Chapter 820: Terror

 Chapter 820: Terror

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Just as everyone thought that Fang Xingjian was killed by the punch from the Evil God Tribe's warrior, a fair-skinned palm had already landed gently on its shoulder.

Fang Xingjian put his mouth beside the Evil God Tribe's warrior ear and said softly, "You seem to be very scared of me?"

"Scared of you?" The Evil God Tribe's warrior let out a cold laugh and turned to punch out. Its superluminal fist could turn anything material instantly into dust.

Even when the Evil God Tribe's warrior was being engulfed by the Black Mage King, it had still been able to break out of the Black Mage King's body with this one strike.

This was an extremely powerful move that one could only perform when they had a great understanding of spatial structures and the earth's astral powers, and when their strength had reached a great limit. It was a move which no one in Miracle World could perform.

However, right now, that fist was gently gripped by Fang Xingjian's fair-skinned hand.

Fang Xingjian's voice once again rang softly into its ears, "Let me see, what are you afraid of?"

In that instant, terror seemed to be brought out from the Evil God Tribe's warrior.

Its body trembled suddenly. Looking at the man who had easily grabbed hold of its fist, whose figure was both like a god and a demon and who was covered in a brimming silver light as he appeared before the Evil God Tribe's warrior... its eyes revealed an extremely terrified expression.

"Li Anping!

"It's really you!"

Right now, the Evil God Tribe's warrior seemed agitated, infuriated, and terrified. Its entire body was trembling like it had met its natural enemy.

The Enraged Intent that wrapped around its body burst out once again, and streams of crimson flames soared into the sky, just like a solar flare on the sun.

"Li Anping!

"I'm not afraid of you!

"You've sealed us up for 100,000 years, but we've still come out!"


Antithetic Martial Style-Slashing the Demonic God with Nine Lifetimes' Enmity.

The space that the entire ritual was in seemed to tremble abruptly, and wherever the Enraged Intents passed by, layers of stacking space continued to shatter ceaselessly. The flaming tail which trailed behind each stream of Enraged Intent seemed to turn into a crimson fist.

At the next moment, a myriad of fists smashed out toward Fang Xingjian.



Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

All the space within its sight was covered by a mass of densely packed fist shadows. The space in the entire area was like a tattered cloth that was being torn over and over.

"Li! An! Ping!"

The Evil God Tribe's warrior opened its mouth wide, and crimson light rays gushed out of it. This was the power bestowed to it by the red evil god. It had a terrifying might that could instantly wipe out Earth. The Evil God Tribe's warrior had been bestowed with this power after having performed a meritorious service, and it was unleashing this power right now without any reservations.

At this moment, the Evil God Tribe's warrior was filled with a spirit of being able to face death unflinchingly like facing an opponent it could not rival against and yet still wanting to fight as if its life depended on this. It was all just for the sake of getting a chance to survive.

The warrior would go all out, forgetting about living or dying.

This attack, which the red evil god had bestowed it with, was its greatest trump.

Crimson light instantly covered Fang Xingjian and the sky behind him entirely, instantly turning half the space where the ritual was situated into a state of chaos.

However, regardless of whether it was the warrior's myriad of light speed punches or the attack the red evil god had bestowed it with... Under the surprised and terrified gaze of the Evil God Tribe's warrior, it was still unable to do anything to that figure.

The figure encompassed by silver light seemed like an ancient existence that had existed even before the world was created. Regardless of whether the universe was wiped out, if space shattered, or if all living creatures withered and died... Nothing would be able to do anything to him.

In everyone's eyes, Fang Xingjian still looked like Fang Xingjian, not a man who was covered in silver light. The image of a man in silver light was the terror that the Evil God Tribe's warrior had.

Actually, in everyone's eyes, the entire process was just of the Evil God Tribe's warrior making a sudden move and exerting a power that was several tens of times or even over 100 times more than he had exerted previously. It instantly shattered the space, tearing through the sky and turning half the world into a state of chaos.

Initially, the four Mage Kings had joined hands to drag the entire Imperial Capital into a small world that was independent of Miracle World. The small world was a world with a range of several tens of kilometers.

This was a space which a Mage King had unexpectedly discovered several thousand years ago. It had probably been opened up by some capable existence at one point, but it had eventually been abandoned.

After the Mage Association discovered this, they kept on treating this place as a shelter or perhaps a storage.

This time around, they chose to conduct the evil god summoning ritual here, allowing them to attack and retreat with ease. Even if they were to fail, they would also be able to retreat to Miracle World.

However, after a series of violent attacks by the Evil God Tribe's warrior, half of the space on Fang Xingjian's was shredded into dust at this moment. It was like a piece of drawing that had half of it torn off. From the ground to the space, half of everything had disappeared, while the other half was in a complete state of chaos. There was no space or time, and there did not seem to have any physical material existing.

The intact half kept on breaking down and dissipating from the point of contact they had with the chaotic half. Then everything once again returned to a state of chaos.

In almost an instant, the entire small world was destroyed. How terrifying was this prowess?

However, if the power displayed by the Evil God Tribe's warrior astonished everyone, then what Fang Xingjian displayed could be called ineffable.

It was because Fang Xingjian received the attack under everyone's gaze, but remained unscathed. He allowed the myriad of superluminal punches to hit his body, letting the crimson light cannon submerge his entire body.

His body seemed like the most perfect conjured physique that existed in the world, and each of its fibers emitted a faint luminous light. Regardless of what kind of attacks landed on his body, they were unable to move his body in the least.

Even the destruction of the world and the shattering of space were unable to deal any damage to his conjured physique.

He just stood there in the chaotic space. All of the chaos was unable to attack his body in the least.

At the next moment, an even more incredulous matter happened. Fang Xingjian put out his hand, flipped it, and pressed down. The chaos came to a standstill and once again transformed into space-time.

It was as if time was reversed. All the chaotic energies were first turned back into space-time once again. Then all microparticles once again formed streets, city, and wreckage.

All it had taken was the flip of his hand, and the small world once again returned to its original appearance, as if the five elements were now reestablished.

Yue Shan looked dazedly at the Fang Xingjian in the sky. His mind was completely blank.

Beside him, Charlot, Yue Xianru, and Clyde stared with their eyes so wide open that it seemed like they were going to pop out from their sockets.

"Impossible!" The First Prince let out an explosive bellow, unable to accept the miracle that had just occurred in the sky. He cried out inwardly, 'It's impossible! How can Fang Xingjian possibly be so strong? Even a tier seven or tier eight Divine level expert shouldn't be this strong!'

He seemed to be wearing a crazy expression, yet he also seemed to have been battered out of his senses. It was as if his will had been completely crushed, and he fell onto the ground, with a dazed gaze.

The Black Mage King stared with his eyes wide open, glaring at Fang Xingjian in the sky. He could not help but curse out, "Damn it."

Fang Xingchen's mouth was wide open, and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Only the Gold Mage King frowned with a seemingly perplexed gaze.