Chapter 772: Strike

 Chapter 772: Strike

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The corners of the Red Mage King's lips curled up into a brutal smile as he looked at Fang Xingjian with a gaze that was like he was looking at his prey.

He almost instantly appeared before Fang Xingjian, with his elbow knocking into everything like a missile as he went over. Everywhere the Red Mage passed by, the space would feeling as if it was going to collapse. This made Fang Xingjian feel that it was not a person that was charging in his direction but a planet.

At this moment, Fang Xingjian's eyes revealed an astonished expression.

It was because he sensed that the number of physical particles in the Red Mage King's body surpassed the 1.08 billion which ordinary people possessed.

Instead, there were ten quadrillion physical particles unleashing their powers in the Red Mage King's body.

There were almost no gaps in his body, and all the physical particles were densely compact.

Having an overly dense state prevented the Red Mage King from having a conjured physique. This was because there was no space in his body to allow his body's structure to be arranged in special ways. His body's physical particles were compressed together roughly, forming a body density which surpassed that of ordinary people by many times over.

If it was said that Demigods' bodies were porcelain, then Alexander's body would be a rock and the Red Mage King's body would be said to be the most advanced alloy steel.

At the next moment, the Red Mage King's elbow had already pierced through Fang Xingjian's body. A terrifying power was unleashed explosively on his elbow, and the air that had been intensely lashed out at and subjected to strong friction was then turned into an area of fire clouds that went attacking toward Fang Xingjian. It tore through the golden palace hall, soared into the sky, and turned into a pillar of fire.

With his attack missing its target, the Red Mage King looked at Fang Xingjian's body, which was in the state of light, and was slightly stunned.

Fang Xingjian looked at the Red Mage King with a solemn gaze. If it was not because his Light Pursuit sword technique had made further progress and his body could now be converted into endless sword light, the Red Mage King's elbow attack from earlier would have shattered his conjured physique. These Mages were really not to be underestimated.

At the same time the Red Mage King attacked, the other three people present also made their moves. Right now, given Fang Xingjian's reputation and strength, there would be no one who would underestimate him. None of them would think much about concealing their powers as they wanted to suppress Fang Xingjian completely with this attack.

Alexander let out an explosive bellow, and many white silk strips appeared in void space. There were various human body structures drawn on them, and all of the profoundness behind the human body seemed to be concealed within these white silk strips. Next to the pictures of the human body structures, there were many words which belonged to languages that had never been seen before.

The words of these languages emitted surges of sulfuric auras. Even an uncivilized person's first impression would be that these words belonged to the netherworld.

This was especially so when there were streams of red colors on the silk, as if they were blood belonging to some kind of mysterious life form.

This was the Ancient Path of Hell's greatest treasure, an existence that surpassed the Hell's Armor, and their ultimate weapon-Adam's Shroud.

It was said to be the silk that had covered up the Ancient Path of Hell's founder, Adam, when he had first underwent a mock death and hence were stained with Adam's will and blood. Not only did the silk contain all of Ancient Path of Hell's martial arts, but it also had the power of Saint Adam in them. This was a power that was above tier six of the Divine level, one that contained the profoundness of time.

This greatest Divine level weapon belonging to the Ancient Path of Hell had been enshrined in the Empire's imperial ancestral temple, receiving countless restrictive levels of protection. All of these were done so that its power would not flow away.

After all, even Divine level experts would die as well. Saint Adam did not possess eternal life, so naturally the same went for the power which he left behind.

Therefore, Adam's Shroud had always been protected under strict watch, receiving the worship and protection of countless people. This was so as to prevent the power from flowing away, allowing the Krieg descendents to use it during critical times.

This time around, it had been brought out from the imperial ancestral temple, and Alexander had also brought out this best Divine Equipment belonging to the Ancient Path of Hell from the very start.

Almost at the instant Adam's Shroud appeared, it had already pierced through Fang Xingjian's body which was in a state of light.

The attack that Adam's Shroud launched did not require time, and the moment it was activated was the moment it hit its target. If it was not because Fang Xingjian's body was in light form, he would have been dealt with serious injuries by it.

The Abyss Lord also made his move. However, he knew that the difference between him and Fang Xingjian was far too great, so he did not attack Fang Xingjian. With a movement, he appeared outside the golden palace hall. Soon after, the palace hall glowed in a brilliant light as he activated a formation in the palace.

The Krieg royal family had been established for 200 years, and this palace had long been protected by stacking layers of defensive formations. Now that the formation was activated, countless spatial ripples wrapped up the golden palace hall. Not only did it stop the attacks in the golden palace hall, but it also continued to stretch out and distort space. Steams of martial will penetrated through the golden palace hall, wanting to trap Fang Xingjian completely within it.

At the same moment, the world changed, and countless mountains of blades and seas of flames appeared from void space. Alexander had brought the entire palace hall into his Divine Country, and the whole world was seething in his will.

"Hahahaha, Fang Xingjian, you only have your poor luck to blame for choosing to barge in on this day. It's like refusing to take the path to heaven and instead choosing to barge into hell when there are no doors leading to it."

Fang Xingjian had just happened to encounter the four great experts when he came barging in. To Alexander, this was a heaven-sent opportunity.

The entire golden palace hall seemed to have become like an alternate world, having received the double reinforcements from the Divine Country and the palace's formations. Alexander and the Abyss Lord were bent on not letting Fang Xingjian escape.

The Black Mage King also made his move.

This expert, who had stood at the top of the world for over 100 years and had once fought against the Church of Universal Truth, displayed the terrifying power of someone at the Mage King level the moment he attacked.

Appearing behind his back was a purely black figure that bore a resemblance to the Black Mage King but was a lot stronger. It looked like the Black Mage King in his younger days.

The gist of the Black Robed faction's black magic was to continuously engulf the wills and physical bodies of others to strengthen themselves. Then when they had been strengthened to a certain degree, they would be able to condense a clone from the excess power.

Not only would this clone possess 100% of the Black Mage King's power, but it was also be like a shadow with no material substance. It could be used against opponents, but it would not take any damage from the opponents' attacks. This was one of the Black Robed faction's trump techniques.

With a flash, the incorporeal shadow appeared behind Fang Xingjian at light speed and then sent a punch smashing down fiercely toward his back.

The space collapsed wherever the incorporeal shadow passed by, and Fang Xingjian's body turned pitch black as if it had been encompassed by darkness. The power of the Black Mage King's punch could condense the entire Imperial Capital into the size of a fingernail.

However, regardless of whether it was the Red Mage King's extremely compacted body, Adam's Shroud which could neglect time flow and was in Alexander's possession, or the attack launched by the Black Mage King's clone which was like a miniature black hole... None of them could deal Fang Xingjian with serious injuries now that he had taken on a light form.

Right at the moment when the trio's attacks penetrated through Fang Xingjian's body at almost the same time, Fang Xingjian was already holding the Thunder Calamity Longsword and he immediately retaliated.

When Fang Xingjian made his move, he directly displayed his unrivalled sword arts cultivation, causing the three experts present to be greatly shocked.

A burst of electricity shot out from the Thunder Calamity Longsword. Then as the All-Conquering Sword came slashing down with the profoundness of electromagnetic forces contained within it, a sharp sword force that could tear apart any physical structures slashed down onto the Red Mage King's body.

Simultaneously, the Abyss Longsword was activated. Layers of stacking gravitational waves were radiated out, and the Infiltrating Void sword intents penetrated through space. They passed through the defenses of Adam's Shroud and slashed out toward Alexander's head.

The White Bone Short Sword's power was also unleashed explosively. The Light Pursuit sword intents which contained the three levels of profoundness-namely gravity, electromagnetic forces, and strong interaction-turned into a myriad of sword light and encompassed the Black Mage King's body.