Chapter 809: In a Daze and Darkness Aberration

 Chapter 809: In a Daze and Darkness' Aberration

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They were the top influence in the world, the world's strongest organization.

A reputation like this had always been achieved through a blood-covered path which was filled with killing intents and repeated slaughters.

Under the church of Universal Truth, there were piles and piles of white bones. They belonged to the countless corpses of experts that proved the Church of Universal Truth's members were strong.

During the countless years that had passed, the Church of Universal Truth's Guardian Kings and Knights-who possessed divine arts-had killed an uncountable number of supposed heretics.

If they were to find a heretic in a village, the entire village would be purified. Several hundred or even several thousand members would all be burned to death.

If they were to find a Mage in a tribe, then everyone in the tribe would be captured and killed.

It could be said that it was hard to find Mages and members of other religions in the entire Papal State as well as the northern plains.

If it was not because of the existence of the Mage Association, the Church would have launched an invasion to the south, eliminating existences like the Empire, that allowed different religions to thrive, and the Sand Country's Sacred Fire Order.

Even now, many experts in the Empire were still well aware of how terrifying the Church of Universal Truth was.

This was even more so for people like Yue Shan, who was a Deputy Governor. He understood clearly that regardless of whatever conflicts there were between Fang Xingjian and the Church of Universal Truth, as companions who had come along with Fang Xingjian, they would definitely be dealt with by the Church later on.

When these Guardian Kings started killing, they were unreasonable.

Yue Xianru appeared worried as she said, "That won't happen, right, Father? We only entered this place with them. If we explain the situation to them, they won't kill us, right?"

Yue Shan smiled grimly and said, "Does the Church really need a reason to kill? 150 years ago, the Steel Lion Kingdom wasn't the only existence in the northern plains. It's because the Golden Eagle Tribe's King Zuoxian 1 became friends with a Mage that everyone in the Golden Eagle Tribe-over 400,000 people-were all killed. They were slaughtered like cows and sheep, and their blood dyed the entire plains red.

"Even the shamans across the plains were completely wiped out. The Church of Universal Truth is the only religious sect left in the northern plains.

"Therefore, the Steel Lion Kingdom is now the leader there."

After the tale of this history was shared, Yue Xianru shut up. However, Clyde could not accept this and said, "Then can we only just wait for death to come?"

Yue Shan sighed, "Unless Fang Xingjian can defeat them."

Hearing Yue Shan's reply, both Yue Xianru and Clyde appeared somewhat depressed. Right now, Fang Xingjian could not even defeat one Guardian King, yet there were two of them.

The First Prince, who was observing the battle amongst the crowd, was also extremely pleased. His eyes were filled with excitement and joy.

'As expected of the Church of Universal Truth, the strongest influence in the world. Just two Guardian Kings are able to suppress Fang Xingjian so easily.' At the thought of this, the corners of the First Prince's lips also broke out into a smile. 'With this, even if the Fang Xingjian who is elsewhere rushes over, there's no way that he can be a match for these two Guardian Kings.'

Thinking this, the First Prince suddenly could not wait to see Fang Xingjian's remaining powers rush over. Just the thought of being able to witness Fang Xingjian suppressed and killed by the Guardian Kings made the First Prince feel greatly exhilarated.

The First Prince had been suppressed by Fang Xingjian for too long. Ever since the incident at the Hades Vault, Fang Xingjian would always become even stronger and even more terrifying with each appearance. Everytime Fang Xingjian appeared, he would defeat the First Prince completely. It was just like there was an endless stretch of dark clouds hanging over the top of his head, causing him to be unable to see any light or hope at all.

Just then, a stream of sword light shot across the sky. The moment it entered, it merged together with the other stream of sword light.

The two streams of sword light merged instantly, and streams of world-shaking aura that seemed as if they were going to fill up the entire world were unleashed explosively. Waves and waves of strong gales started to seethe in the white jade square. When the many people saw the two streams of sword light meeting in the sky, they revealed astonished looks.

The Fang Xingjian, who had rushed over from the outside world, had finally reached the square. He merged with the 50% of his powers that was here, and streams of information and emotion continued to be exchanged between the two.

It was because this place was not in the same timeline and same universe as the outside world, so the Fang Xingjian in the white jade square was not affected by the Purple Mage King who was outside.

However, this time around, when Fang Xingjian's clone arrived here from the outside with 50% of his powers, he also brought along an overwhelming amount of information.

Grief, fury, joy, happiness... All sorts of emotions exploded in Fang Xingjian's heart, and a new realm in the microscopic world was unveiled before him.

His eyes pierced through layers and layers of space. It was as if Fang Xingjian had seen through the entire microscopic world-the countless waves, microparticles, and immeasurable amount of indescribable phenomena.

Many lights and shadows appeared before him, seeming to form countless scenes.


In a luxurious and spacious bedroom...

A child was embraced by a married lady.

The child's head was covered with white bandages.

The child opened his big and black eyes, looked at the married lady as he asked, "Grandmother, what kind of person is my mother?"

The married lady stroke the little boy's cheek tenderly and said, "Your mother is the greatest genius in this world, a hero that no one can be compare to. There's no need for you to pay any heed to what those insignificant ants think."

The little boy continued to ask, "Then can I kill them all?"

The lady's gaze showed that she slightly shocked, and she almost moved away from the little boy by few inches unconsciously. Her eyes filled with wariness as she asked, "Why would you think that?"

The little boy laughed and said, "I was only joking."


Many scenes of light and shadow came and went very quickly, disappearing from Fang Xingjian's mind in the blink of an eye. It was as if he had suddenly recalled his memories and his past, but Fang Xingjian was completely ignorant toward the scenes that flashed in his mind.

However, in that short instant when he was in a daze, it was considered a lot of time for the two Guardian Kings present. It was enough for them to do a lot of things.

Right now, Fang Xingjian had combined all of his powers together, and he also had his Abyss, Thunder Calamity, and Panwei Divine Swords. His powers were so world-astonishing that even the two Guardian Kings were apprehensive to see this situation.

'What a guy. To think that earlier on, those hadn't been his full powers?'

'As expected of a guy who blasphemes god.'

'Let's attack together!'

In an instant, Darkness' Aberration, who had been at the side and on his guard against the Gold Mage King, also made his move. This Guardian King who had come along with Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes to the Empire also displayed powerful divine arts the moment he attacked.

Unlike Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes' absolute attacking prowess, what Darkness' Aberration had was an absolute defense.

He was able to create an unknown black physical matter which seemed to be able to negate all attacks that stimulated electromagnetic forces, gravity, strong interaction, and weak interaction.

It meant that this matter was almost impossible to destroy. The various weapons and defensive tools it formed possessed an almost invincible defensive prowess.

Therefore, in the instant Darkness' Aberration made his move, layers of black rectangular matter sealed up Fang Xingjian. They were like curtains that gradually formed a black sphere.

However, the greatest weakness of Darkness' Aberration's ability was that it took too long to take form. Compared to a Divine level expert's attacks, the time for them to take form was about 0.1 seconds. It was considered too, too slow.

If it were any other time, Fang Xingjian would have been able to dodge this attack with a single thought. However, he was currently in a daze now.

Therefore, in the instant that Fang Xingjian entered a daze, Darkness' Aberration had already encompassed Fang Xingjian entirely in an unknown dark matter, forming a black sphere with a diameter of about three meters.