Chapter 812: Evil God Tribe

 Chapter 812: Evil God Tribe

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Violent powers struck directly onto the back of the purple monster's head, but it was unable to push it in the least. Then the monster reached out with its other hand and grabbed hold of Darkness' Aberration's body. Without throwing a glance in his direction, the monster suddenly exerted force on him.

"Hmmm?" The purple monster revealed a strange expression and turned to look at Darkness' Aberration who had been wrapped up with a layer of dark matter.

The monster's arms swelled up abruptly, with many of its muscles contracting and moving just like the engines of many ten-thousand-ton-tankers. It struck out a punch with a force that could split the seas and brought forth strong gales which could tear steel apart, smashing fiercely onto the dark matter.

There were no sounds, no collisions, nor even the slightest fluctuations. The punch landed onto the dark matter, but there was still no effect at all.

The dark matter that Darkness' Aberration created could negate all the attacks that were produced by the four fundamental forces. The purple monster's punch was completely negated, and it was unable to create any destruction.

At the next moment, Darkness' Aberration was released from the purple monster's hand. The dark matter itself would not be subjected to force, thus the purple monster was unable to keep a hold on him.

"Interesting. To think that it can negate all attacks at the microscopic level...?" The corners of the monster's lips curled up into a hint of a smile. It looked at Darkness' Aberration who seemed to possess an unrivaled defense and smiled as it raised up its palm. Then it put up three fingers and said, "But now, I've already found at least three weaknesses."

"Three weaknesses?" Darkness' Aberration repeated this calmly, not giving the monster an answer.

At the side, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes had already regenerated his shattered brain, but he did not make any rash moves. Even his strongest means were useless against the purple monster. This meant he no longer had any means to deal with his opponent.

"Weakness number one: since this layer of skin you have is able to negate all sorts of attacks from the four fundamental forces, then how are you able to see me? How are you able to move? And how are you able to communicate with me? Logically, your actions toward this black skin should be negated as well." The purple monster grinned. "In other words, it means that there's a loophole in this skin of yours. That loophole is what you use to probe, communicate, and attack.

"Weakness number two: there's a limit to everything in this world. The same goes for your abilities as well. The fact that you managed to receive two punches from me earlier means that this dark matter you created has a limit that far surpasses the limit of the forces that guy can release with his eyes. However, as long as one can surpass this limit, it's definitely possible to crush this layer of defense that you have on you.

"However, it's very likely that even I am unable to surpass this limit. Therefore, the second weakness is a weakness that isn't really one."

The purple monster's gaze kept on glancing toward Darkness' Aberration. It grinned and said, "As for the last weakness, it's you guys. You rely too much on this unique ability. Your own strength and realms are too weak."

As the purple monster spoke, it appeared behind Darkness' Aberration with a slight flash, and launched a punch toward his back.

The entire fist seemed to have become invisible, and the powers of this punch turned into wave-like existences.

Waves diffracted, so as long as there was a loophole in the dark matter armor, the powers would penetrate into the armor's interior.

Not only had the monster grasped the four fundamental forces and entered the microscopic realm, but its standard also far surpassed that of the many experts the two Guardian Kings had encountered before in the past.

After this shockwave punch, Darkness' Aberration instantly turned into blood mist.


In the ritual outside the white jade square.

The Gold Mage King floated in the sky quietly above the Imperial Capital. Within his vision, the Red Mage King was chasing after a group of Conferred Knights like a cat teasing mice. He would occasionally kill one and then eat another. The Red Mage King was having the time of his life.

Beside the Gold Mage King, the Black Mage King was squinting slightly, looking like a cat who had eaten its fill.

The Gold Mage King said with a grim countenance, "It seems that the two Guardian Kings aren't its match. What on earth is this thing?"

"Hehe," the Black Mage King laughed and said, "It's the red evil god's youngling."

It was only after the Black Mage King explained that the Gold Mage King finally understood what the monster was.

The red evil god had always been living in what was called the Red River.

What was the Red River?

It was a great river that traversed across countless universes. As it branched out into countless universes, it traversed the limits of time and space.

No one knew how long this river had existed for, nor who had created this Red River.

The only thing that the Mages knew was that the red evil god controlled this Red River. Under its control, only its descendents and tribe members would be able to live in the Red River.

These monsters that had tails and horns wreaked havoc in countless universes and worlds, and the thing they loved to do the most was eat humans.

This tribe called themselves the Evil God Tribe. They were born possessing strength and agility which far surpassed those of humans. It was because from the moment they were born, there were already able to convert their physical strength into heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces as well as nuclear forces.

It meant that they had already stepped into the microscopic realm from the moment they were born.

Toward the other life forms, this was a great unfairness. However, the natural world was unfair to begin with as some creatures were born many times stronger than others.

With the control of heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces as well as nuclear powers, they were able to keep on strengthening their physical structures and increasing the various powers they could utilize.

After all, the formations and collisions between all macroscopic life forms would need to rely on these two fundamental forces.

This gave the Evil God Tribe extreme strength and agility, as well as extremely high body toughness.

It was like what the Black Mage King said earlier: extremely fast... and extremely strong.

"To think that it's a tribe?" The Gold Mage King's gaze appeared increasingly solemn, "If that's the case, then aren't you afraid to attract a group of monsters by summoning the Red River?

"If there were more of these, probably all of mankind would be extinguished."

"Don't worry, there aren't many demons like those in the entire universe. The chances of a group of them appearing are far too low," the Black Mage King said with a smile. "Moreover, this isn't Miracle World. It isn't even a universe. If it really goes out of control, we can just abandon this place."

The Gold Mage King nodded and said, "Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration probably won't be able to hold on for long. What do you plan on doing on next?"

"After this, they'll definitely try to move at akin to light speed to delay time and look for an opportunity to attack. However, they'll soon find out that they have no chances at all.

"The Evil God Tribe are born to be the nemesis of mankind. At the very least, they will be able to weaken it a little," the Black Mage King said, licking his lips. "As for what's next? It'll be our turn. Later on, you'll just need to undo your Divine Country and leave the rest to the two of us."

The Gold Mage King nodded, not saying anything. Anyway, he was not planning on dealing with the monster that was wreaking havoc in his Divine Country.

To him, setting up this ritual, coming into contact with the Red River, gathering first-hand information from other universe passageways, and observing the changes to space-time... These data and information were sufficient for him to use in his comprehension to attempt a breakthrough to tier six of the Divine level.