Chapter 781: Looking For Someone

 Chapter 781: Looking For Someone

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Charlot charged on, crossing a river and a forest, until he arrived before a small town in the mountains. This was another small town in the vicinity of the Imperial Capital. Due to its geographical location, it had always been a stopover for the merchants travelling from the south to the north. It was also a place which gathered countless merchandise as many small merchants, who were unable to set up shops in the Imperial Capital, would choose to gather here. Therefore, this place gradually became a market with quite a bit of reputation.

In the recent few days, as the news of the evil god summoning ritual spread wider, more and more Knights started to gather to this small town.

The Church of Universal Truth knew that Alexander and the others had intentionally leaked out this news. It was as if they were certain that the Church of Universal Truth would be unable to send over too much battle prowess, thus they had intentionally lured more Knights to come in case there were insufficient sacrifices.

At the thought of this, the corners of Charlot's lips could not help but curl up into a cold smile.

Upon arriving at the small town, Charlot did not head off to search for the people he was looking for. Instead, he sat down casually at a corner and gazed at the night sky in the direction of the Imperial Capital while letting out a sigh.

Although he had come into contact with the Church of Universal Truth, he still did not have any confidence regarding the battle situation tomorrow.

Shaking his head, Charlot gradually fell into deep sleep. Meanwhile, his mind still filled with the scenes of the fighting and killing between the Krieg royal family, the Mage Association, Fang Xingjian, and the people from the Church of Universal Truth.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out, causing Charlot to wake up in shock.

Charlot opened his eyes and was stunned for a moment. Then his vision cleared up as he looked at the sky in the direction of the Imperial Capital.

Huge purple light pillars soared into the sky, and it was as if the entire sky had become purple. The purple glow was reflected onto the earth, covering everyone and everything with a layer of purple light. It gave off an intensely ominous feeling.

'Has it started?' Charlot pursed his lips. He knew that this was due to the Purple Mage King activating the formation which had merged into one with Alexander's Divine Country. Then they would bring the entire Imperial Capital under their control.

Right now, the Imperial Capital had completely become an independent and abnormal space-time. If one wished to stop the evil god summoning ritual, they would have to dive deep inside and defeat the person who had activated the ritual.

'Then they should be appearing soon.'

As the huge abnormality occurred, the many Knights in the small town formed groups and rushed toward the Imperial Capital.

'I must find a strong group that has the capabilities to reach the center but aren't heretics who are brutal and bloodthirsty. If my memories serve me right...'

Charlot did not follow the crowd but hid at the entrance of the small town, waiting as batches of experts appeared. It was only when one group appeared did his gaze narrowed slightly, 'That's them.'

It was a group of two men and one lady. There was a middle-aged man, a young man, and a young lady.

Charlot could clearly remember the identities of these three people from his memories.

They came from the Eastern Sand Region. The middle-aged man's nme was Yue Shan, and he was the Eastern Sand Region's Deputy Governor and had the nickname Mountain Breaking Single Punch. Right now, his cultivation should be at second transition level 29.

The young man was his disciple, Clyde. He was a second transition level 24 Conferred Knight, a genius from the Eastern Sand Region.

The young lady with red hair, who looked very beautiful, was Yue Shan's daughter. She was Yue Xianru, who had just reached first transition level 19. Having just reached 16 years old, she looked very pure and naive but was filled with youth and vigor. She could be said to be a dream lover for countless young men.

This time around, they had also received news and came rushing over to the Imperial Capital, hoping to try their luck to see if they could have a share of the benefits.

Seeing the three of them leaving the town, Clyde followed after them silently. Thankfully, Yue Shan and Clyde were in no hurry to go on their way and they also had to take into consideration of Yue Xianru's cultivation. Therefore, the three of them did not move very quickly, and Charlot could just manage to keep up with them.

However, after five minutes, Charlot suddenly lost sight of the three of them. Then he felt a pain in his shoulder as Yue Shan grabbed onto it.

Meanwhile, Clyde and Yue Xianru walked out from the forest. Clyde was handsome and Yue Xianru was pretty, and the two of them looked very compatible with each other.

They looked at Charlot with a solemn expression and asked, "Who are you? Why are you following us?"

Charlot had his reply ready, "You're the Eastern Sand Region's Deputy Governor, Yue Shan, right?"

Yue Shan frowned and asked, "You are?"

"I'm Prince Daniel's 1 third son, David," Charlot said.

Prince Daniel was also a member of the royal family, but he was no longer of the same faction with Alexander and the others from two generations ago. Right now, he had no conferred land and was not even a Demigod. He stayed in the Imperial Capital and had become a well-known profligate.

Passing off as his son was an idea Charlot had thought of.

"The evil god summoning ritual has started. If you guys wish to enter, you will have to depend on me since you have no idea of the formation's structure."

Yue Shan's group exchanged a glance. Clyde then frowned and said to Charlot, "How can you prove what you've just said?"

Charlot suddenly punched out with a spiraling sword force, giving off the feeling as if he was going to suck a person's soul.

Seeing this punch, Yue Shan blurted out, "Great Hellish Millstone? It seems that you're really a member of the royal family."

The Ancient Path of Hell's martial arts were superb skills that only members of the Krieg royal family could cultivate. As the Eastern Sand Region's Deputy Governor, Yue Shan had the opportunity to see this Great Hellish Millstone before.

Charlot said, "You believe me now? If you guys can bring me into the Imperial Capital, I can tell you the location of the royal treasury. Right now, the great formation is activated and there are no defenses up around the palace's treasury. It's the best time to enter."

The three of them exchanged glances, communicating between themselves. Then Yue Shan released Charlot and said, "Alright, we'll bring you along with us into the Imperial Capital. However, this time around, there are experts gathered from different places and the Imperial Capital is filled with danger. If you dare to deceive us..."

Seeing the trio's gazes of wariness, Charlot pat on his own chest and said, "Don't worry. I won't lie to you."

The four of them went on their way toward the Imperial Capital. Yue Xianru and Clyde led the way while Charlot and Yue Xianru, who were at the first transition, followed behind them.

Seeing that Charlot was moving increasingly slowly, Yue Xianru could not help but ask, "Can you even be considered as a member of the royal family like this? Isn't your cultivation too weak? Why do I feel that you're not even comparable to me?"

Clyde smirked and said, "Martial Sister, don't be deceived by his title. Prince Daniel's faction is the worst off amongst the royal family. and his son is of no different from ordinary aristocrats."

Charlot smiled awkwardly and thought, 'Although their attitude is a little bad, but at least this group of people wouldn't kill people or attempt to extort confessions.'

A short moment later, the four of them arrived on a major path that was one kilometer away from the Imperial Capital's east gate. From afar, they could see that the entire Imperial Capital was encompassed in a layer of dense light screen, and it was already impossible to see the inside of the Imperial Capital clearly.

Seeing this, Yue Shan said, "How do we go in? I sense that this surge of purple power is extremely dangerous."

Charlot shook his head, indicating that he had no idea.

However, he sighed inwardly and thought, 'This is the formation set up by the Purple Mage King. It allows people to enter but forbids any exits. I'm sorry but I can't tell you this.'