Chapter 797: The Great Western Region’s Hopeless Situation

 Chapter 797: The Great Western Region's Hopeless Situation

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Lan Yue watched on as Fang Xingjian disappeared, and her eyes filled with admiration.

For him to be able to kill Alexander with a single sword attack... How terrifying and powerful was this? He was truly amazing and unrivalled.

Lan Yue was not the only one feeling this way. The Blue Sacred Moonlight's and the Astral Ancestor's minds were still filled with the scene of Fang Xingjian's earlier sword attack which had pierced through the sky and slashed through the atmosphere. It was truly too astonishing.

Just observing from the sides made them feel a delusion that their wills had been pierced through.

It was as if there was nothing in the world which would be able to stop that sword attack.

The three of them looked silently in the direction Fang Xingjian had disappeared from, seemingly still submerged in the astonishment that Fang Xingjian's sword attack had brought them.


Meanwhile, Fang Xingjian had already rushed toward the Great Western Region.

Taking care of the First Prince and killing Alexander had only taken him 2.5 seconds in total.

After all, they were all Divine level experts. So even if they were to communicate, it would be through their information currents, and traveling across a long distance would merely take an instant.

Within this 2.5 seconds, Fang Xingjian had scared off the Fifth Prince, defeated the First Prince, and killed Alexander. With only one sword in hand, he fought the battles one after another, and turned the entire situation around.

However, although Alexander had really died, both the First Prince and the Fifth Prince still left their clones behind.

Sensing the locations of their clones through his Sudden Inspiration, Fang Xingjian broke into a cold smile. 'Is there any use in leaving behind your clone?'

Both the First Prince and the Fifth Prince had separated about 10% of their powers to assure that they would be able to survive.

In comparison, Alexander's method of not leaving behind any clones was the most sensible way of doing things.

One thing it had guaranteed was that Alexander had been in possession all of his powers, allowing him to go all out in the battle. The other thing was that this showed the confidence he had in himself.

It was only when one was determined to emerge victorious that they would not leave behind any clones and would go all out.

The fact that both the First Prince and the Fifth Prince had left behind 10% of their powers showed their lack of self-confidence.

It was because they had not created clones in order to emerge victorious in all of the battles like Fang Xingjian had done. They had instead created the clones so that they could flee.

Moreover, Fang Xingjian had attained tier four of the Divine level and possessed the Sudden Inspiration ability. As long as their clones were still in this world, he would definitely be able to track them down.

However, Fang Xingjian was in no hurry to look for them at the moment. Be it the First Prince or the Fifth Prince, they were no longer a cause for concern. The matter of importance now was for him to deal with the battle in the Great Western Region.

It was no issue for Fang Xingjian to take two seconds to take care of True Lord Qingshan before returning to kill the two princes.


In the Great Western Region, True Lord Qingshan was burning in frenzy. It was because he realized that his Duality Minute Formation was no match for Fang Xingjian's sword formation.

Still, he had been a renowned expert in the past who dominated the world back then, the anxiety only stayed for a short moment before he regained his senses.

"Hmph. Fang Xingjian, do you really think that victory is already yours?"

True Lord Qingshan revealed a cold smile, and a stream of martial will swept out in all directions.

"Luoluo, Alba. Come out."

At True Lord Qingshan's command, Shang's two Divine level experts finally appeared.

Two gushes of martial will-one white and the other green-soared into the sky, causing the middle cloud layer in the sky to seethe. Under the influence of the two people's waves of astonishing power, the entire Great Western City seemed as if it was welcoming many Beaufort 10 1 gales.

There were even a few buildings which were uprooted from the strong gushes of martial will. They flew into the skies and trembled so much from the impact that they turned into dust.

These two people were Grand Duke Alba and Saint Luoluo.

Grand Duke Alba was now wearing a black tuxedo, standing in midair like an aristocratic gentleman.

This number one scholar of the Jade Dynasty, who had arrived here from 5,000 years ago, clearly possessed the ability of a tier four Divine level expert. His entire body was emitting an overwhelming aura, appearing like a god or a demon.

Beside him was Saint Luoluo who was wrapped up entirely in white muslin, and her entire face was encompassed in an area of fog.

This Saint Luoluo was the Church of Universal Truth's female Saint from 3,000 years ago.

A female Saint was someone the Church of Universal Truth picked out from countless other ladies after subjecting them to strict checks. Not only did the lady needed to have sincere conviction in their faith and come from a pure blood lineage, but she was also required to have a powerful talent and be very intelligent.

After being picked as the female Saint, they would be nurtured for 10 to 20 years, and eventually become the Pope's personal attendant.

Although they were personal attendants, there was no one who would look down on them.

It was because they were people who were close to the Pope. Many of the Pope's orders were completed by them. They held such great authority that they might even be ranked above the Guardian Kings.

At present, Saint Luoluo had also recovered her cultivation to tier four of the Divine level.

It was a pity that being reborn, she was unable to get back the divine arts the God of Universal Truth had bestowed her with in her previous life. Despite this, the countless Church of Universal Truth's secret martial arts she knew could still allow her to be above 99% of the experts in the world.

Seeing the two of them appear caused the countenances of everyone in the Great Western Region Regional Academy to change.

Be it Tyrant, the Fourth Prince, or Philip, their eyes were all filled with worry.

Earlier on, when they saw that Fang Xingjian had been suppressed by True Lord Qingshan, they were still considering if they should help him. After all, the battle prowess displayed by the two of them were too terrifying. Their interference could instead add on to Fang Xingjian's burdens.

Thereafter, when they saw Fang Xingjian turning the tables around, they all felt relieved.

However, they had not expected that True Lord Qingshan had brought along two other great experts with him.

Looking at the unconcerned Fang Xingjian, True Lord Qingshan's will seethed as he continued to smile coldly and say, "Fang Xingjian, don't think that you can underestimate ordinary Divine level experts just because you have this set of sword formation.

"Did you think that just because I brought them along, I prepared nothing else?


At the next moment, a myriad of chaotic air currents burst out from Saint Luoluo's and Grand Duke Alba's bodies.

In that instant, the three Duality Minute Formations in the sky reflected each other's glory, and the number of chaotic air currents grew rapidly at a terrifying rate.

True Lord Qingshan had imparted his ultimate arts to Saint Luoluo and Grand Duke Alba.

Their Duality Minute Formations looked very unpolished, and the prowess of the Duality Minute Formations they activated did not even reach 20% 2 of True Lord Qingshan's.

However, their sudden interference was enough to break through the earlier situation. The three Duality Minute Formations reflected each other's glory, and their prowess increased in multiple folds.

Chaotic air currents encompassed the entire sky, drowning it out in all directions as if wanting to encompass the entire sky above the Great Western Region.

However, more power pressed onto Fang Xingjian's body.

Loud kacha kacha sounds rang out from Fang Xingjian's sword shadow, like Mountain Tai had collapsed and Mount Everest fallen apart.

True Lord Qingshan laughed maniacally and said, "Fang Xingjian! Feel the despair!"

Seeing the sword shadow, which Fang Xingjian had condensed, continue to break down and shatter, and watching as the chaotic air currents pressed down like a waterfall, the countenances of everyone in the Great Western Region changed drastically.

"Quick, run!"

"There's no way to hold it off!"


In an instant, all the people in the academy broke down. Countless Knights and Conferred Knights fled in all directions, attempting to escape from the danger of the sky collapsing on them.

The countenances of Prince Philip and the others also changed drastically. They wore looks of despair as they gazed at the hopeless situation in the sky. It was because they knew that once Fang Xingjian lost, there would be no way for them to escape from the other party's attacks.

"Let's join in." Tyrant wore a grim expression. "It's not as if we won't have any chance if we attack together. Moreover, we can't let Xingjian be the one to do everything either."

Prince Philip nodded. Although their powers were a far cry from the Duality Minute Formation, in this life and death moment, it was impossible to wait for death to arrive without trying to fight back.

"Let's join forces and attack onto a single point.

"To live or die... Everything will be counting on this."

The Fourth Prince's expression was also very solemn as streams of sword shadows slowly rose up from behind his back.