Chapter 783: Two Guardian Kings

 Chapter 783: Two Guardian Kings

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At the square which had the color of white jade, the Gold Mage King looked up toward the blood-colored vortex above his head without blinking, as if all of his attention was being drawn to it.

Aside from Charlot's group, there were also several tens of other experts. Additionally, new experts were being transferred in every now and then.

Everyone was wary of each other, and no one dared to get close to that blood-colored vortex. Moreover, even the weakest among them were second transition Conferred Knights. Some of them knew each other and even had feuds between them, but in this strange environment, no one dared to make a move.

Moreover, with the Gold Mage King standing in the center, who would dare to make a move in front of him?

Yue Shan frowned and asked, "Where is this place?"

Charlot shook his head and did not say anything as he looked at that blood-colored vortex. From his memories, that was the center of the ritual, where the evil god's clone would be born.

At the next moment, a white-haired old man spoke up. It was the Beast God that Charlot's group had encountered earlier.

The Beast God looked at the Gold Mage King and grinned, saying, "Gold Mage King, your Mage Association is going to summon the evil god. An existence like that isn't something we can think about. The reason I'm here today is only to snatch some of the royal family's treasures. I have no intentions of making enemies with the Mage Association."

Despite saying that, the Beast God's gaze was filled with greed when he looked at that blood-colored vortex.

After hearing his words, the others also chimed in to express their agreement. Some of these experts exuded strong domineering auras, while others displayed great valiance. There were also some who had very eerie appearances. However, when they were facing the Gold Mage King, none of them dared to step up and go against him.

'Hmph, something like the evil god ritual should be conducted in secret and yet so many people have found out about it.'

'Someone must have leaked the news.'

'It's either that the Church of Universal Truth wants to assemble people to stop it, or the Mage Association leaked the news to gather blood sacrifices.'

Most of the people present were elites from different factions or the Empire's Knights, all of whom had gathered many years of experience in the battlefield. None of them were fools. Although they had come here, tempted by the evil god's power and the royal family's treasures, all of them were thinking of benefiting from the fights being fought by the other people.

'The Beast God, Night Sovereign, Abyss Knight, Ominous Demon...' When he saw the appearance of the many experts who had gained fame a long time ago, Yue Shan felt astonished as well as regretful that he had gotten involved in this complicated situation.

He looked at Charlot and spoke with great hatred, "What a good place you've brought us to!"

Charlot laughed bitterly and said, "Don't worry, it'll be fine."

He looked at Yue Xianru. The beautiful young lady's countenance had turned pale. Her tender and fair forehead had furrowed creases, and her eyes filled with great terror.

Charlot knew that even without him, everything would still bode ill for Yue Shan's group. However, he still felt a pang of guilt.

Just then, another two streams of light soared up in the square as two more people entered.

As these two people appeared, the Gold Mage King's gaze finally showed some change. He looked at the two of them, "You're finally here?"

The two people, who had just appeared, were wearing platinum-colored long robes. Their long white hair seemed to glitter with a faint white glow, and their red eyes seemed just like embedded rubies which had the waves of a volcano seething in them.

Charlot knew that these were the symbols of the Church's aristocrats-the God's Descendants 1 . In particular, the white glow on their hair and the sparks in the eyes were symbols of pure-blood God's Descendants. It was said that even if they did not go through any cultivation from their birth to their deaths, they would forever maintain their appearances from their younger days.

They claimed to be the descendants that the God of Universal Truth left behind in the mortal world, possessing a half god, half human physique.

Therefore, although these two people looked very young, no one present dared to underestimate their age. It might even be possible that they were over 100 years old.

Out of the two God's Descendants, the taller man, who had combed his golden hair into a ponytail, looked at the Gold Mage King and said calmly, "I'm the Church of Universal Truth's Guardian King, Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes.

"Lowly heretic follower, stop the evil god ritual immediately and I shall grant you a peaceful death."

The Gold Mage King laughed. "You're really as arrogant and foolish as the rumors say. If you're the Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes, then you must be the Darkness' Aberration, right?" The Gold Mage King said as he looked at the other Guardian King.

The other God's Descendant appeared slightly shorter than Death Revelatory Heavenly Eyes. Additionally, he had a thin and weak physique. When he heard the Gold Mage King's words, he lifted his head, looked at the Gold Mage King, and said, "The new generation Gold Mage King? You're as foolish as your predecessor.

"Stop the ritual. Your way of thinking is meaningless. There's no way that you will be able to succeed in your goals. Everything you're doing is a waste of effort."

The expressions of the other experts present kept changing as they heard what these three men were saying. The presence of the Gold Mage King, who was a Mage King level expert and the strongest amongst the Gold Robed faction, was enough to make everyone shudder in fear.

However, the Church of Universal Truth's Guardian King level existences-the Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and the Darkness' Aberration-were like characters from legends and myths. Almost everyone present had grown up listening to their legends. They were miracles, legends, and one of the Church of Universal Truth's signboards.

"Is that so?" The Gold Mage King smiled when he heard this. "Do you guys know Fang Xingjian?"

The Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes frowned. He recalled that someone had reported to them that there was a sword arts genius in the Empire by the name of Fang Xingjian who had wanted to collaborate with them.

They knew him as a genius who had previously received a recommendation by the Holy Orison to participate in the Martial Techniques Grading Plan.

After the Guardian Kings arrived in the Imperial Capital's formation, they had traced their way to this center through the Church of Universal Truth's signs.

However, what the two Guardian Kings did not know was that those signs had been left behind by Charlot on the way so as to guide the two Guardian Kings and get them to arrive earlier.

However, the Gold Mage King's words made Charlot sense that something was not right.

'Wait a minute, based on my memories, all four of the Mage Kings should be here in this center of the formation. Why is it that only the Gold Mage King is here...' Charlot looked at the Gold Mage King who had broke into a strange smile, and an ominous thought appeared in his mind.


Outside of the white jade square, the Black Mage King stood in void space. His mouth opened as he swallowed the lower half of a man's body entirely just like a snake swallowing up a rat.

The man's upper body was still exposed outside. It was a middle-aged man whose face was filled with sword marks.

In their surroundings, large areas of vacuum space and distorted domains revealed the traces of their battle.

As if understanding his defeat and the arrival of his death, the man exuded eerie sword intents, but he still continued using them to communicate with the Black Mage King. "Black Mage King, this is a breach of faith. His Majesty won't forgive you for your sneak attack on me."

"Hehe, Sword Slash of the Secular World, do you think that your King is unaware of this matter?" The Black Mage King looked at the swordsman in his mouth. This person was one of the ten great Divine level experts in the Empire, and he had also been conferred the title of a Prince by Alexander. Then the Black Mage King opened his mouth wide and swallowed the lower body belonging to Sword Slash of the Secular World, leaving behind only his head and neck outside.

Intense distortions and glow flickered in void space, and streams of sword intents slashed onto the Black Mage King's body. However, they only left behind streams of blood traces and could not deal any damage to the Black Mage King at all.

This person, who was the previous Supreme Chief of The School of Sword Arts and one of the top ten Divine level experts in the Empire, was now unable to summon any strength to resist the Black Mage King.