Chapter 818: Defeat

 Chapter 818: Defeat

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This was a move with an astonishing killing prowess-being able to instantly crush an entire city into a piece of rock that was the size of one's thumb.

It was currently the perfect time to use this on the Evil God Tribe's warrior. This was because the Evil God Tribe's warrior had an extremely high density and mass. At this moment, the Black Mage King detonated the astral powers which were in the warrior's body and immediately broke its balance. This was equivalent to using the powers in the warrior's body to attack itself.

The surrounding light rays instantly turned into a spiral distortion. Right then, the Evil God Tribe's warrior seemed to have turned into a huge black hole. It wildly engulfed everything in the surroundings, even the Evil God Tribe's warrior itself.

The warrior's hands, legs, tail, and even its Enraged Intent were all absorbed into itself as it continued being pressed by invisible forces. The earth's astral powers, which the warrior brought about, turned into a sphere that kept on contracting in size.

When the many experts saw this scene, their eyes lit up.

"It's successful!" Charlot smiled. "The monster's going to be beaten to death."

Yue Shan's gaze suddenly lit up. "It has succeeded? It seems that it really is unable to go up against this power!"

The several hundred experts on top of the floating dark matter broke out in cheers.

"It's a success!"

"Kill this monster!"

"We're saved!"

Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration exchanged a glance, and both of them seemed to heave a sigh of relief at this moment. Although the Mage Association was an archenemy of the Church, their victory would still be better than letting the evil god's clone survive.

The two Guardian Kings' battle prowess had been depleted just to barely achieve this victory. If that monster were to break out alive, only the heavens knew what would happen next.

After all, the evil god was the greatest danger to the entire world.

By the horizon, Fang Xingchen also heaved a sigh of relief. The battle situation earlier had been too dangerous. To think that the Black Mage King, who was a tier five Divine level expert, had no means of resisting against the Evil God Tribe's warrior... Fang Xingchen had watched apprehensively, even having an impulse to turn and flee.

"The warriors of the Evil God Tribe that comes from an alternate world are simply too terrifying. Just one warrior alone is already this powerful. If the entire Evil God Tribe were to cross the universe to annihilate countless worlds... How terrifying would their entire army be?

"Then how terriying would the red evil god-who rules over the entire Evil God Tribe, whose thoughts traverse countless universes, and who sleeps in the depth of the Red River-be?"

At this moment, Fang Xingchen felt extremely wary against the entire Evil God Tribe.

However, looking at the current battle situation, Fang Xingchen smiled again. "But Mages are able to make use of the evil god's powers. This time around, Master was even able to engulf an Evil God Tribe's warrior. With this resource, he'll be able to get ahead of the other experts.

"The evil gods may be powerful, but it might not necessarily be the case that we don't have the resources to stand up against and even surpass them. The battle today will be the first page toward changing the history of mankind."

Fang Xingchen's eyes glimmered with excitement and confidence. He felt as if he was at a revolutionary point in history like the Industrial Revolution or when humans first stepped onto the moon.

Beside him, the Gold Mage King also nodded slowly, revealing an extremely curious expression as he looked at the Evil God Tribe's warrior.

'If I can get my hands on this Evil God Tribe's warrior and use it in my research... I might even be able to make sense of its body structure and the principles behind the way it circulates power...'

Just as everyone felt that the victor and results of the battle were decided, the Evil God Tribe's warrior broke into a savage smile.


"Insignificant ants!

"You have really... really made me angry!"

As streams of crimson glow seethed from the Evil God Tribe's warrior, its Enraged Intent circulated wildly like never presented before.


The four limbs and tail of the Evil God Tribe's warrior slowly extended out, breaking free of the constraints of the World Annihilation Black Hole Wave.

The Evil God Tribe's warrior's Enraged Intent turned into a set of crimson armor that appeared on the surface of its body, seeming to block all the attacks on its behalf.

"Antithetic Martial Style-Divine Blood Armor."

The voice within the will of the Evil God Tribe's warrior resonated in the Black Mage King's mind, allowing the latter to know the name of this move.

Instantly, the Black Mage King reacted.

From the start of the battle until now and even after using its battle form, this Evil God Tribe's warrior had still chosen to battle forcibly head-on, not performing any martial techniques or moves.

However, it was now starting to perform the Evil God Tribe's martial arts.

With the display of this martial technique, the Evil God Tribe's warrior immediately unleashed an unrivaled disposition explosively.

"Retreat quickly!"

There was an abrupt explosion of information currents, and the Black Mage King had already turned into a bolt of light and retreated rapidly. However, the Red Mage King was one step slower. His entire brain was instantly encompassed by the hand of the Evil God Tribe's warrior.

Antithetic Martial Style-God-Shattering Chaotic Blitz.

Chaotic divine light burst forth abruptly from the palms of the Evil God Tribe's warrior. Right then, this punch which could shatter space exploded in the form of shock waves. In that instant, a chaotic light path that spanned for over 100 kilometers was created. Everything it clashed into was completely shattered into dust, then it all disappeared together with the shattered space.

The upper half of the Red Mage King's body was also completely crushed by this attack. Just as he was about to regenerate his body, the Evil God Tribe's warrior had already stretched out its two palms.

Its Enraged Intent dragged out a stream of flames that was over 1,000 meters long and trailed after its palms. As it put its palms together, a myriad of red light smashed out fiercely toward the Red Mage King.

Antithetic Martial Style-Universal Oven.

This was a spatial crush which used the principles of directly moving space and stretching time and space with mass. Before the Evil God Tribe's warrior got close, the Red Mage King had already been pressed till his body was filled with cracks. He let out a piercing and agonizing cry through his will.

How tough was the Red Mage King's body? The Gold Mage King, Fang Xingchen, and the First Prince were all very clear about this. He was an existence that even Fang Xingjian had found it hard to cut into and felt that he was tricky to handle.

Yet at this moment, the Red Mage King-who could forcefully face microscopic level attacks head-on and whom even tier five Divine level experts found it hard to kill-was killed by a single attack from his opponent.

Everyone revealed an extremely astonished expression when they saw the Red Mage King get crushed into microparticles with a single attack. Even the waves of his martial will were dissipated completely.

At the next instant, the Black Mage King's black clone hit the back of the Evil God Tribe's warrior's head. However, its terrifying power was completely stopped by the Divine Blood Armor, and the clone was unable to get close at all.

Seeing this, the Black Mage King's heart sank, and his countenance became extremely grim.

The Evil God Tribe's warrior smiled and said, "Is this a mixed-breed dog that you reared? Now that I've killed him, what can you do about it?

"If I want to kill you right now..."

Boom! With a collision, the Black Mage King was sent flying into the sky with half of his body shattering. He was not even able to retaliate.

"What can you do about it?"

The Evil God Tribe's warrior raised one of its legs up high and then stomped down fiercely onto the Black Mage King's back. The two of them once again plunged down from the skies and crashed into the ground.


The entire ground started to undulate like strong waves.

Everyone's heart slowly sank at the sight of this scene.

This monster's prowess was really deep and unfathomable like the ocean. As it revealed more and more of its powers, the people felt greater and greater despair.

The two Guardian Kings and the two Mage Kings had all been defeated. Who else could stop the monster?

Despair filled up the hearts of all the people present.

"It's all over."

"There's no one who can defeat it."

"It still hasn't gone all out even though its powers are already so great?"

Yue Shan's countenance was pale, Charlot was trembling all over, and the First Prince's countenance was so grim that he could not say a word.

Fang Xingchen's legs kept trembling, and his will filled with fear. There seemed to be a voice continuously urging him to escape. As a Red Robed Mage who cultivated red faction black magic, what he needed to do was to keep imitating the body structure of the Evil God Tribe's warrior.

However, facing a genuine warrior of the Evil God Tribe and seeing the power it displayed which made everyone fall into despair, Fang Xingchen felt a terror like he had sunk into the deep abyss. It was as if he was in darkness and kept on plunging further down, yet he was unable to grab hold of anything.

The Gold Mage King's eyes narrowed slightly. He was ready to escape.

Darkness' Aberration wore a grim expression. Then with a tap of his finger, a hint of dark matter appeared before the Evil God Tribe's warrior, wanting to fend off its attacks.

At this moment, even though he was a Guardian King, he felt like helping the Black Mage King. It was because this matter concerned the life and death of all mankind.

If this monster were to be released outside... Even if it would be eventually suppressed, there would not be that many people left in the world.

However, the dark matter merely grew to a size of a palm and stopped.

It was because the Evil God Tribe's warrior had let go of the severely injured Black Mage King. Instead, he turned and looked at Darkness' Aberration who was in the sky. "Oh... I almost forgot about you people."

At the next instant, the Evil God Tribe's warrior charged out fiercely and landed an ordinary slap onto Darkness' Aberration's face. Before everyone reacted, it had already slapped Darkness' Aberration's body into dust.

This strike beat Darkness' Aberration half-dead. At present, he was no longer able to sustain the existence of dark matter. He turned into a myriad of light spots that dissipated, and even the regeneration of his conjured physique was very slow.

The floating dark matter in the sky disappeared instantly, and many experts plunged down toward the ground.

Most of the people present were Conferred Knights, Demigods, and even Divine level experts though. So, a height of several hundred meters was nothing to them.

After everyone landed, someone's face gazed toward the sky nervously, looking at the body of the Evil God Tribe's warrior.

However, they saw an astonishing scene at the next moment.

The Evil God Tribe's warrior seemed to be stunned for a moment. At the next instant, it had already compressed space and retreated explosively at superluminal speed for over ten kilometers, leaving a trail of afterimages behind it.

"Li! An! Ping!"

The Evil God Tribe's warrior trembled, and its Enraged Intent kept on swelling up. Its Enraged Intent was just like a string of flaming clouds, filling up the skies and then once again unleashing an even stronger aura.

"You've already sealed us up for 100,000 years!

"Is this still not enough?!"