Chapter 780: Contacting to Join Forces

 Chapter 780: Contacting to Join Forces

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The middle-aged man took a look at Charlot and asked, "You're Fang Xingjian's disciple? What proof do you have?"

Charlot had already thought of how to deal with this very early on. He took out the documents and credentials he had brought with him from the Great Western Region and said, "This is the verification that the Great Western Region's Governor issued to me. There's also a stream of sword intent left behind by my Master."

The middle-aged man took a look at him as he took the documents. Then at the next moment, he sensed a surge of sword intent gushing toward him. The extremely sharp sword intent brushed through his entire body, making him feel like his soul was frozen.

He was just a liaising contact the Church kept here. So, although he had the cultivation of a Demigod with two tiers of perfection, his will seemed like it was going to freeze after being grazed by Fang Xingjian's sword intent.

There were not many people in the world who could possess such sword arts and sword intents. At the very least, amongst the Mage Association and the Empire's royal family, such a person did not exist.

Letting out a breath, the middle-aged man said, "What a strong sword intent. As expected of the swordsman who can fight Alexander without being at a disadvantage.

Charlot said, "This should be fine, right? Can you help me contact the Church's Guardian Kings? This time around, the evil god summoning ritual is unlike anything before. If they succeed, it'll be a great threat to the whole world."

"You can call me Ebert," the middle-aged man said. Then he shook his head and continued, "Unfortunately, I'm unable to help you get the Guardian Kings here. The most I can do is to report the situation. As for whether the Guardian Kings want to meet you or not, it's not something I can decide."

Charlot nodded. "Then please report this as soon as possible. The evil god summoning ritual will start latest tomorrow. We don't have anymore time to waste."

Ebert said, "Wait here for a moment. I'll go and report the situation."

Charlot had not expected that this wait would take a whole three hours. He had urged Ebert many times but was still unable to hasten the Church's efficiency in handling the matter.

Three hours later, Ebert returned to the room once again only to sigh and say, "I'd like very much to help you, but the Guardian Kings aren't willing to meet you and your Master."

"What?!" Charlot said angrily, "Did you not explain to them clearly?"

"I'm sorry, I already explained it very clearly." The messages from the upper echelon had been transmitted into Ebert's mind.

'Fang Xingjian? Who is that?'

'A genius of the Empire? A swordsman who can put up a fight against Alexander?'

'Hmph, he's only thinking of using the power of the Church to deal with the royal family. We don't have time to participate in the internal strife of thoses country bumpkins.'

'Just let him deal with the Krieg royal family. The Mage Association will be left to the Guardian Kings. Only the Guardian Kings can deal with Mage King level experts...'

As a member of the Church, Ebert was well aware of just how arrogant the members of the upper echelon were. They did not think that Fang Xingjian would be of any use in the fight at the Mage King level. The entire Empire and the Steel Lion Kingdom were merely like the insignificant countryside to those who took on high ranks in the Church. To them, the Church the center of the world.

Additionally, the great battle which had occurred in the Imperial Capital a few days ago was only known to the few people involved, and news of it had yet to spread.

Therefore, it was not just the members of the Church's upper echelon who thought that Fang Xingjian would be able to go up against the Mage Association's Mage Kings. Even Ebert thought the same way.

Only the Guardian Kings and Saints would be able to deal with the Mage Kings. This was the experience that the Church had managed to obtain after ten millions of years.

However, although they did not think that Fang Xingjian would be able to fight against the Mage Kings, they felt that he should at least be able to hold up the Krieg royal family and reduce the burdens on the Guardian Kings. After all, the current situation in the north was very tricky, and they could only send two Guardian Kings at most. This was already the most they could do.

Thinking this, Ebert looked at Charlot and chose his words carefully, "Charlot, we need your power and your Master's power. We need your help. However, the Guardian Kings are esteem existences in the Church, and unless there is a necessity, they won't easily leave their respective bases.

"However, if the evil god summoning really starts tomorrow, we can join forces with you.

"As long as you can help us to hold back the Krieg royal family, then you can leave the remaining experts from the Mage Association to us."

Saying this, Ebert's eyes emitted an extreme confidence.

It was true that he could feel confident. The Church of Universal Truth was the strongest influence in this world, and even if they were currently having an internal strife, it still did not affect their strength.

Charlot shook his head helplessly. He understood that the Church still had yet to take the matters here seriously. In the eyes of the Church, the world's center was still in the north, and the south was merely where some heretic followers or barbarians were located.

There was nothing Charlot could do to change this deeply rooted perception. However, at the very least, he had gotten into contact with the Church of Universal Truth and could rely on the power of those two Guardian Kings who would be coming to deal with the Mage Association.

At the thought of this, a hint of joy grew in Charlot's heart.

"Alright, since that's the case, we'll leave the Mage Association to you guys when the time comes."

After Ebert sent him back to the town, Charlot started to call out for Fang Xingjian in his mind. However, even after he called out 'Master' many times, he still did not get any reply.

It was only at his last call that he heard Fang Xingjian's weak voice.

"I'm at a critical point of comprehending sword arts. Tomorrow, I'll hide in your consciousness while you deal with things as they come. I'll come out at the crucial moment."


Hearing Fang Xingjian's reply, Charlot quickly kept calling out for Fang Xingjian, but he did not receive any other reply.

Slapping himself on the head, Charlot thought helplessly, 'Is Master engrossed in his sword arts now? Then this means that unless I encounter a life-threatening situation or he has completed his comprehension, he won't be waking up.'

He recalling from his memories how Fang Xingjian had done something similar on a few occasions. Fang Xingjian would always only wake up at the very last moment, but each time he did, his sword arts would also improve tremendously.

Shaking his head, Charlot's eyes gleamed with determination. 'For Master to be entering into such a deep state of comprehension, he must have some kind huge breakthrough in his sword arts again. Unless he receives a warning from his Sudden Inspiration, he won't be waking up.

'This means that unless the two of us or other people who are important to Master encounter danger, Master will continue staying in his current state of comprehending sword arts until he completes it.

'If that's the case, I can only depend on myself.'

At the thought of this, Charlot kept recalling the process of the evil god summoning ritual, which would be happening tomorrow. Unknowingly, he revealed a confident smile.

'Master, since that's the case, I'll personally bring you to the center of the ritual to meet up with the two Guardian Kings. I'll leave the rest to you.'

Thinking of this, Charlot used his memories to head out of the small town. Looking at the number of Knights which had increased greatly as compared to the past few days, he thought, 'As expected, there are more and more Knights as time passes. Alexander and the others aren't thinking of blocking off the news.'

At the thought of how the evil god summoning ritual attracted countless of Knights, Charlot smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Those below the Divine level, or experts below tier three of the Divine level, had no hope of having anything to do with the evil god's clone.

However, greed was a very scary thing. Even though many people did not have the capability, they still came to the Imperial Capital, pushed by their greed. They hoped that they could get lucky and obtain the power of the evil god.

'They are either fools or just too greedy. But if this wasn't the case, I wouldn't have a chance either and would only be able to wake up Master.'

Thinking up to this, Charlot walked out of the town and headed to another town in the northeast.

He remembered there was a group there that managed to enter the center of the ritual at the end.