Chapter 770: Barge In

 Chapter 770: Barge In

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It was like the parallel world with the Radiant Congress and the Crimson Alliance, which Fang Xingjian had been to in the past.

In the generation that True Lord Qingshan lived in, the Knight system had not been born yet, and all extraordinary humans possessed different systems, receiving all sorts of different extraordinary power.

As for True Lord Qingshan, he was a top notch expert of that time.

His Fantasy Realm system could allow all sorts of things he had heard of or seen from fantasy stories to be turned into actual existences.

The Fantasy Realm system was a huge exchange system, and the resources required for the exchange was True Lord Qingshan's fantasy value.

What was fantasy value? If True Lord Qingshan firmly believed that something from fantasy actually existed, then he would be able to obtain fantasy value.

The stronger, the more unreasonable, and the more illogical the fantastic thing was... If True Lord Qingshan could believe that it was real, then he would be able to obtain a greater fantasy value. The prerequisite was that the thing in question must be something that was fictional and did not actually exist.

However, although this sounded simple, it was actually very hard to accomplish for an ordinary person.

This was because the existence of the fantasy value and the Fantasy Realm, as well as the prerequisites for the fantasy value, had already made it known to True Lord Qingshan that everything in it was fake. They were all presented by the Fantasy Realm system.

Therefore, in order to use the Fantasy Realm system and produce fantastic things, he must believe that all the of fantastic things already existed and were real to begin with. This in itself was a contradictive matter.

True Lord Qingshan had spent ten years on this before he finally understood one principle.

There was only one type of people who used this system without any restrictions-lunatics.

Furthermore, it must be a lunatic who had their own unique view of the world, could come up with self-justifications to ensure there were no gaps in his fake views of the world, and would never be given proof that his views were fake. Otherwise, once his views of the world were breached, there would be the risk of breaking down his views of the world, his values, and outlook on life.

Therefore, True Lord Qingshan spent five years to finally turn himself into the lunatic he had visualized.

He had a set of his own judgements toward everything in life and was almost like a devoted fanatic, believing in his own cognition. This in itself was already a very terrifying side effect.

Therefore, back then, the entire Earth had welcomed an unprecedented end to the world.

It was unknown how many years had passed until the present time during which True Lord Qingshan awakened from void. However, as only a part of his memories were awakened, a large part of the views of the world he had created for himself were absent and not stable enough. This made his chances obtaining of a fantasy value to be extremely slow and few.

It was only during the recent cultivation and seclusion that he managed to regain a large amount of his memories from the ether particles, allowing him to reconstruct his views of the world and thus obtain more and more fantasy value. Although he was far from reaching the peak, he had finally exchanged the Duality Minute Formation.

This formation allowed the power from the microscopic level to affect the macroscopic world. Not only would the effects of the power be able to destroy a Divine level expert's conjured physique, they would also even reach the end of space-time. This meant that the power could be allocated outside the timelines, making it impossible to sense True Lord Qingshan's attacks even when using the Sudden Inspiration. Just this point alone was extremely terrifying.

All the experts who were at tier four Divine level or higher could sense the presence of dangers through their Sudden Inspiration, and the Duality Minute Formation could dodge the Sudden Inspiration's senses to achieve a genuine sneak assault.

It was with this formation and the restraints from Alexander, the Abyss Lord, and the others that True Lord Qingshan had at least a 70% certainty that he would be able to inflict serious injuries onto Fang Xingjian, and at least a 50% certainty that he would be able to kill Fang Xingjian directly.

Looking at the Imperial Capital in the distance, True Lord Qingshan said, "Saiyans are a cancerous existence in the universe. Even if it's at the risk of my life, I'll definitely need to stop this brutal tribe that knows only destruction and annihilation.

"In comparison, the matter between Alexander, the Mage Kings, and the others is merely an internal strife between mankind. It is of no concern to me who amongst them emerges victorious.

"However, mankind must not be destroyed by an external species. Even if Alexander and the others get to reap the benefits and my life is sacrificed, I must kill this guy."

As he spoke, surges of heroic and sacrificial disposition rose in True Lord Qingshan. The depths of his eyes even hid an extreme intensity within them.

Next to him, Grand Duke Alba said, "Sir, the way that Fang Xingjian battles and the martial art he learns seem to be the martial arts of this world. Could it be that he isn't a Saiyan..."

"No," True Lord Qingshan said solemnly, "He is a Saiyan. There is no doubt about it. If we don't kill him, the entire world will welcome its end. It won't just be the Miracle World. Even the entire planet will be destroyed by him.

"The power of a Saiyan isn't something you guys can understand."

True Lord Qingshan's tone was extremely firm. Clearly, he firmly believed that the Saiyans were an actual existence and that Fang Xingjian was one of them.

Hearing Grand Duke Alba's hesitation, True Lord Qingshan turned his head abruptly and said, "You don't believe me?"

Grand Duke Alba immediately lowered his head with respect. "I wouldn't dare."


In another side of the palace, Fang Xingjian had turned into sword light and was strolling slowly inside the spatial gaps.

By exhausting his senses completely, he could sense the existences of danger. However, they were not extreme ones which could deal him serious injuries or even kill him, like the deadly threat he had sensed for the first time during the case with the Panwu Heavenly Raiment..

'Based on what Charlot said, True Lord Qingshan will deal a sneak assault and inflict serious injuries on me. However, I don't sense anything like that from my Sudden Inspiration right now. Is what Charlot said wrong? Or does True Lord Qingshan possess some kind of means that can avoid the Sudden Inspiration senses?'

Ever since Fang Xingjian failed to detect Lilia's traces, he knew that the Sudden Inspiration senses were not omnipotent.

For example, if it was something that was separated from this world, the Sudden Inspiration would not be able to sense it.

'Sudden Inspiration is a sense that is only targeted at the entire universe's timeline. So, things that are out of this timeline can break away from the Sudden Inspiration senses,' Fang Xingjian thought. 'If True Lord Qingshan really has the means to avoid the Sudden Inspiration senses, then I must be careful.'

Thinking of this Fang Xingjian did not plan on wasting anymore time. The four swords came out from void space and flew next to Fang Xingjian.

At almost the same instant the four Divine Swords appeared, the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation was activated. It seemed as if endless power was going to burst out from physical particles and ether particles within an area with a radius of 100,000 meters.

Surges of profoundness belonging to gravity, electromagnetic forces, and interaction filled up this formation. Relying on his comprehension toward the microscopic world, Fang Xingjian hid all of the sword formation's power inside the physical particles, maintaining their original appearances.

Even if one was a Divine level expert, if they did not do a detailed check, they would not be able to sense the existence of a sword formation.

However, Fang Xingjian believed that with the explosive impact from the sword formation, the Divine level experts who possessed Sudden Inspiration would definitely be able to sense the existence of danger.

However, Fang Xingjian had never thought of launching a sneak attack. Instead, he followed the imperceptible senses from the Sudden Inspiration and stepped into the most dangerous spot he could get from the palace.

With a flash, he went through countless walls, formations, atmosphere layers just like a bolt of sword light, and then appeared in the golden palace hall.

As Fang Xingjian appeared, Alexander, the Abyss Lord, the Black Mage King, and the Red Mage King all looked in his direction. Surging martial will, that seemed material, descended from the skies and knocked against Fang Xingjian's sword intent, releasing a series of spatial ripples.

Alexander's gaze was filled with surprise and anger. It seemed as if he had never expected that Fang Xingjian would be so audacious as to dare come here directly.