Chapter 792: Five Million

 Chapter 792: Five Million

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In the Imperial Capital, a world that was encompassed by the ritual and had been separated from the timeline...

There was endless fighting and massacres.

A Conferred Knight walked along the distorted streets.

Suddenly, he came to a stop and revealed a puzzled gaze as he looked at a building that had been pieced together.

'This is...'

However, before he made any reaction, a black silhouette descended from the skies. It was the Black Mage King, whose mouth was wide opened. Right now, his face was filled with a black aura and his eyes were gleaming with the green light of greed.

His came down from the sky and swallowed that Conferred Knight instantly.

Before this Conferred Knight could even react, he had already been completely digested by the Black Mage King.

The Black Mage King patted his stomach. Sensing the increasing powers in his body, he revealed a satisfied smile.

'My martial will has increased to 3,500 points? Hehehehe...'

Fang Xingjian's martial will had already surpassed that of ordinary tier four or five Divine level experts, but it was merely at 2,000 points. This amount was already enough for him to overturn rivers and seas, easily killing tier four Divine level experts.

Yet right now, the Black Mage King, who kept on engulfing others to increase his powers, had brought his martial will up to 3,500 points. Even the Black Mage King had no idea how terrifying it would be if he were to attack at full-power.

There was truly an abundance of food at the ritual.

'It has been a long while since I've felt this full...'

At present in the ritual, not only was there a large number of Divine level experts and Demigods who had rushed over from within the Empire's borders, but there were also Divine level experts Shang had stationed in the Imperial Capital.

Such an abundance of food really made the Black Mage King extremely excited, especially that great feast...

At the thought of this, the Black Mage King turned and looked at the center of the Imperial Capital. His gaze revealed an extremely excited expression.

However, six figures landed abruptly at the next moment, surrounding the Black Mage King.

Looking at the six people who had suddenly appeared before him, the Black Mage King smiled and said, "Everyone, is anything the matter?"

"Black Mage King!" A strong man with pitch-black skin and a bald head walked out. He looked at the Black Mage King and said irately, "You ate Kay?"

These six people were six out of the eight Divine level experts Shang had left behind in the Imperial Capital. As for the other two... Tier three Divine level expert Morudo had been seized by Fang Xingjian and brought to the Great Western Region, while the last person by the name of Kay had been eaten up by the Black Mage King.

This dark-skinned rough man, who was speaking right now, was Cole. He was of the same generation as the Church's Saint Luoluo from 3,000 years ago. Back then, he had been a strong expert in the world and was one of the ten great Divine Generals of the Diamond Dynasty.

Additionally, he was the strongest amongst those who had been stationed in the Empire by Shang, aside from Morudo. Cole was a tier three Divine level Knight.

However, before the Black Mage King, Cole, one of ten great Divine Generals in the Diamond Dynasty 3,000 years ago, currently looked like a delicacy.

Cole glared at the Black Mage King and asked, "Do you want to make an enemy out of Shang?"

The Black Mage King patted his stomach and smiled while saying, "Then I won't be standing on ceremony." If he were to eat up the six Divine level experts before him, he would be one step closer toward his target.


A human figure kept flashing about, darting through the spatial gaps.

It was The School of Sword Arts' Supreme Chief who was performing his Astral Obscurity Sword.

This unparalleled Killing sword, which had been created from The School of Sword Arts's ultimate manual"Star Fate Sword Manual", had previously soared to great fame in the Supreme Chief's hands. Additionally, it was viewed as one of the strongest sword techniques in the Empire.

Fang Xingjian had also learned this sword technique in the past and used it to dart between spatial gaps and defeat many powerful enemies. Thereafter, Fang Xingjian had even combined countless sword arts essence into this sword technique's foundations, creating a world-astonishing Infiltrating Void Sword.

Right now, The School of Sword Arts' Supreme Chief had reached tier two of the Divine level, and the prowess of his Astral Obscurity Sword had grown even greater. He darted freely amongst the spatial gaps, changing in size, hiding and revealing himself.

He could make himself as big as a mountain or as small as a physical particle.

Still, he continued escaping, with hints of fear flashing in his eyes occasionally. It was because he understood well how terrifying the monster chasing after him was.

A soft kacha sound rang out, and a stream of red light flashed past him in the air. Supreme Chief Heng Tianxiao was pushed out from the spatial gaps and flew out like a rubber ball. He smashed into and turned over houses and streets for over 3,000 meters, leaving behind large areas of ruins.

His entire body was in shatters, and streams of light spots rapidly dissipated from his body.

Supreme Chief Heng Tianxiao felt as if his martial will and conjured physique were both on the verge of collapsing from that single strike, like his body would completely dissipate at any moment.

'Just a single blow... and I'm going to be killed?'

The corners of Heng Tianxiao's lips curled up into a bitter smile. The prowess of these Mages was truly much more stronger than Knights of the same level.

Walking amidst the ruins, the Red Mage King looked at Heng Tianxiao from afar and revealed an uninterested expression. He had already lost interest in this prey.

However, halfway there, he suddenly came to a stop and threw a curious look toward something underneath the ruins.

Under the ruins, a large number of commoners were exposed. They either laid down on their backs or stomachs or sat there like they were dead.

As the houses along the street exploded, these commoners were thrown out like unearthed bugs and seemed as if they were dead. They were thrown into the sky and then landed on the ground, either buried, thrown aside, with their bodies torn apart, or burned into char.

These commoners, who were either really dead or just appeared as such, all had their heads wrapped up by purple bugs.


The Red Mage King squatted down and reached out a hand to grab a bug that had covered up a commoner's face. As he pulled abruptly, a sound, which was like a piece of cloth being torn up, rang out. Countless tentacles were pulled out from the person's head and face.

Clearly, these bugs did not just wrapped themselves onto the people's heads, but they also inserted their tentacles into the brains.

After the bug was removed, the Red Mage King could no longer sense any brain waves coming from the commoner although his vital signs were still there.

The Red Mage King grabbed out curiously, tearing the commoner's arm into pieces, but the other party still did not show any signs of awakening. It was as if he had entered into a vegetative state.

'What the hell?' Looking at the jellyfish-like purple bug in his hand, the Red Mage King gave it some thought before biting down on it.

He then spat it out, 'This is too disgusting. It's like sh*t that has been air-dried for ten years.'

Shaking his head, the Red Mage King soon lost interest in the bugs and commoners under his feet. He turned his head and continued walking toward The School of Sword Arts' Supreme Chief, who was severely injured.

Right now, the over five million population of the entire Imperial Capital was buried under the Red Mage King's feet. All of the people had their heads wrapped up by the same kind of bug, and they laid under the ruins as if they had all entered a vegetative state. It was like they had lost their souls.