Chapter 810: Descent

 Chapter 810: Descent

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"It's done."

Darkness' Aberration was a little stunned to see the black sphere before him. He did not seem to have expected to succeed so easily.

He had prepared a series of follow-up actions beforehand, not at all expecting to be able to capture Fang Xingjian so easily.

However, he was merely stunned for a moment and then did not pay it any heed. There was absolutely no way to break through the sphere. The dark matter created by Darkness' Aberration possessed an almost absolute defense, and even a tier eight or tier nine Divine level expert would probably be unable to shatter it using brute force.

'It could just be a surge in his strength that he is unable to control. Given that Fang Xingjian has such great power at such a young age, it's normal that his realm is unable to keep up.'

Seeing that Fang Xingjian was instantly suppressed, the First Prince's face lit up in excitement. With that, his life was safe.

'Hmph, this time around, Fang Xingjian is dead meat. It seems that the Church of Universal Truth is really more reliable. I might also need to borrow their powers in order to inherit the throne...'

Charlot and the group seemed to be in despair like they had lost their souls. Many experts who were present whispered amongst themselves as their eyes filled with astonishment.

"But that's Fang Xingjian... To think that he's not even able to hold up a single move..."

"So what if he's Fang Xingjian? The opponent is the Church of Universal Truth. It's normal to fail."

"This is the power of the Guardian Kings. Is there really anyone who can defeat such monsters?"

However, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration did not think much of it. To them, only the other Guardian Kings and the Saints would be capable of defeating them.

Their victory was only right and natural, so there was nothing surprising about it.

'Fang Xingjian has been sealed up in the dark matter. There's no way that he can escape.'

'Then let's just bring him back and hand him over to Lord Saint to deal with him.'

'Since Fang Xingjian's capture is successful, the next thing to take care of would be the ritual.'

Their communication was completed almost instantly. Therefore, after having taken care of Fang Xingjian, the two of them turned to look at the Gold Mage King.

The Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes said coldly, "Gold Mage King, stop your ritual immediately."

The Gold Mage King smiled and shrugged as he continued to wear an expression as if everything was within his expectations.

He looked toward the blood-colored vortex in the sky and suddenly said, "It's about time. I leave the rest to you guys then."

As he said that, he suddenly disappeared, leaving everyone else dazedly in the white jade square.

Seeing the Gold Mage King's suddenly disappear, everyone present entered a state of panic.

Only the two Guardian Kings remained calm as ever as they continued to communicate through information currents.

"This should be the Gold Mage King's Divine Country-the Time Labyrinth. Otherwise, its impossible for him to disappear just like that."

"This guy has put up his Divine Country within an alternate world. The Divine Country can't exist in another world. Does that mean he has given up the Divine Country he had in the original world?"

"No matter what, we must first think of a way to stop the ritual."

As they communicated, their gazes turned toward the blood-colored vortex in the sky.

Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes made the first move, and the two crosses in his eyes trembled abruptly. Then a black dot appeared within the blood-colored vortex. The same extreme destructive force which could annihilate physical matter, compress space, and contract singularity was being displayed. It was as if the blood-colored vortex went through a Big Bang.

However, the vortex only trembled slightly, and a small part of it dissipated before it started to gather once again.

Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes raised his eyebrows. "This isn't an ordinary passageway. It seems to be some kind of gate that penetrates through other universes. After I destroyed its point here, the energy source behind it quickly restored the gate."

"I'll give it a try." Darkness' Aberration raised his palm, and black panels floated into the sky. There were six squares of black matter in total. He clearly wanted to encase the entire blood-colored vortex into that black cube, relying on the dark matter's absolute defense to seal up the blood-colored vortex.

With this, even if something were to come out from the vortex, it should be unable to break through the black cube.

The black panels floated next to the blood-colored matter and quickly formed a cube that encased it directly.

"Alright. With this, even if an evil god's clone were to descend from within it, there's no way that he can break through from this." Darkness' Aberration was extremely confident of this. It was because his dark matter was something which none of the Church of Universal Truth's three great Saints or the 21 Guardian Kings had been able to destroy.

Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes nodded and said, "Then the next thing to do is to break through the Gold Mage King's Divine Country and think of a way to stop the entire ritual."

Yet, at the next moment, the blood-colored vortex expanded abruptly. Under Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' and Darkness' Aberration's astonished gazes, the six dark matter panels that formed a cube were absorbed directly into that blood-colored vortex. Then they disappeared.

"To think that it's able to expand..." Darkness' Aberration's eyes narrowed. "It's unable to break through the dark matter, but it was able to engulf and transfer the space where the dark matter was located into another universe."

The two Guardian Kings exchanged a glance, seemingly able to see the troubled expression in each other's eyes.

However, the situation did not give them too much time. Just as the two of them were feeling troubled, a palm that was covered in purple stratum corneum reached out from the center of the blood-colored vortex.

Almost at the instant that the palm appeared, an overwhelming surge of diabolic aura gushed forth.

That aura of evilness, brutality, horror, and despair struck everyone present continuously. Many experts, who were Conferred Knights, were even dealt such a great impact from the aura that they pissed their pants.

That feeling was like a mouse that had met a tiger. It was an instinctive terror which was deeply engraved into generations of genes.

Even Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration felt a feeling of terror which they had not felt for a very long time.

They had already condensed their conjured physiques, so they no longer had blood vessels or fine hair on their bodies. However, at this moment, both Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration felt as if their blood had frozen and all of their hair was standing on end.

Even the transmission of their martial wills felt stiff and distorted.

'Is this an evil god's clone?'

The battle had yet to start and they had yet to see the other party's appearance, but diabolic auras kept surging out toward them, making them feel like they were doomed.

At the next moment, the palm that was covered in purple stratum corneum seemed as if it was pulling the space. Then a purple figure darted out abruptly from the blood-colored vortex and landed on the ground with a bang .

It shook its body slightly like it had just completed a dive into a pool, shaking off some of the blood-colored water on its body.

After that, the creature stood up. It had a height of five meters, and its entire body was covered in purple stratum corneum. The creature's tail that was close to seven or eight meters kept lashing out in the air. Its pupils were vertical and had a hint of yellow in them, throwing a brief glance toward everyone present. Everyone who was brushed by with its glance had the feeling as if their bodies had turned limp.

"Who was it that has summoned me from the Red River?"

The creature's mouth widened and it grinned, revealing countless sharp teeth in its mouth.

"Hmm? I smell food."