Chapter 819: Inner Heart

 Chapter 819: Inner Heart

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Amidst an endless sea of flowers...

Li Shuanghua looked at Fang Xingjian while wearing a complicated expression.

The Professors' words once again rang out in her mind.

"His learning ability is too strong. Moreover, he has an almost endless wish to learn. To put it in simpler terms, he learns whatever he sees..."

"He is like a black hole. He will devour everything he sees and then become that thing..."

"He mustn't be shown things that are violent and bloody..."

"It's best to send him to a more normal environment where he is surrounded by ordinary people. This can reduce the risk of him losing control to the lowest possible..."

"This should be able to create a cage for him, even if it's just a paper one..."

"Don't attempt to use emotions to restrict him. He has no emotions. Everything is but an illusion..."

When Li Shuanghua got back to her senses, the five-year-old little boy had already grabbed her sleeves. Looking at her with an innocent expression, he asked, "Grandmother, what martial technique are you teaching me today?"

"Today..." Li Shuanghua lowered her gaze, squat down, and hugged Fang Xingjian's small body. "From today onward, we won't be practicing martial arts anymore."

"We won't be practicing martial arts?" The little boy smiled. "Then what are we going to do?"

"Close your eyes." Li Shuanghua hugged the little boy, and one of her hands slowly stroked the back of his head. A green glow flashed in her hands.

"Sleep. Everything will be fine after you sleep."

A short moment later, the corner of the little boy's lips curled up into a sweet smile, and he lay down slowly amongst the flowers.

Li Shuanghua turned to leave, and a man wearing a set of suit walked up half a step behind her, listening to this great expert's commands.

"From today onward, try not to let him come into contact with any extraordinary strength.

"Transfer him out of the magic prints school and into the most ordinary school.

"I want all of his teachers, classmates, and friends to be the most ordinary...

"Transfer out all those with outstanding results... If any of them are found to have outstanding potential, transfer them out... Transfer those who are too fierce as well... Transfer those who have come into contact with extraordinary strength... I want them all to be weak and kind and cowardly ordinary people. I want them to be as ordinary as possible..."

Li Shuanghua's gaze became extremely profound and dark as she looked in the direction of Demonic City.

"There also needs to be a change to the internal structure of the Fang Clan.

"Seal up all the information regarding Xingjian. Forbid any other people from the Fang Clan from coming into contact with him."

Looking at the other party's hesitant gaze, Li Shuanghua said calmly, "Don't worry, I'll serve as the example."

In that instant, the entire sky turned dim, and the colorful sea of flowers withered, turning into shreds that floated up in the sky.

Fang Xingjian slowly walked up to the little boy who was deep in sleep. He looked at the little boy's tranquil face, and his gaze flickered a little. No one knew what he was thinking.

"Are these my memories?

"Is this the loneliness that has remained hidden in my inner heart?

"Have I drawn them out?"

Just then, a crack appeared in the dark sky above him. At the next moment, more and more cracks appeared, instantly densely packing the entire sky.

Kacha kacha kacha ... As a series of cracking sounds rang out, the entire sky immediately shattered completely.

With the serious injuries inflicted onto Darkness' Aberration, the dark matter he created could not be sustained.

All of the dark matter broke down instantly, and Fang Xingjian, who had been captured previously, was released.

Standing in midair, Fang Xingjian looked at the Imperial Capital which had completely become a deep abyss. His gaze appeared extremely calm.

Thoughts swirled in his mind as he looked in the direction of the Evil God Tribe's warrior.

The Evil God Tribe's warrior seemed to be stunned for a moment. Then at the next instant, it had already compressed space and retreated explosively at superluminal speed for over ten kilometers, leaving a trail of afterimages behind it.

"Li! An! Ping!"

The Evil God Tribe's warrior trembled, and its Enraged Intent kept on swelling up. Its Enraged Intent was just like a string of flaming clouds, filling up the skies and once again unleashing an even stronger aura.

"You've already sealed us up for 100,000 years!

"Is this still not enough?!"

Everyone looked at this scene in surprise. It was not just because of the stronger power that the Evil God Tribe's warrior was displaying right now, but it was also because of the trembling in its words.

From the very start of the battle, the Evil God Tribe's warrior had never seemed this nervous or even fearful before.

Yue Shan looked at the scene in the sky in great surprise. "What's the matter? Who is Li Anping?"

The First Prince was also stunned for a moment. He stared at the Evil God Tribe's warrior and Fang Xingjian with some surprise. His gaze was filled with surprise and doubt. 'This... they know each other?'

Darkness' Aberration slowly regenerated his original appearance and stood next to Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes. Their gazes only brushed toward the Evil God Tribe's warrior for a moment before they turned to Fang Xingjian.

Right now, Fang Xingjian's clothes were white as snow, and his long black hair draped down casually. His gaze appeared very cold, and he had an indescribable disposition.

"It seems there have been some changes."

"Could it be that he has awakened some kind of divine art?"

"But even if that's the case, will he be a match for the evil god's clone?"

The two Guardian Kings saw worry in each other's eyes.

The Black Mage King also looked at the two parties in the sky with a grim expression and then quietly backed off while calculating in his heart, 'It's time to give up on this place. The powers of this Evil God Tribe's warrior far surpasses our expectations, and we can't use force against it.'

Far in the distance, Fang Xingchen also appeared extremely puzzled at the situation.

In the sky, the Evil God Tribe's warrior no longer had that initial agitation it felt. Its gaze was fixed on Fang Xingjian, and a hint of confusion flashed in its eyes.

"Disposition and appearance are very similar... But he shouldn't be this weak."

At the next moment, its will seethed in the sky while containing information, sweeping out toward where Fang Xingjian was.

"Who on earth are you?"

Faced with the Evil God Tribe's warrior question, Fang Xingjian did not say a word. He merely raised his finger. and a hint of sword light lit up on his fingertip. At the next moment, it turned into streams of warm glow that scattered out.

There was no aggressiveness as they scattered out into the world like warm sunlight. The Evil God Tribe's warrior and the many experts all actively put up their defenses at the start. However, a short moment later, they felt that this glow seemed to be just ordinary light and was completely harmless.

"What is he doing?"


"What use does this light have?"

It was as if a sun had lit up in the sky, shining down a warm endless glow across the entire ritual. Everyone felt puzzled, not understanding what Fang Xingjian was doing.

No one knew that when the light scattered down across the entire ritual, the entire world was already different.

"Trying to put up a farce."

The Evil God Tribe's warrior snorted coldly. Then with a flash, it crossed a distance of over ten kilometers with superluminal speed, punching out fiercely toward Fang Xingjian's face.

Space shattered, and chaotic lights lit up. Fang Xingjian's figure also shattered and disappeared.