Chapter 804: Great Radiant World

 Chapter 804: Great Radiant World

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Looking at the seething desert capital, the Fifth Prince was stunned for a moment, then he smiled.

He looked at the Fang Xingjian in the sky and thought coldly, 'Fang Xingjian, even though you have amazing sword arts that astonishes the entire world, you've already made yourself an enemy of the entire Empire. Right now, would you dare to make an enemy out of the entire Sand Country as well?

'Even if you can defeat my father, it's impossible for you to kill me in the Sand Country's territory because there's the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch as well as the city's protective formation that has been passed down for several centuries.'

The Sand Country's overall abilities were weaker than the Empire's, but the Sacred Fire Order had plundered through the entire desert, enslaving numerous citizens for countless of years. The resources they had accumulated far surpassed that of the Krieg royal family.

At this moment, the Fifth Prince relaxed, feeling thankful for being able to keep his life.

'Thankfully I was prepared and got into contact with the Sacred Fire Order. Otherwise, I'd really be dead this time around.

'Moreover, even if he wishes to continue, it's impossible for him to kill me when there's the Sacred Fire Order in addition to the capital's formation.'

Simultaneously, the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch took one step forward, and a myriad of white flames soared into the sky. The capital's formation was completely activated by the Patriarch and endless flames extended out from the light screen. These flames gathered in the sky, forming the shape of a city that was hanging upside down in the sky.

The capital's protective light shield seemed to have become a mirror. Below the mirror was the desert's prized treasure-the Sand Country's capital.

A city of flames hung upside down above the mirror. It did not appear any different from the actual capital and was like a copy reflected from the mirror. The only difference was that this upside down capital was made entirely of flames.

The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch had used all of the formation's powers to propel his Divine Country-the Great Radiant World.

Boundless flames danced around. There were 49 types of sacred fire condensed into one with the nine types of divine flames the Patriarch kept in the main altar. They became a power that could split the world apart, creating and annihilating worlds.

At this moment, the Great Radiant World tapped into the power of the entire capital to appear in the physical world. It was like a heavenly palace that hung upside down in the sky. The seething force and energy of the flames were of a shocking amount and could probably supply the Demonic City's electricity for several centuries.

With the appearance of the Great Radiant World, the people in the capital broke out into a commotion, with many people revealing expressions of admiration. They knelt down and prostrated themselves, offering all of their faith and beliefs to the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch.

Similar to the Full Moon Shrine's formation, one of the reasons the Sacred Fire Order started a religion had been to unify the thoughts of all the tribes in the desert, making it easy to dominate over them. Another reason had been because their founder, the Heavenly Sovereign of the Blood Sea, had a set of methods which allowed them to gather humans' information currents. The set of methods amassed all the fragmented thoughts of their admiration and conviction, and then used them as a source of energy.

As the Great Radiant World appeared, countless people grovelled on the ground, and the entire Great Radiant World's flaming city burned up even more fiercely. It was as if a basin of oil had been poured into a raging inferno.

Sensing the brimming feeling of power, the eyes of the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch looked even more confident.

The last time the Patriarch fought with Fang Xingjian, he had only relied on his own powers.

However, this time around, the Patriarch had the Sand Country's capital and the Sacred Fire Order's main altar backing him up. Additionally, there was also the formation which had been up for several centuries, created through the efforts of several generations of the Sacred Fire Order's leaders as well as the countless heavenly and earthly treasures that had been plundered from across the entire desert.

Currently, the power of the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch had become at least three times stronger than when he met Fang Xingjian previously.

Therefore, the Patriarch was brimming with confidence.

'Right now, with our Sacred Fire Order's main altar here, it's impossible for Fang Xingjian to win against me.' The Patriarch's eyes narrowed a little as thoughts kept flashing through his mind. 'Then... should I just take this opportunity to kill him?'

Within a mere three years' time, Fang Xingjian's strength had grown to his current level. The Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch felt that there was definitely some secret behind this.

Just the thought of being able to get his hands on this secret made the Patriarch feel a little excited.

Furthermore, the Patriarch felt that the fact that Fang Xingjian had taken the initiative to give chase and arrive at the Sacred Fire Order's headquarters was simply a heaven-sent opportunity.

Therefore, after taking a step forward, he said outright, "Fang Xingjian, kneel down, surrender, and be a slave to our Sacred Fire Order for a century. If you do so, I can pardon your life."

As he spoke, the Great Radiant World came pressing down, and violent heat waves gushed over as if wanting to incinerate the entire city. Innumerable sparks turned into many huge seething dragons, and in the blink of an eye, they wrapped up the area within several tens of kilometers.

The Great Radiant World in the sky and the capital's formation that was below pressed toward each other just like the lips of a big and invisible mouth. They kept on pressing and rubbing against the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, creating collisions with astonishingly loud sounds in the void space. It was like a ten -thousand-ton aircraft carrier smashing into the ground time and time again.

At present, the Patriarch did not just have a majestic and unfathomable power. With the Inextinguishable Flames-the conjured physique that had been passed down within the Sacred Fire Order in secret-and the support of the 1000-year-old belief in the Sacred Fire Order, he was also able to regenerate endlessly.

Right now, being in the sky above the capital, the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch was like an immortal. Therefore, he had nothing to fear.

In this instant, the overwhelming aura he displayed far surpassed that of the True Lord Qingshan's Duality Minute Formation.

However, Fang Xingjian merely threw a glance toward the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch, the Fifth Prince, and the entire city.

The area within 100,000 meters around them were filled with people who had malevolent intents. The city and all the people in it wished to kill Fang Xingjian.

The Fifth Prince's gaze seemed like he was gloating over Fang Xingjian's misfortune, while the Patriarch's gaze was filled with endless confidence that the situation was under his control.

After throwing a glance toward the people present, Fang Xingjian put out a single finger gently, and a stream of sword light lit up on his fingertip like the rising sun.

At the next moment, a myriad of sword light was already sweeping out toward the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch.

Faced with the myriad of sword light, the Patriarch's conjured physique was continuously pushed back, shaken, and splattered in all directions. It was like an extinguished flame, incessantly being weakened by the sword light's slashes.

However, no matter how he was attacked, the flames would once again burn stronger and rise up right before they were extinguished, returning to their initial state.

"It's useless, Fang Xingjian!" The Patriarch laughed and then said, "My Inextinguishable Flames are truly undying. There's no way that you'll be able to kill me!"

As he spoke, the Great Radiant World overhead came pressing down fiercely and explosively. The entire city of flames pushed down with the pressure of Mount Tai. The fierce aura caused the countenance of everyone in the city to change drastically.

This change occurred although the Great Radiant World was not targeted toward them. Fang Xingjian, who was the actual one facing the attack, seemed to be in shock. Stunned, he watched with a blank expression as the Great Radiant World descended explosively. Fang Xingjian showed no reaction at all.