Chapter 815: Battle Form

 Chapter 815: Battle Form

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The Divine Country shattered instantly, and the entire space seemed to slowly dissipate and integrate into the space above the Imperial Capital.

This was clearly because the Gold Mage King had closed his own Divine Country and thrown out all the living creatures from inside it.

However, he did not merely just close his own Divine Country.

When his Divine Country closed down and everyone appeared in the sky above the Imperial Capital, a black shadow covered over everyone.

The First Prince raised his head and looked at this scene in surprise. "That is..."

An endless stretch of black shadow was covering up everything in the sky. Yet the First Prince's martial will went gushing out and immediately discovered that it was not a black shadow but some kind of blood-red physical material. It was the backlight that made it seemed as if it was a stretch of black shadow.

His martial will then scanned the boundaries of the black shadows. He saw many inverted white mounds. Each of them had a height of several hundred meters, and they emitted rays of cold light.

"These are... teeth?"

By the next moment, his martial will had already scanned through the entire black shadow and formed an image of it in the First Prince's consciousness.

The image showed that it was the enormous head of the Black Mage King. The shadow his head cast down had almost encompassed 80% of the sky above the Imperial Capital. The head was floating in the sky above the Imperial Capital from a field of vision which surpassed that of an ordinary person.

The Black Mage King opened his mouth, as if wanting to engulf the entire stretch of sky above the Imperial Capital.

After shutting down the Divine Country, the spot where the Gold Mage King threw out everyone to was clearly right into the Black Mage King's mouth.

By the time the First Prince reacted, the enormous mouth that was as big as a city had already clamped down, taking away the last hint of light in the world

Everyone started to plunge down toward the Black Mage King's tongue.

'What's going on?"

"Where have we arrived at?"

"What on earth has happened?"

Outside, the Black Mage King revealed a hint of excitement. To be able to engulf a warrior from the Evil God Tribe... This was his goal-to borrow the powers of black faction black magic to engulf the powers of this warrior and push his cultivation to the top of the world.

'The black magic's way of engulfing is absolute.

'As long as they are swallowed into my stomach, even an Evil God Tribe's warrior can forget about getting away.'

At the same time, a powerful attraction force arose out of nowhere in the Black Mage King's mouth, sucking all the experts toward the depths of the mouth.

This pull made everyone present feel that the power in their bodies was becoming increasingly weaker. It was as if a force from some point in the surroundings was absorbing the energies in their bodies.

'My power?' The First Prince felt that his powers were becoming weaker and weaker, as if they were being absorbed incessantly. 'Is this the Black Mage King's ability? Engulfment?'

Many other experts also sensed a similar feeling and revealed a shocked expression.

First, it was the two Guardian Kings' appearance and their instant suppressing of Fang Xingjian.

Then the evil god's clone descended and crushed the two Guardian Kings, displaying an unprecedented destructive force and defensive abilities.

After that, the Divine Country closed down. Everyone was swept into an unknown darkness, and they felt that the powers throughout their bodies were disappearing incessantly.

This experience, which was like a roller coaster ride, where every single expert's powers could crush them completely caused a feeling to arise within everyone. It made them want to just give up on resisting.

The two Guardian Kings had a large portion of their martial wills smashed by the purple monster. Faced with the suction pull in the Black Mage King's mouth, they were clearly unable to resist. They could only watch as their bodies flew toward the depth of darkness, and the glow throughout their bodies also became increasingly dim.

Not far beside them, the purple monster was also sucked into the depths of the darkness.

However, it was clearly unable to give up resisting like the way the two Guardian Kings had done. Throwing out a punch with another superluminal strike, a terrifying fist force that was like a force 20 typhoon swept out and struck the Black Mage King's gum.

Yet the attack, which could crush the two Guardian Kings, now seemed like a clay ox that entered the water and was instantly ingested by the Black Mage King.

Following this, the purple monster struck forth with a few punches consecutively, just like a few nuclear missiles igniting in the night sky. Just by merely brushing through the air currents, the repercussive waves of their destructive powers produced seemingly endless flames that could incinerate a city.

However, even the purple monster's power, which directly impacted the microscopic world, was also engulfed by the Black Mage King.

'Oh? The black evil god's engulfment ability? Is his proxy here?' The purple monster's countenance changed. 'The ability that directly stirs up time and space to engulf and spew out energy is really not that easy to break through.'

Seeming to understand the Black Mage King's engulfing ability very well, the purple monster did not view this ability that differently from how the two Guardian Kings' had viewed it previously. This was merely a means which relied on external force to affect the microscopic world.

However, right now, the Black Mage King was exerting greater force.

When Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes saw that the purple monster's attacks had no effects, he laughed. "Monster, I didn't expect that we would fight to the bitter end, only to let those goddamned Mages profit."

Darkness' Aberration was also wearing a hateful expression while feeling very worried over the Black Mage King's actions. "I wonder how strong the Black Mage King will become after engulfing us. In the future, the three Saints will probably be the only ones who can stop him."

Hearing that, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' expression was also cold. The two of them were already considered top-notch experts in the world, but neither of them was a match for the evil god's clone. Now that they had all entered the Black Mage King's stomach, it was hard to imagine how much power the Black Mage King would gain.

A distance away from them, the purple monster let out a cold laugh and clenched its fists tightly.

"He still has a long way to go if he wishes to eat me."

As it spoke, its body contracted abruptly. Regardless of whether it was the purple monster's muscles, bones, or stratum corneum, all of them kept on contracting. The purple monster instantly changed its appearance from being at a height of over five meters to that of only two meters. It looked as if it had shrunk to the size of an ordinary person, and the density of its body also instantly increased by manifold.

"It has been a long time since I have taken on the battle form."

Sensing the changes that occurred to the purple monster, the eyelids of the two Guardian Kings kept twitching. Although they were unclear of the principles behind the changes, just scanning with their martial will allowed them to feel that the purple monster had gone through a qualitative increment to both the toughness of its body and energy.

'If it had taken on this form while battling against us earlier...'

At the thought of this, the two of them suddenly felt a hint of unease.

At the next moment, a red light flashed on the purple monster's body. It was an ability unique to the Evil God Tribe-Enraged Intent. It used fury to increase the strength of the physical body in all aspects and could eject everything it wanted to.

"Eat me?

"To think that there's a human...

"Who is so foolish to want to eat me?"

Roar! The purple monster's expression became extremely distorted. Its eyes turned white, revealing an extremely infuriated expression.

As this enraged emotion arose, a crimson light burst out just like burning flames that soared into the sky. The light instantly repelled all the particles within one meter around the monster, forming a vacuum state.

The purple monster turned completely red. The toughness of each muscle fiber, piece of bone, and internal organ was increasing rapidly under the effect of the Enraged Intent.

Then a punch was struck forth.

As this punch struck forth, the entire space seemed to be seething. Patches of chaotic colors flashed in the microscopic world. It seemed as if the entire space was unable to sustain its original state.

At the next moment, slight cracks appeared in the space, and under the two Guardian Kings' astonished gazes, the space was broken with a punch.

Based on Miracle World's principles, it was impossible for space to ever be shattered. However, it was now completely overthrown by a single punch from a crimson red monster.