Chapter 814: Superluminal

 Chapter 814: Superluminal

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Compared to the observations made by Yue Shan's and Charlotte's group, the First Prince's grasp of the battle situation was even more accurate. After all, he had once been the strongest expert amongst the younger generation in the Empire.

Looking at the battlefield, his brows creased more and more tightly. "Not only has this evil god's clone reached the microscopic realm, but its grasp of the microscopic world is even above that of the two Guardian Kings.

"It has a very great grasp of the powers at level of the microscopic world that forms its body. This makes his body density extremely high-probably much higher than that of even the Red Mage King-and allows each force it sends out to comply with the rules of the microscopic world. Each punch or kick the clone sends out will all be attacks at the microscopic level.

The First Prince exhaled and looked at the purple monster before him, feeling a deep sense of horror.

'The microscopic realm that we find extremely hard to reach is as simple as eating or drinking to it.

'Is this the power of the evil god?

'If that's the case...'

Worry appeared in the First Prince's eyes. If this evil god's clone were to be allowed to continue unbridled or even allowed get out of the ritual, then the Empire would be the first to suffer.

'It won't just be the Empire. This will be a crisis so great that it is comparable to the seventh onslaught. The entire human society might be damaged greatly because of this...'

Although the many other experts could not see through things as clearly as the First Prince did, they could also tell that the two Guardian Kings were now at the disadvantage. They stared at the purple monster that looked very much at ease, and they secretly gritted their teeth, praying for the Guardian Kings' victory.

"Moving at light speed?" Looking at the two Guardian Kings before him that had turned into pure martial will existences and shot out like electromagnetic waves in all directions, the face of the purple monster revealed an amused smile. "Do you think that I won't be able to do anything just because you move at light speed? Do you guys think that you are Saint Seiyas?

"In such a condition, you seem even weaker."

At the next moment, its yellow pupils contracted abruptly, revealing a hazy expression.

Then purple monster suddenly punched out toward the sky.

With a rumble and then an explosive bang , it was as if Mount Tai had collided with the Kunlun Mountains. Countless light spots exploded in the sky, and Darkness' Aberration's martial will shattered.

"How is that possible?"

"How are you able to attack us?"

The purple monster still had a dazed expression on its face. It did not seem to show any reactions from hearing their information currents, and it once again punched out to kill.

Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes kept his attention on this punch. Through the scanning of his martial will, he was able to sense that wherever the punch passed by, the space would become extremely compressed.

1,000 meters turned into 100 meters, 100 meters turned into 10 meters, 10 meters turned into 1 meter, and 1 meter turned into 1 centimeter.

Wherever the punch passed by, space was compressed by 100,000 times. Using the same amount of time to travel a distance that was 100,000 times more, it was as if its speed had been raised 100,000 times faster.

"Superluminal attack!" Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' will seethed, emitting terror and fury.

Compressing and stretching space... This was something that only a tier five Divine level expert could achieve. However, the astonishing performance that was 100,000 times better was not something that an ordinary tier five Divine level expert could do.

This was an astonishing attack that one could only achieve after grasping a certain degree of the earth's astral forces at the microscopic level.

The earth's astral forces were the sucking forces between all matter, and they had the greatest reach in the macroscopic world. In comparison to other types of forces, it was a relatively higher force and was most commonly used on space.

The heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces, the world's astral forces, the nuclear forces that created life, the forces that caused all life in the world to deteriorate... These four fundamental forces formed all phenomena in the natural world. Be it the revolutions of the sun or moon in the sky, the evolution of all living creatures in the world, or the birth, aging sickness, and death of humans... All phenomena in the world resulted from the four fundamental forces.

With a grasp on each of the four fundamental forces, one would be able to comprehend all sorts of profoundness as their grasp on the forces deepened.

This purple monster standing before them was clearly not just skillful in his grasp of the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces as well as nuclear powers. He also possessed powerful attack and defense abilities and a large part of the earth's astral forces, and he was able to perform superluminal attacks by compressing space.

At this moment, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes finally understood. Their light speed movements were not just incapable of letting them escape from their opponent's attacks. The light speed movements actually placed Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration, who had abandoned their conjured physiques, in an extremely fragile state because of the purple monster's superluminal attacks.


Then another punch struck forth. It was as if the skies had collapsed, yet also as if the stars had exploded. Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' martial will instantly shattered, turning into endless light spots that scattered out.

The purple monster's eyes still appeared hazy. The thing the two Guardian Kings were unaware of was that not only had the monster's combat prowess reached superluminal attacks, but that it had also activated one of the abilities its tribe had-Battle Intuition.

It was something that was similar to the Sudden Inspiration. In battle, this ability allowed them to rely purely on their reactions in battle and predict the opponent's movements. The purple monster relied on this ability to predict the two Guardian King's light speed movements and then stop them with its superluminal speed, thereby allowing its current attacks to take form.

At the next moment, it was like there was a myriad of thunder claps, and yet it was also as if the plates in the earth's crust had broken.

Fist force ran amok in the sky, darting to and fro. It was as if the entire world had become an enormous millstone, crazily destroying the two Guardian Kings' martial wills. They were not even given the chance to regenerate their conjured physiques.

Almost at the same time, strong air currents came gushing down.

Each of the purple monster's attacks reached into the microscopic world, so the repercussions involved were extremely minute. However, just the tiniest hint of its prowess was already extremely terrifying to the people present.

Yue Shan let out a bellow and turned into a bright moon, putting up a block before Yue Xianru, Clyde, and Charlot.

The streams of repercussive air currents struck his body wildly and instantly covered his entire body in blood. His bones, tendons, and flesh all cracked open, placing him in dire straits.

The First Prince was currently left with only 5% of his powers. Seeing this, his pulse began to race, and he retreated very rapidly for over ten kilometers. It was only then that he could escape the reach of the repercussive air currents.

The Beast God, who had half of his body eaten up by the purple monster, had just regenerated his body. Right at this moment, he was seriously injured by the myriad of air currents and sent flying for five to six kilometers away. He plunged down from several hundred meters in the sky and was almost completely crushed into powder.

In almost 0.1 seconds, over half the experts present were with dealt heavy injuries and the other half of the experts were killed by the repercussive air currents.

A short moment later, the repercussions from the air currents finally died down. Covered in blood, Yue Shan fell.


Yue Xianru dashed out rapidly and held Yue Shan in her arms.

Charlot looked at the battered state of the white jade square which seemed like it had been bombarded by a bomber aircraft, then raised his head to look at the sky.

Yue Xianru's eyes were filled with tears as she looked at Yue Shan in grief. "Father, how are you feeling? Don't you scare me."

Yue Shan did not reply but looked toward the sky. His finger pointed at the purple figure in the sky, trembling as his tone filled with despair. "Quick... Run quickly!"

No one replied to him. Everyone merely looked dazedly at the purple monster in the sky.

Under the feet of the purple monster, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration lay on the ground with crushed bodies. The glow on their bodies kept on dissippating, as if they would completely die out at any moment.

Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' and Darkness' Aberration's defeat was like a heavy hammer striking onto everyone's heart. All the people looked at the purple monster in a daze, unable to imagine who else would be able to subdue it.

At the next moment, an aged voice rang out.

"This will do. Let's start."

Within a short moment, the entire world shattered, and the Divine Country collapsed.