Chapter 795: Xingwu Region

 Chapter 795: Xingwu Region

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In the Xingwu Region's Full Moon Shrine...

Fang Xingjian's clone that had only 20% of his powers was wrapped up by Alexander, and the latter was attacking him like he was hitting a punching bag.

Overturned Hell, Mortal World Reversal... The Ancient Path of Hell's great martial arts were performed by Alexander one after another. Fang Xingjian, who was wrapped up within Adam's Shroud, was beaten up to the extent that he did not make a sound. It was as if he was dead.

At the side, the Astral Ancestor, Blue Sacred Moonlight, and Lan Yue all attacked Alexander in succession. However, even the Astral Ancestor, who was the strongest amongst them, was only at tier two of the Divine level. So, how could they possibly be able to deal with Alexander?

All sorts of astral illusions and moonlight went smashing out, destroying the area within 1,000 meters into flat land. Despite this, when the trio's attacks landed on Alexander, they were like rocks sinking into the sea, showing no signs of change.

The Astral Ancestor's countenance turned extremely grim. Their attacks were completely useless against Alexander, who was suppressing Fang Xingjian completely.He had no hope of being able to retaliate.

At that moment, the fierce and unrivalled prowess of Alexander, who had ruled over the Empire for several decades, surged into their hearts once again.

The Blue Sacred Moonlight was the first to stop. Her blue eyes filled with fear and astonishment. "Our attacks are completely useless." In her heart, she could not help but hesitate and think, 'Could it be that this time around, Fang Xingjian isn't a match for him either?'

The Astral Ancestor also stopped attacking. He looked at Alexander from afar, his eyes flashing with uncertainty, "This isn't good. This time around, Alexander has used Adam's Shroud."

"Adam's Shroud?" Hearing the mention of this name, Blue Sacred Moonlight was taken by surprise. "That's the prized treasure of the Ancient Path of Hell. It's said that unless the Empire is on the verge of annihilation, it mustn't be used lightly."

This great Divine Equipment, Adam's Shroud, was an existence that was even more renowned than Alexander. When the Empire was unified 200 years ago, Adam's Shroud had been the nightmare of countless factions and influences.

Even the current Blue Sacred Moonlight and Astral Ancestor had grown up hearing about its legendary stories.

20 years ago, the Terrene Shrine, which was controlled by the Gray Robed Mages, had been engaged in a great battle against various influences of the Empire. In that battle, Alexander had brought out this prized treasure of the Ancient Path of Hell.

That year, everyone once again experienced the terror from 200 years ago, and once more, Adam's Shroud became a nightmare that everyone was unwilling to face.

However, Lan Yue had not experienced that era. So, when she heard their conversation, she immediately asked, "Is it that powerful? What use does this Adam's Shroud have? Previously, Alexander tied against Xingjian. Why is it that he's able to suppress Xingjian completely this time around?"

Regardless of whether they were willing to do so, the three of them had no choice but to accept the situation before them. Alexander had completely suppressed Fang Xingjian.

The Blue Sacred Moonlight said coldly, "It will definitely land a strike when it attacks, and it will definitely achieve its goals when it's brought out. All of the attacks of Adam's Shroud don't require time. When faced with this Divine Equipment, the only thing you can do is face it head-on and use all of your powers to fight against the opponent's strongest point."

The Astral Ancestor's countenance also turned extremely grim. "Based on the current situation, it seems that when they go against each other head-on, Xingjian is still not a match for Alexander." At the thought of this, he sighed, "After all, Alexander has a strong foundation and has inherited countless legacies. Moreover, he is a tier five Divine level expert, so it's natural for him to be slightly stronger than Xingjian.

"Furthermore, currently, Adam's Shroud has already sealed up Xingjian. It's just purely a contest of their strength now. This is too disadvantageous for Xingjian."

Hearing the Astral Ancestor's explanation, Lan Yue's worried expression grew even more intense.

Just then, Alexander threw out another Mortal World Reversal attack at the microscopic level. Countless microparticles were spinning in the reverse direction between his palms. An aura of destruction and creation, which possessed an unrivalled might, was transmitted out.

The trio scanned it with their martial will but realized that even their martial wills were immediately destroyed in that instant. They were unable to make sense of the changes that were occurring between those palms.

They had never heard nor seen of such means before.

As if sensing the trio's astonishment, Alexander spoke to them for the first time since the start of the battle, "Divine level martial prowess starts with the initially overwhelming power, spatial distortions, and then the effects on the microscopic space."

As Alexander said this, the terrifying aura between his palms continued to expand. Countless light spots and heat energies fluctuated, as if the entire mortal world was going to explode between Alexander's palms.

The Mortal World Reversal which took effect on the microscopic level was a display of Alexander's current full-power. He had the feeling that Fang Xingjian would definitely die from this attack.

This was a realm which even his father and grandfather had never come into contact with before. It was the true profoundness of the Mortal World Reversal. Not only did it distort space, but it also distorted the microparticles within space, changing the building blocks of the world.

At present, the prowess of this attack from Alexander had gotten close to True chaotic air currents of Lord Qingshan's Duality Minute Formation. It was just that in terms of amount, it was still a far cry in comparison.

Alexander had never felt so powerful before in his entire life.

He even had the urge to stop immediately, give Fang Xingjian the chance to recover, and then defeat him fair and square when he was in his prime condition again. Alexander would then let Fang Xingjian know that it was not that he, Alexander, was not inferior to him.

However, this was merely an urge. Thankfully, there were three spectators around, allowing him to show off his prowess instead of being unable to give release to the the feeling of great pride he felt.

"The foundations of everything in the world comes from that microscopic world. The true profoundness of this Mortal World Reversal is to affect the microscopic world and thus affect the entire human world.

"It's a pity that Fang Xingjian... you'll have to die just when I've comprehended the esteemed profoundness of this move. There's going to be one less opponent in this world that can take this attack from me."

At the next moment, the terrifying aura between Alexander's palms plunged down and struck Adam's Shroud, through which it was then transmitted onto Fang Xingjian.

Adam's Shroud started to tremble like never before, as if it had reached the limits of what it could withstand.

The even more terrifying thing was that hints of terrifying aura cascaded down and wiped out the ground within a range of several ten meters surrounding Alexander.

It was not an explosion nor a crushing effect, but that the area completely disappeared.

Seeing that areas of the ground had suddenly disappeared, turning into energy which could not be seen by the naked eye and then dissipating into the world, the three people present were all extremely astonished.

The trembles within Adam's Shroud grew slower, as if everything inside had gradually turned into nothingness.

Alexander said calmly, "Although the three of you had submitted to Traitor Fang, now is the time when the Empire needs people. From now onward, you will be brought under the Knight Association. You'll try to atone for your crimes by doing good deeds. Then you'll be able to avoid the death penalty."

Looking at the changes to Adam's Shroud, Lan Yue shouted out with her consciousness, "Quickly use the formation!"

However, despite hearing her shout, the Blue Sacred Moonlight did not say a word. Instead, her face expressed a feeling of uncertainty, making it hard for others to understand what she was thinking.

Lan Yue looked at the Blue Sacred Moonlight in disbelief. "Grandmaster!"

The Blue Sacred Moonlight sent a message through her martial will, "Lan Yue, if Alexander wins, what will happen to our Full Moon Shrine?"