Chapter 778: Each Making Their Own Preparations

 Chapter 778: Each Making Their Own Preparations

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In the palace, Alexander's entire body had been covered up by layers and layers of Adam's Shroud.

In Adam's Shroud, the power of Alexander's martial will kept on extending out into the microscopic level. They passed by physical particles, nanometers, femtometers, picometers, and gushed out toward the ends of time and space.

Alexander had strived to attain the Divine level before, so he naturally knew of and had come into contact with the microscopic world before. It was just that he had not studied in depth into the microscopic world and did not really understand the connection between the microscopic and macroscopic world.

It was just like how he could go up against gravity without actually knowing of the exchanges between gravitons.

Right now, after receiving the Black Mage King's guidance, his cultivation improved in leaps and bounds, and the countless mysteries of the world were unveiled before him.

'So that's how it is.

'I initially thought that having reached my level of the Divine level, one would pursue the interference between time and space.

'But I haven't made any progress for such a long time. So it's because I'm lacking in my understanding of the microscopic world.

'If I want to understand the principle between space and time, I must understand the microscopic world.

'In the battles between true experts, their powers are all exerted at the microscopic level.'

At the thought of this, Adam's Shroud suddenly shrank together with Alexander as he stepped into a world that had been magnified.

Each physical particle, which he could only scan with his martial will in the past, was now as huge as a mountain range.

'With such a foundation and with the help of Adam's Shroud, I'll definitely be able to reach tier six of the Divine level.'

Alexander's body continued to shrink as Adam's Shroud contracted, and he continued to fly toward the ends of space-time.

At this moment, time and space seemed to have gradually lost their meaning.

'Fang Xingjian, just you wait. I'll give you a great surprise the next time we meet!'


30 kilometers deep under the Empire, countless purple bugs were creeping around.

The smallest of these bugs were the size of cows and the biggest were the size of elephants. They were secreting corrosive viscous liquid continuously. Any rocks which were covered up by the viscous liquid would instantly soften up and become like silt. Then the bugs would gently dig them up with their two horns, using them like shovels to continuously dig and swallow the silt.

Several hundred thousand purple bugs continued to dig passageways underground. There were also bugs the size of human palms that would continue chomping down on the passageways which had been opened with the sharp blades in their mouths, carving densely packed runes into the passageways.

These runes emitted streams of purple glow, revealing extremely mysterious auras.

The Purple Mage King stood in the passageway, almost naked with the exception of a long purple robe. She trod on with light steps as she inspected this massive construction.

Lilia stood behind her and asked, "What are you doing?"

The Purple Mage King smiled and said, "Setting up a formation."

"The formation for the evil god summoning ritual?" Lilia said with a frown. "The power of the evil god is extremely terrifying. Aren't you guys afraid that after the evil god has descended, no one will be able to restrain it? And that all lives would be extinguished and the world will collapse?"

The Purple Mage King smiled and said, "Don't worry. Something like this won't happen. And don't you like Fang Xingjian? This formation can bring you and Fang Xingjian together."

"What?" Lilia was slightly stunned as she looked at the endless passageways and their runes. She fell silent.

"Hahahahaha," the Purple Mage King laughed. "Since Fang Xingjian doesn't have any emotions, let me be the one to bestow him with emotions. The two of you will be a match made in heaven, loving each other for eternity. You'll inherit the teachings of our Purple Robed faction, forever wielding the power of love."


Deep in the mountains to the north of the Central Region, the First Prince stood there stupefied. Currently, he was giving off a dejected aura, no longer exuding his great abilities which could dominate the world as he had done before.

Right now, his cultivation had only recovered to the second transition, level 25. Although he still possessed the understanding of the Divine level realm, as well as the 200 legacies and accumulated resources of the Ancient Path of Hell and the Krieg royal family, he did not dare to use them to recover his powers.

At the thought of Fang Xingjian's elusive sword arts and that unstoppable sword light, a hint of terror shone in the depths of the First Prince's eyes.

Just as the First Prince was waiting, sounds suddenly rang out from the trees nearby. Under the First Prince's astonished gaze, the Fifth Prince walked out slowly.

The Fifth Prince's martial will had been previously weakened to the level of an ordinary person, and even his physical body had been completely destroyed. Right now, he was not even comparable to the First Prince. He had only recovered a level 19's battle prowess, which was a tremendous difference from before.

Seeing the First Prince appeared, the Fifth Prince frowned and said, "Eldest Brother, you seem to be very free. To think that you're out taking a stroll so late at night?"

The First Prince let out a cold snort and said, "Stop putting up an act. You've also been called here by Shang, right?"

Just as the two of them began drawing daggers at each other, True Lord Qingshan slowly appeared. The first thing he did when he saw the two of them was ask, "Do you guys wish to exact revenge onto Fang Xingjian?"

The First Prince's gaze flickered, but he did not say anything. The Fifth Prince, however, quickly said, "Of course. Does True Lord Qingshan have any ways of doing it?"

The corners of True Lord Qingshan's lips curled up slightly. At the next moment, countless chaotic air currents came gushing over. The Duality Minute Formation was activated, wrapping all three of them within it.

"I'll help the two of you regain your cultivation today. Three days later, we'll join forces to kill Fang Xingjian."

As he spoke, many missiles shot out form his palm. Intense light and flames burst out with the appearance of each missile, and streams of invisible powerful force exploded like they could wipe out all life.

Furthermore, the shock waves formed from the flames could almost be a match for the attack of a tier one Divine level expert.

That terrifying destructive force placed both princes on tenterhooks.

They could not help conjuring up the same thought in their minds.

'When has there been such a terrifying weapon in this world?'

As the missiles exploded, the surrounding chaotic air currents surged toward them, absorbing all light and heat.

"Although the two of you have lost all of your powers, you still have the comprehension of the realms. Today, I'll make use of the 3,000 missiles in this relic to help you regain your powers and reach the Divine level once again."

Under the Duality Minute Formation, the many missiles were ground down into pure energy which then gushed out toward the two princes.

"This is...?"

"My power is recovering."

Sensing as an endless amount of power gushed into their bodies and their cultivation kept on increasingly steadily, even heading toward their goals of the Divine level, their faces revealed expressions of surprise.

However, the First Prince soon reacted and said, "Aren't you afraid of attracting Fang Xingjian here by doing this? Moreover, even if we regain our original abilities, we still won't be a match for him."