Chapter 769: Fantasy

 Chapter 769: Fantasy

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The Red Mage King looked eerily toward the throne where Alexander and the Abyss Lord were.

The brutality and cold-bloodedness in his gaze made one feel as the Red Mage King was not looking at the King and the Ancient Path of Hell's Sect Master but a dish on a dining table.

This feeling made Alexander very uncomfortable, but he knew that this was not the time for him to make enemies out of the Mage Kings.

In the vast palace, Alexander's voice rang out, "According to our agreement, the evil god ritual will be starting in another three days' time. How are your preparations?"

The Red Mage King did not reply. He stood there like a wild beast, continuously scanning the two men at the throne with his eyes.

The Black Mage King grinned and said, "Everyone here possesses Sudden Inspiration and can sense it, right? That b*stard Fang Xingjian has already entered the city."

As he looked at the two men on the throne, the Black Mage's gaze flickered, feeling surprised at the Krieg royal family's means. He had initially wanted to treat the Ancient Path of Hell as cannon fodder and use it to deal with that evil god's clone. So, it was unexpected that the other party found strong reinforcements, bringing along many Divine level experts.

Especially that Shang's leader-True Lord Qingshan...

This person was so terrifying that even the Black Mage King felt wary against him.

Alexander's gaze did not change. He just said calmly, "Now that our two groups have joined forces, we're so strong that even the Church of Universal Truth can't take us lightly.

"So, what can that boy, Fang Xingjian, do by himself? Moreover, since everyone has Sudden Inspiration, we're all able to sense that Fang Xingjian is able to bring unknown help to the evil god's summoning."

It was true that the four great Mage Kings-the Black, Red, Gold, and Purple Mage Kings-were all experts at the peaks of tier four or even five Divine level experts. Alexander himself was also a tier five Divine level expert while the Abyss Lord was a tier four Divine level expert. Furthermore, True Lord Qingshan's abilities were deep and unfathomable. Although the people present were uncertain as to how strong he actually was, he was at least a tier five Divine level expert who also possessed many secret arts that had never been heard of before.

With a force like this, even if the Church of Universal Truth were to come and stop them, they would probably not be able to do so unless there were at least five or more Guardian Kings. What could Fang Xingjian possibly do if he were to come?

Right now, the Steel Lion Kingdom in the north dominated over the plains in the north and no longer heeded the biddings of the Church completely. On the other hand, the three Saints in the Church kept on being engaged in internal strife, so how could they possibly send five or more Guardian Kings down to the south?

Both the Black Mage King and Alexander had grabbed onto this timing very accurately and thus dared to set up for an evil god summoning ritual.

Alexander continued, "There's no need to care about Fang Xingjian. What's important now is still to prepare for the evil god ritual. We'll have to make early preparations to deal with the power of the evil god's clone.

"Otherwise, if the evil god were to be allowed to wreak havoc in the world, we'd have caused a great blunder.

"Mage King, now that things are at this stage, shouldn't you also be sharing the information concerning the evil god?"

The Black Mage King nodded silently. In comparison to Fang Xingjian, it was true that the evil god was the real threat here.

Any Mage would understand the terror behind an evil god. It was an existence that could descend across the entire world, lending endless power to everyone and giving everyone unlimited knowledge. An evil god could make any expert prostrate themselves in worship.

The Black Mage King said calmly, "This time around, the evil god's clone that we've chosen to summon is the red evil god's clone."

"Red evil god?" Alexander subconsciously threw a glance toward the Red Mage King and said, "I heard that the red faction black magic is one that continues to modify and change the physical body toward that of the red evil god?"

"That's right," the Black Mage King said. "Amongst the twelve evil gods, other than the red evil god, the other 11 evils gods don't have concrete physical forms and are extremely strange. They even surpass the human imagination, so one is unable to observe, reckon, or even describe them..."

Hearing the Black Mage King's words, Alexander seemed a little unconvinced. He said outright, "Since that's the case, what abilities does this red evil god have?"

"Abilities?" the Black Mage King lowered his head and sighed, saying, "Extremely fast...

"Extremely strong..."


While the Black Mage King and Alexander were discussing about the evil god's clone, two men and one lady were quietly standing in the shadows outside the Imperial Capital.

These three people were the greatest leaders in Shang. There was Grand Duke Alba, the top scholar from the Jade Dynasty 5,000 years ago...

Church of Universal Truth's Saint Luoluo from 3,000 years ago...

And True Lord Qingshan, an expert who had come from an unknown time and had lived in the time from before the first onslaught.

Almost at the first instant that True Lord Qingshan came out from his seclusion, he had rushed over to the Imperial Capital and waited here quietly for two days and two nights.

The two days and two nights had passed by very quickly, and even Saint Luoluo asked a little puzzledly, "Sir, what are we waiting here for?"

"For Fang Xingjian." True Lord Qingshan opened his eyes, and one seemed to be able to see endless pieces of data and formulas flowing in them. "This time around, I must kill this person."

Grand Duke Alexander said, "A month ago, Fang Xingjian was already able to reach a draw in the fight against Alexander. Given his talent, he has probably progressed tremendously over the past one month.

"Based on the intelligence from our subordinates, the people from the black and red factions have already entered the city. Right now, it's likely that there are one or two Mage King level experts as well as Alexander and the Abyss Lord.

"Sir, if both you and Fang Xingjian were to suffer from serious casualties, others might make use of this opportunity..."

True Lord Qingshan waved his hand and stopped Grand Duke Alba from continuing.

He lifted his hand and looked from where they were. The Imperial Capital had become shrouded in a surge of chaotic air currents.

Clear and murky, up and down, left and right, bright and dark... Two gush of air currents spun around and about in the sky above the Imperial Capital. That terrifying power seemed to already have encompassed the entire world.

Grand Duke Alba, who was a tier four Divine level expert, felt as insignificant as an ant at the sight of this scene.

Even with his wisdom as the top scholar of the Jade Dynasty that had unified the world 5,000 years ago, he was unable to recognize what this formation was.

True Lord Qingshan said confidently, "Are you able to recognize this formation?"

"This... What formation is this?"

True Lord Qingshan said, "This is the Duality Minute Formation. It can do as much as cover up the skies and the sun, or even hide a great presence into the smallest state. The reason I went into seclusion this time around was so that I could cultivate this Duality Minute Formation. Additionally, I've been standing here for two days and two nights so that I can use my unrivalled will to set it up.

"Once this formation is set up, it'll be hidden in the ends of space-time and will be extremely minute. It'll be hard even for Divine level experts to detect it.

"And once it is activated, it'll use the two chaotic currents to annihilate everything. Even a tier five Divine level expert will be disintegrated."

This meant that even if True Lord Qingshan were to reveal his formation right now, only Alba and Luoluo would be able to see it since he was willing to show it to them.

This was a formation that took effect in the microscopic world and reflected onto the macroscopic world through the changes to microphysics.

Within the cube dimension which contained the Imperial Capital, all sorts of microphysics changes were within the control of a single thought from True Lord Qingshan.

Sensing the mysteries and the power contained in this formation, Grand Duke Alba's gaze revealed great astonishment. He kept on scanning the mysteries of it with his martial will, only to grow increasingly more astonished.

"Sir, is this a formation from the ancient times... from before the first onslaught occurred?"

True Lord Qingshan smiled slightly and did not reply. Instead, he looked at his Stats Window. It was a system called Fantasy Realm.