Chapter 773: Surround and Attack

 Chapter 773: Surround and Attack

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The Thunder Calamity Longsword descended from the skies, and the All-Conquering sword intents brought along violent heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces as they slashed out fiercely toward the Red Mage King.

However, when faced with this sword attack which could slice through everything in this world, the Red Mage King showed neither hesitation nor fear and punched out with a boom .

Amidst the intense tremors seething in space, the Thunder Calamity clashed fiercely with the Red Mage King's fist. However, the Thunder Calamity, which could slash through all things in this world, only slashed through the Red Mage King's fist till it reached his wrist. After that, it became weak.

The Red Mage King's body density was too high, and the amount of energy required to slice through each inch of space would be thousands or ten thousand times stronger than slashing through other Divine level experts.

At another side, the Abyss Longsword brought along endless gravity as it cut across space and pierced through Adam's Shroud, colliding into Alexander's chest like a star.

The Abyss Longsword, which seemed weak like an illusion, caused Alexander to retreat consecutively with this one collision. Kacha kacha shattering sounds emerged from his body, and many cracks appeared on his conjured physique.

The Black Mage King, who was shrouded by myriad sword light, let out an enraged bellow and broke off from the sword light's restrictions. At the next moment, he swelled up like a balloon, seeming to have instantly returned to his appearance from when he was 25 years old. His muscles were like marble, and his aura kept on rising like the sun on the horizon. It changed from sunrise to the sun at noon, giving off a scorching feeling.

In that instant, Fang Xingjian made three consecutive sword attacks. He pushed back the Red Mage King, broke Alexander's conjured physique, and also pressured the Black Mage King so much that he was unable to hold back any further.

However, at the next moment, another three sword attacks came slashing down from the sky.

The Abyss Longsword shot out another electric shot toward Alexander's chest like an elusive ghost, and amidst the raging martial will, Alexander unleashed another explosive force once again with no regard for his injuries. Adam's Shroud instantly wrapped up the entire Abyss Longsword.

However, it was useless and unable to fend off Fang Xingjian's attack even for 0.0001 second. The Abyss once again pierced through Adam's Shroud, through layers of martial will, through the double defense of Overturned Hell and Martial will, and then once again slashed onto Alexander's body.

Another loud bang seemed to ring out in void space and a large piece of Alexander's chest shattered like crushed glass. His face turned pale and he took a step in retreat.

"B*stard! Stop it!"

The Black Mage King let out a furious bellow and grabbed onto the White Bone Short Sword that was launching an attack toward him. However, the sword scattered out like light, and more sword light encompassed his body at the next moment.

Although the Black Mage King's physical body was temporarily stopped, the clone was unstoppable. This clone was like a shadow, passing through the layers of sword intent and struck out a punch onto the Abyss Longsword at light speed, wanting to stop Fang Xingjian from attacking Alexander.

However, regardless of whether it was the Abyss Longsword that transmitted through space or the clone that had zero physical mass, neither of them were able to stop each other. They could only pass through each other as Fang Xingjian's sword attack once again slashed onto Alexander's chest.

A sound that was like the ringing of a large bell once again rang out in void space, and many fragments dropped from the cracks on Alexander's body. With a stifled snort, Alexander's face turned pale white, and he retreated a step once again.


The Red Mage King was also enraged. To think that despite the three of them surrounding and attacking Fang Xingjian, Fang Xingjian was still able to keep on dealing Alexander with serious injuries. How could the Red Mage King-a demon amongst demons and a beast of all beasts-be able to tolerate this? As crimson red martial will burst out from his body, the Red Mage King slapped his palm out a reached for Fang Xingjian's body fiercely.

The Red Mage King no longer cared about Thunder Calamity's attacks, and many sword marks burst out on his body. However, he managed to forcibly fend off the attacks with his highly dense body.

Simultaneously as he grabbed out, the entire world seemed to turn dark.

Great Worldly Seize!

After this, the Red Mage King no longer acted casually by just relying on his physical attributes and had instead started to perform martial arts. Comparing the earlier scene to what he was doing now, it revealed he had a great damaging force that was on a completely different scale.

The Great Worldly Seize made the Red Mage King's palm to be as if the stars had collapsed. It used the high density of the Red Mage King's body as a base to unleash the explosive and unrivalled gravitational force, as if wanting to attract everything in this world into his palm and then crush and shatter them.

From Fang Xingjian's viewpoint, it was like the entire world, including himself, had been grabbed into the Red Mage King's palm. It was as if all the elements, as well as the past and future, were going to be crushed into powder.

Usually, when the Red Mage King performed this move, he would annihilate even a tier one or two Divine level expert. Even their bodies and their conjured physiques would be engulfed, once again increasing his body's density.

Despite this, Fang Xingjian only let out a cold snort when he was faced with this attack, and he allowed this Great Worldly Seize to do its job. He instantly turned into a light spot and was sucked into the Red Mage King's palm.

However, as this light spot shattered, Fang Xingjian once again appeared in his original spot. The Red Mage King's attack had distorted Fang Xingjian, but it had not been able to truly deal any damage to Fang Xingjian while he was in his light form.

Then, under Fang Xingjian's control, the Abyss Sword slashed out its third sword attack.

Looking at the Abyss Longsword descend from the sky, as if entering a State of Solitude which was unstoppable regardless of the means used, Alexander's gaze finally had a hint of terror in them.

Layers and layers of Adam's Shroud wrapped around Alexander, ignoring all sense of time and protecting Alexander entirely. Many prints, words, and diagrams brought along a mysterious hellish aura that continued to twist around on Adam's Shroud.

Even Alexander would find it hard to break through this all-rounded defense.

However, going against the Infiltrating Void Sword that was still being transmitted using space as a medium, Alexander's defense was pierced through like fog, and Alexander was tapped on the chest yet again.

With an explosive bang , Adam's Shroud was sent scattering away, and a big open hole appeared in Alexander's chest. He took three steps in retreat as the cracks on his chest continued to spread toward the other parts of his body.

"Damn you!"

Seeing this scene, the Black Mage King finally exploded.

If the world were to find out that Fang Xingjian still managed to kill Alexander even after the four of them joined forces, then the Black Mage King would not be able to show his face in public in the future.

At the next moment, a black martial will filled up the entire golden palace hall like a flood.

"He has turned into light. Don't used ordinary means. Hit him at the microscopic level."

Hearing the Black Mage King's suggestion, the others finally showed a hint of realization.

Simultaneously, the Black Mage King and his clone had already appeared in front of and behind Fang Xingjian respectively, launching ordinary punches and kicks.

Faced with the Black Mage King's fist and foot, Fang Xingjian finally revealed a surprised expression and tapped out with a finger.

The fist and finger clashed. Then as a kacha sound rang out, a crack appeared on Fang Xingjian's finger.