before I head to the Church, I should make back a trip back to Earth and investigate the things that happened when I was young.'

The thoughts that ran through Fang Xingjian's mind did not hinder his movements. He threw a glance toward the First Prince and said slowly, "The Krieg royal family has been dealt a great blow and the Imperial Capital has been destroyed. The Empire urgently requires a new leader."

Fang Xingjian's gaze swept through the crowd before he said slowly, "I think that the Second Prince's son, Charlot, is someone who has been intelligent since he was young, and he is righteous and virtuous. He has the image of a great leader. Why don't we let him inherit the throne and lead the Empire?"

Everyone fell silent. How could anyone possibly object to Fang Xingjian's words at this moment? The huge palm in the sky was still faintly discernible, and the two Guardian Kings had just exploded on the spot earlier.

At the sight of this, the First Prince let out a cold snort, 'Fang Xingjian, you're strong and unrivaled, but our Krieg Clan has managed the Empire's eight regions for over 200 years. The royal family's prestige has been deeply rooted in everyone's hearts.

'The conferring of the Knight title and the academies' system have been developed for so many years. How many of the Empire's experts did not come out from the teachings of the Empire's various academies?

'It's not that easy for you to be so domineering and conspire to take over the foundation that our clan has established.

'Which of the people present aren't our Empire's Governor, Regional Chief, instructor, officers, or other Knight officials? They have been indebted to the royal family for generations, so how could they possibly submit just because of a few words you say?

'Without my cooperation, you'll probably still need to take three to five years to take over the entire Empire.'

However, the First Prince thought too highly of everyone's moral integrity, especially the politicians. The patriotic loyalty that numerous people had displayed was just something they had sustained back when the Krieg Clan was powerful and prosperous.

It was like the saying, ' A fine bird chooses a tree to nest in 1 .' When someone suffered a setback, everyone would deal the person a blow. The Empire's officials and conferred Knights were too familiar with doing this. The clashes and conflicts between the Empire's aristocrats and factions had always been extremely dark and vile. Humans had always been able to continuously lower their limits time and time again for the sake of their benefits.

Not only did no one object, but the moment Fang Xingjian said this, someone had already dashed out and picked up from where he had started.

The Beast God, who came from the Eastern Sand Region, stood up abruptly and groveled onto the ground.

This Demigod with four tiers of perfection, an expert who had traveled the world in order to strive for the Divine level, had a large part of his body eaten up by the Evil God Tribe's warrior earlier. He had then eventually managed to survive under Darkness' Aberration's protection.

Right now, he appeared to be in a very pathetic state, all skin and bone. The body he had just regenerated seemed as if it would break down at any moment.

He was the first to drop to his knees and cry out loudly, "Great master is right, but the Prince 2 is young after all. Now that the Empire's core has been destroyed, we'll still need someone who is both knowledgeable and skilled in martial arts, a person who is able to spread his might to the experts from all other places. This person will calm down the country and support the Prince."

"That's right!" Another person stepped out. This person was Charlie, who had appeared before.

Charlie was the first enemy at the level of a Conferred Knight that Fang Xingjian had encountered. In the past, he had interrogated Fang Xingjian by himself in Kirst Prefectural Academy. Back then, Fang Xingjian was merely an apprentice, and he got injured by Charlie. In the end, Charlie was impeached and banished to the southern borders.

At a later time, he made a deal with Fang Xingjian, imparting Fang Xingjian with the Effulgence Weapon skill, thereby avoiding his fate of being banished to the southern borders.

In the past, Charlie had still been able to suppress Fang Xingjian when he met the latter during his apprenticeship days. However, right now, Fang Xingjian had already become an existence that Charlie needed to look up to.

At present, Charlie had already become a level 25 Conferred Knight, and he had struggled to survive this great disaster.

He had lost all of his resources in the past few years due to the fact that he had offended Fang Xingjian.

This time around, the Imperial Capital had gotten destroyed, and over half of the core members of the Empire's upper echelon had died. At this moment, Fang Xingjian displayed the capability of becoming the Empire's protector. To Charlie, this was a great opportunity blessed by the heavens.

However, he had not expected that the Beast God would beat him to it, so he could only be the second one to step forward.

Still, he did not have the time to think too much into it. At this moment, he only wanted to grab onto this opportunity to lick Fang Xingjian's boots. One reason was that he hoped Fang Xingjian would forgive him. Another reason was that he hoped he could get a slice of the pie in the distribution of power in the new Empire.

Charlie lay in prostrate and shouted loudly, "Only Lord Fang Xingjian is able to take on this great task. The prosperity of the world and of the Empire will be decided with a single word from you."

Just as Charlie came out and groveled before Fang Xingjian, another white-haired old man walked out.

Yue Shan raised his brows "Britz... He's the Chief of the Royal Knight Association."

The Royal Knight Association was an organization that the Empire's royal family had set up to exert control over everyone who had been conferred the Knight title in the world. They could be said to be the greatest agency of violence in the entire Empire.

Each generation's Chief of the association would either be a member of the royal family or was one of their relatives.

It was the same for this old man who went by the name of Britz. His wife was a Princess of the previous generation, so Britz met the criterion as one of the royal family's relatives.

Britz lowered his head and said extremely respectfully, " Master Fang 3 , please don't decline any further. Right now, the country is in great danger and Prince Charlot is still young. Only Master Fang can become that great pillar to provide support in this dire state."

"Please step up and take on the role of being the Imperial Preceptor for now, helping to rid the Empire of its worries."

Over 100 years ago, the King had abolished the position of the Imperial Preceptor taking back all the authority in his own hands.

However, the Knight Association's Chief caused an upsurge of public sentiments when he raised this up. The many Governors, Regional Chiefs, leaders of the various departments, and instructors in the National Academy who had great seniority all stood out, trying to persuade Fang Xingjian to assume this position. It was as if it would be extremely intolerable and that it would spread great indignation and discontent if he declined.

At the sight of this scene, the First Prince's countenance became extremely grim and great fury rose in his heart. Compared to hating Fang Xingjian, he hated these past subjects and officials of the Empire even more. This was especially the case after he saw that even the Association's Chief had stepped out. It made the First Prince so angry that he almost made a move to kill the Association's Chief.

'Rebels and traitors! All of them are rebels and traitors! All of you will die a horrible death! The vast territory belonging to our Krieg Clan has all been lost by your hands.'