Chapter 796: Receiving Sword Attack

 Chapter 796: Receiving Sword Attack

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"All the more we can't let him win!" Lan Yue bellowed. "Grandmaster, quickly activate our Full Moon Shrine's formation. We'll need to drag it out at least and help Xingjian gain more time. We might still have a chance then."

"But he's already doomed to lose," the Blue Sacred Moonlight said with a sigh. "It's true that Fang Xingjian is an outstanding talent of his generation, but right now, it's clear that Alexander is a notch higher than him.

"Lan Yue, I know that you're interested in Fang Xingjian, but it's during such times that you should need to consider the greater outlook even more.

"In all, the Full Moon Shrine has 3,600 people, and we have the legacy of several centuries of on our shoulders. They can't die in our hands.

"You should know what the result will be if we strike again."

Lan Yue wanted to rebut upon hearing this, but she could not find the words to say.

In a world like Miracle World, the differences between individuals had reached an overwhelming level.

This meant that in order to survive, the influences and experts here had long learned to respect the will of the stronger expert and follow in their footsteps.

Therefore, Lan Yue knew that there was no problem for the Blue Sacred Moonlight to bow down to Alexander. It was just like how they had submitted to Fang Xingjian back then. This would just be changing from one expert to another.

Moreover, since Alexander had warned them personally, the results would be clear if they were to interfere once again.

However, at the thought of this, Lan Yue's eyes still revealed a hint of unwillingness to accept this situation.

The Blue Sacred Moonlight pat Lan Yue on the shoulder, as if consoling her.

Alexander, who was in the battlefield, did not seem to care about what the three of them thought. To him, it was fine if they could adapt to the changing times. If they could not, then it just meant that they were hopeless, and there was no need to take them in.

Just when everyone thought the battle was decided, a stream of sword light flashed and cut across the sky, shooting out toward Adam's Shroud. It sank in and then eventually disappeared.

Seeing this, Alexander's pupils contracted slightly. "This is..."

At this moment, an ominous feeling rose in his heart. It was a threat signalled by the Sudden Inspiration.

10% of Fang Xingjian's powers had rushed to the Xingwu Region and instantly pierced through Adam's Shroud with the Light Pursuit Sword, merging together with the other 20%.

Fang Xingjian's strength rose rapidly, and his battle prowess continued to increase.

Right now, the Fang Xingjian that Alexander was facing only had 50% more powers than before, but his battle prowess had increased by multiple folds.

At the next moment, under Alexander's wide-open eyes and mouth, as well as the Blue Sacred Moonlight's, Lan Yue's, and the Astral Ancestor's incredulous gazes, a stream of sword light darted out from Adam's Shroud. Then a stream of sword light took on the shape of a cross and flashed, tearing through a huge opening through Adam's Shroud. Fang Xingjian held a light sword in his hands, with its tip pointed upward, and then slowly walked out from the void space.

His conjured physique was still covered in cracks all over, but it did not affect his disposition at all. The torn up Adam's Shroud and the light sword which was condensed from Fang Xingjian's martial will had added greater might to his disposition.

Sword intents soared up into the clouds and gushed toward Alexander.

"Alexander, if you can survive a sword attack from me, I'll spare your entire Krieg royal family."

Sensing the information contained in Fang Xingjian's will, a gush of fury rose in Alexander's heart. How could he possibly be frightened by Fang Xingjian when he had just comprehended the greatest height to the Ancient Path of Hell?

There was even a surge of exhilaration that rose in his heart for being able to defeat Fang Xingjian.

"Arrogant lad!"

In the surroundings, the torn up Adam's Shroud instantly trembled and then wrapped up Fang Xingjian once again. Alexander raised both his palms, and his martial will kept on shattering.

The Blue Sacred Moonlight said through her consciousness with great astonishment, "Entering Hell! This is the Ancient Path of Hell's means of burning one's will to stimulate their strength. Alexander is going all out!"

Lan Yue's brows also furrowed tightly together, and hints of worry flashed in her eyes.

The Astral Ancestor also had his eyes fixed on the battlefield. It was because the result of this battle had a direct connection to their future.

Would Alexander be the one to emerge victorious? Or would Fang Xingjian be a notch stronger? The strength of both parties had surpassed their understandings and left them confounded.

Endless terrifying auras extended out from Alexander's palms as his martial will burned. The prowess that this Mortal World Reversal unleashed explosively far surpassed the norm.

The Mortal World Reversal turned into a terrifying gush of air current, and wherever it passed by, all living things were wiped out. It struck onto Adam's Shroud, and at the instant the Adam's Shroud transmitted this destructive force, countless cracks appeared on it.

Even the entire space had started to tremor intensely, showing signs of instability.

The Mortal World Reversal's highest profoundness was to shake the microscopic world. Then from there, it would affect the macroscopic world, reversing the foundations of the entire world.

This attack from Alexander once against surpassed the peak he had achieved in the past, reaching a whole new realm. It even showed signs of shaking up and changing the microscopic world.

This was a power that surpassed the level of being able to apply one's strength onto the microscopic world. It was a power that only tier six Divine level experts would have just started to comprehend.

At this moment, a hint of understanding flashed in Alexander's heart. 'If I were to strive for tier six of the Divine level right now, I'll probably have 70% chance of succeeding.'

However, at the next moment, an intense sense of danger gushed out in his mind.

Fang Xingjian tapped out his finger while in Adam's Shroud. An intense force of the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism extended out from his finger.

The All-Conquering sword intents were activated, and they gushed out in Alexander's direction.

"Receive my sword attack."

The power of Alexander's Mortal World Reversal had just become capable of affecting the microscopic world, but Fang Xingjian had long comprehended some of the essence behind electromagnetic forces, strong interaction, and weak interaction. Although he was unable to control the microscopic world directly and could only use his own powers to affect the microscopic world, the difference between the two of them-in terms of their comprehension of the microscopic world-was something that could not be compared. It was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.

At this moment, it was as if a stream of sword light had cut through everything in front of Alexander. Adam's Shroud was slashed through once again, and the terrifying aura condensed from the Mortal World Reversal was slashed through. The sword light slashed through Alexander's head and darted deep into the depths of his consciousness.

On its way, countless memories were turned into pulp, and countless streams of his martial will shattered into pieces.

At the end, the sword light then shot out from the back of Alexander's head and flew toward the sky in an inclination, just like a reversed meteor. It even penetrated through the atmospheric layer, landed amidst the Nine-Tiered Heavens, and then dissipated.

In this second, countless people in the world saw a stream of white light that soared into the sky. They revealed surprised expressions as they looked at the light that cut through the skies.

After this sword attack, Alexander stared at this scene in a daze. His body started to shatter, crack, and turn into countless light spots which dissipated.

However, Alexander did not care about this. He looked at Fang Xingjian and sighed, saying, "Is this your full-power attack? Am I the last opponent you've rushed to fight against?"

Having received this sword attack, Alexander's conjured physique had completely collapsed. Alexander knew that his conjured physique of his was doomed. At this moment, he only wanted to know how much power Fang Xingjian had used just so he could figure out the difference between them.

Fang Xingjian threw a glance at Alexander and said indifferently, "30% of my powers."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's reply, Alexander laughed bitterly. Then his conjured physique dissipated completely, leaving behind only a sigh where he was last at.

"To think the difference between us is so great?"

At the next moment, a sword light cut across the sky and Fang Xingjian left, leaving behind Lan Yue, the Blue Sacred Moonlight, and the Astral Ancestor with wide-open eyes and mouths.