Chapter 776: Changes

 Chapter 776: Changes

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Systems had always been what extraordinary humans relied on the most.

For an expert like True Lord Qingshan, this was even more so.

This was especially the case as True Lord Qingshan had paid a great price all for the sake for this Fantasy Realm system.

He had even destroyed his own life, his views of the world, his values, outlook on life, and his own personality. For the sake of this Fantasy Realm system, he had destroyed everything he had.

Yet right now, this system was gone. It had been cut off with a gentle slash from Fang Xingjian. How could True Lord Qingshan bear this? He felt as if his heart was dripping blood.

"Fang Xingjian..." Endless fury burned in True Lord Qingshan's eyes like he was going to incinerate the entire world into ashes.

Sensing the killing intent coming from True Lord Qingshan and seeing the streams of chaotic currents flowing in the sky, Grand Duke Alba, who was standing at the side, was on tenterhooks.

"What's wrong, Sir? Has Fang Xingjian escaped?" Grand Duke Alba asked.

"He has, but there's no way that he'll be able to run," True Lord Qingshan said, with what seemed to be a material murderous aura shooting out from his eyes. He gritted his teeth and added, "Even if I have to go up to the heavens or probe into the netherworld, I'll find him. He's doomed. He's definitely doomed."

True Lord Qingshan then turned toward the southwest. "Let's go. Let's head to the Great Western Region. I'm going to kill everyone related to Fang Xingjian."

Grand Duke Alba and Saint Luoluo exchanged glances, not understanding what had happened. This was the first time they had seen True Lord Qingshan this infuriated.

Just then, a female voice rang into True Lord Qingshan's ears, causing the enraged True Lord Qingshan to gradually calm down.

"Keep calm and don't be impatient, True Lord Qingshan. If you wish to kill Fang Xingjian, you'll only be able to do this in the Central Region's Imperial Capital."

A gloomy atmosphere filled up the palace. No one knew what had happened. They only knew that the night had suddenly lit up in light, followed by a gust of chaotic air currents and then a myriad of white light and explosions.

Thereafter, the people in the palace received Alexander's outburst of fury.

Over ten attendants and palace maids were executed by the enraged Alexander, and the entire Imperial Capital went into a state of anxiety. A large number of soldiers patrolled the streets, and gushes of a powerful will were exuded from the top of the palace, sweeping through the entire Imperial Capital. It was Alexander's martial will.

In the palace, Alexander sat on the throne with great dignity, and streams of cold gleams flashed in his eyes.

Not only had Fang Xingjian left, even everyone in the Second Prince's residence had withdrawn.

"Unfilial son, treacherous renegade! All of them are b*stards who don't repay the grace of those who made them who they are today!" Alexander bellowed in a deep voice while suppressing his fury.

He suffered great losses in this battle. Not only had his greatest assistant and closest brother, the Abyss Lord, been killed by Fang Xingjian, Alexander himself had also been dealt with severe injuries. Right now, his conjured physique was filled with all sorts of cracks that were showing no signs of healing.

Whenever he thought of Fang Xingjian's elusive sword arts, Alexander would break out in cold sweat.

To think that even Adam's Shroud, which he had brought out from the imperial ancestral temple, could not do anything against Fang Xingjian. So how could Alexander possibly fight him?

At the thought of this, he looked at the Black Mage King, who was standing before him. The Black Mage King's countenance was not looking good either. Even though the four of them had joined forces and True Lord Qingshan had even used his ultimate killing technique at the end, Fang Xingjian had still been able to kill one of them and injure another before escaping.

The more the Black Mage King thought of this, the more enraged he felt. It had been a very long time since he last took a beating like this.

Alexander spoke up, "Senior Black Mage King, god knows where that Fang traitor cultivated that weird sword arts from. Why is it that no attacks seemed to be effective against him? How on earth did you guys manage to attack him?"

This was the thing which Alexander wanted to find out about the most. The greatest reason why Fang Xingjian had managed to kill one of them and then flee was that the Abyss Lord's and Alexander's attacks were ineffective against him. This turned Alexander into a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, and it was something which he could not put up with at all.

Hearing this, the Black Mage King's eyes narrowed a little. Alexander continued, "Black Mage King, are you still going to hide it? Fang Xingjian's abilities have soared too quickly and the evil god summoning ritual will be conducted very soon. Is this the time to still be holding back?

"If we aren't able to deal with Fang Xingjian by then, all of us will be in great trouble."

The Black Mage King smiled and said, "Your Ancient Path of Hell should also have the relevant legacies. It's just that you didn't learn them well."

"What is it?" Alexander asked anxiously.

"You should have seen them when you were striving for the Divine level. If we continue to zoom into our world, there'll be a microscopic world. Many of the rules in this world are very different from that of the macroscopic world, but they are able to have an impact on the macroscopic world." The Black Mage King said calmly.

While the Black Mage King said these, Alexander would occasionally frown and then smile as all sorts of comprehension started to flow into his mind.


Elsewhere, Fang Xingjian arrived directly at the outskirts of the Imperial Capital and then brought Charlot and the elders from his mother's side of the family all to the Great Western Region. For Fang Xingjian, this was an easy feat.

During the entire process, Charlot's mother's side of the family were greatly terrified and at a loss, while the officials in the Second Prince's faction in the Great Western Region were all pleasantly surprised.

Upon returning to the Great Western Region, Charlot looked at Fang Xingjian nervously and asked, "Teacher, how was it? Are you alright?"

In the memories of Charlot's previous life, Fang Xingjian had failed in the evil god summoning ritual because he had snuck into the palace at night where True Lord Qingshan had then assaulted and dealt him with severe injuries. It had also eventually resulted in Fang Xingjian and Charlot being subject to a series of disadvantageous situations.

Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "It's nothing. Tell me about the process of the evil god summoning ritual that you can remember."

Charlot took a glance at Fang Xingjian a little worriedly. Although he was worried about Fang Xingjian's situation, there was nothing he could do if Fang Xingjian would not say anything. He knew too well just how stubborn his Master was.

He said, "The evil god summoning ritual will be held in the Imperial Capital. Other than Alexander and the Abyss Lord, True Lord Qingshan, the Black, Red, Gold, and Purple Mage Kings will all be hidden in the Imperial Capital as well.

"Two Guardian Kings from the Church of Universal Truth will also come and attempt to stop the activation of the ritual."

At the thought of the existences of the Gold Mage King and the Purple Mage King, Fang Xingjian felt a headache creep up.

The Gold Robed Mages controlled time while the Purple Robed Mages pursued the power of reproduction and numbers. These were both very troublesome abilities. In addition to the other existences, even Fang Xingjian was not completely confident he would be able to handle them.

Fortunately, he had managed to kill the Abyss Lord today, deal Alexander with severe injuries, and cut off True Lord Qingshan's system. This greatly reduced the pressure that he would have to face.

Thinking of True Lord Qingshan's system, Fang Xingjian could not help but take a look at his own Stats Window.

Back in Earth's last parallel world, he had felt that his Knight cultivation system seemed to go through some changes when he cut off and absorbed a system.

This time around, after cutting off and absorbing True Lord Qingshan's system, not only did he receive many strange, secretive, and insane pieces of knowledge, some changes had also appeared on Fang Xingjian's Stats Window.

It was a progress bar. Currently, the number on the progress bar was at 1%.