Chapter 786: Four People

 Chapter 786: Four People

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Naturally, he Gold Mage King had expected this scene from the start.

Even Charlot's existence was something which he and the Chaos Witch had created.

The matter about getting reborn was just a memory the two of them had arranged to be placed into Charlot's mind.

In actuality, Charlot's victory in the royal family's monthly competition was something which they had controlled from the background. Everything, including the secret meeting between the four great experts in the palace, had been inserted into Charlot's memories by the Gold Mage King and the Chaos Witch since they had known about it from a long time ago.

Additionally, True Lord Qingshan's sneak attack was something the Chaos Witch had enticed him into doing.

Of course, the best outcome would be for the sneak attack to succeed. If it failed, then it would also verify the authenticity of Charlot's memories.

As for the Church of Universal Truth's signs and the existences of Yue Shan and the others, they had all been arranged by the Chaos Witch in the dark. All these had been done so that Charlot could lure Fang Xingjian and the two Guardian Kings to the center of the formation, preventing them from fighting with the Black Mage King and the others.

These arrangements were set up because the Chaos Witch was extremely clear of Fang Xingjian's background. His existence was something which two-thirds of the Church of Universal Truth could not accept.

It was likely that the members of two of the three Saints' factions, which were engaged in a chaotic battle at the moment, would harbor killing intents toward Fang Xingjian. These two factions included the faction of the Phenomenal Saint, who had previously strengthened the First Prince and the Fifth Prince, and the faction that Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration belonged to, which had the Oceansky Saint as the leader.

The Chaos Witch understood well that to the two Guardian Kings, the evil god's clone was a danger while Fang Xingjian's existence was an irreconcilable feud.

Although the Holy Orison had seen Fang Xingjian before, the Saint's faction he belonged to was unwilling to kill Fang Xingjian. Like what the Chaos Witch did, they sealed up this information for some unknown objective.

Right now, in order to deal Fang Xingjian a great blow, the Chaos Witch finally decided to make use of this information and brought Fang Xingjian and the two Guardian Kings together in advance. She was planning to make use of the feud between them to earn more time for the evil god ritual.

Of course, the Chaos Witch and the others had only planned on making use of Fang Xingjian's secret to obstruct the two Church of Universal Truth's Guardian Kings over here. Meanwhile, the Chaos Witch and others would actually be elsewhere with other means of depleting Fang Xingjian's power. They were going to deal him a heavy blow and suppress him.


True Lord Qingshan, the First Prince, the Fifth Prince, and Alexander slowly appeared in the sky above the Imperial Capital from the center of the purple formation.

When they once again returned to this world, this universe, and this timeline, intense killing auras burst out from their bodies. Then the four of them turned into four beams of light, shooting out toward three locations at light speed.

In the sky, the Chaos Witch looked at the four disappearing figures, and the corners of her lips curled up into a hint of a smile.

She floated in midair like a wisp of smog, sighing softly. 'The timeline will eventually be corrected, and the activation of the Ring of Time is unavoidable.

'Even you will be unable to stop it...'

It was true that the current Fang Xingjian was hard to kill.

A tier two Divine level expert could move at akin to light speed, and one would only be able to capture them through distorting space.

A tier three Divine level expert could clone themselves. If Fang Xingjian was careful enough, they would only be able to deal him a heavy blow. It would be hard to kill him unless they were to use the Sudden Inspiration.

A tier four Divine level expert possessed the ability of Sudden Inspiration. They were able to predict dangers in advance.

Furthermore, the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation he had was able to avoid the enemies' strongest blow and strike them where they were the weakest. Regardless of whether it was the Infiltrating Void Sword that could penetrate through any attacks and defenses, the Light Pursuit Sword which could allow him to assume a light form, or the All-Conquering that could cut through any martial will and conjured physiques... they were all extremely powerful.

Fang Xingjian's self-created Celestial Eradication Sword Technique allowed him to handle the situation with ease no matter how many opponents he was facing. It could even be said that the greater the number of people attacking him, the more it would be to his advantage.

It was because his sword arts could be unaffected by the disturbances of the martial wills of others, but the people attacking him would create interference for each other.

There was almost no weakness in Fang Xingjian's sword arts and powers. However, to the Chaos Witch, there was a lethal weakness in his personality.

'Your subordinates... You still continue on with your sense of responsibility as well as your actions of pretending that you're human and imitating human perceptions... It's really foolish...'


Alexander descended down from the skies in Xingwu Region.

The instant he arrived, the three great Divine level experts-Blue Sacred Moonlight, Astral Ancestor, and Lan Yue-were all slightly surprised as a throbbing sensation came down from the skies.

Alexander instantly appeared in the hall and looked at the three of them with cold eyes.

The Blue Sacred Moonlight and the Astral Ancestor were both a part of the Empire's ten great Divine level experts in the past. However, at present, they and the sects they led-the Full Moon Shrine and Myriad Stars Palace-were in submission to Fang Xingjian.

The Blue Sacred Moonlight's granddaughter, Lan Yue-a renowned beauty in the Xingwu Region who was previously the First Prince's fiancée and Alexander's daughter-in-law-even had uncertain rumors about being with Fang Xingjian.

To Alexander, these three people were utterly despicable traitors. Therefore, he punched out without any hesitation, and his martial will turned into a circle of black light, gushing out toward them.

He did not use Adam's Shroud because he needed Fang Xingjian to be able to react.

Additionally, this attack even held the comprehensions he made from training in seclusion during this period of time. All the power of his martial will probed deep into the microscopic world, bringing along a power that could shatter everything material. It allowed him to directly attack Fang Xingjian's body which was in light form.

'Fang Xingjian, come out!'


Simultaneously, the First Prince and the Fifth Prince had turned into two beams of light, descending into the sky above the Northern Ice Region.

After having True Lord Qingshan's guidance and receiving the strengthening from the Phenomenal Saint, their strength had improved in leaps and bounds.

True Lord Qingshan had first used the power of 3,000 missiles, which had a yield of ten million tons, to help them regain their powers, pushing both of them to the realm of a tier two Divine level expert. He also taught them a world-shaking martial art called the Tetrad Supremacy Double Dominance Sole Eradication.

The Phenomenal Saint had bestowed them with the power of a type of divine art, and streams of milky white glow burned on their bodies like flames.

This was the God of Universal Truth's power. It had been affixed onto their bodies, allowing them to borrow the powers of the God of Universal Truth and perform three attacks which were comparable to the full-power attacks of a tier four Divine level expert.

When the First Prince and the Fifth Prince used the Tetrad Supremacy Double Dominance Sole Eradication to amplify the effect of these attacks, their damaging prowess would soar.

Then in the blink of an eye, the First Prince and the Fifth Prince appeared in the Northern Ice Region. They flew toward the east and south respectively, heading to the locations the Chaos Witch had told them about.

At present, the Northern Ice Region was now completely under the control of the seven great clans, and the seven great clans, including its leader, Clan Head Jacob, had submitted to Fang Xingjian.

With a sway, the Fifth Prince appeared before the Holy Light Clan's head, Jacob, and struck out a punch. It was an attack from the martial arts that True Lord Qingshan had imparted him with-the Three Worlds' Eradication, which was from the Tetrad Supremacy Double Dominance Sole Eradication.

Using the God of Universal Truth's power to push forth the ultimate fist technique-the Three Worlds' Eradication-the single punch contained power which could instantly kill a tier three Divine level expert or deal a tier four Divine level expert serious injuries. Even a tier five Divine level expert would have to dodge its impact.

Although he could only make three of such attacks, it was already an attack that could make Jacob fall into despair.

On the other hand, the First Prince landed in a small manor. The person who appeared before him was Audrey-the Northern Ice Region's number one beauty who had helped Fang Xingjian obtained the tenth level of the mystical prints.