Chapter 766: Future

 Chapter 766: Future

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Charlot explained, "This person was sent here by Alexander a month ago, which was when many unfamiliar experts suddenly appeared in the palace. They were despatched to various positions. One of these experts was sent to each of the Princes.

"Although this evil servant, Morudo, is a steward in name, he is in fact keeping watch on me. Not only does he bully me for my young age, he also misappropriates my assets and places me under house arrest. Fortunately, I sent a trusted aide to the Great Western Region to request for help. Otherwise, I'll probably end up being reared like a pig in the Imperial Capital for life."

Saying this, a hint of viciousness flashed in Charlot's eyes. "It's only later that I'll get to know that these experts who suddenly appeared come from an organization called Shang. This organization has many experts and even countless Divine level experts as well. All of them are well-known experts in the course of history. Their leader, True Lord Qingshan, is even more unfathomable. He will be Master's strongest foe in the future.

"Before I was reborn, he had already killed the Great Western Region's Head of Department James and the Governor, as well as Wang Xiaoyan and Fang Qian. He had also snatched the results of many of your research studies. When he joined hands with the Church of Universal Truth's Saint to attack you, he even snatched away one of your longswords which is a Divine Remains Equipment.

"Therefore, Master, you mustn't underestimate them."

Hearing the mention of 'Shang', Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed slightly. This result matched with his inference from his Sudden Inspiration, thus he trusted Charlot's words a little more. As for the information about Shang...

"Call Morudo in here. I'll take care of him and also take this opportunity to verify what you've just said."

Charlot's eyes lit up, unable to hold back his anticipation. He had long wanted to teach Morudo a lesson but he was currently merely a first transition level 19 Knight. Charlot did not have the capability to deal with Morudo.

A short moment later, Morudo, dressed in golden armor, headed over to the study. His expression was cold and indifferent. He seemed to have some dissatisfaction toward True Lord Qingshan's arrangements.

Morudo was a tier three Divine level expert, the master of the Dark Shadow Country from 3,000 years ago. He was a great expert with the reputation of being the king of the ocean, king of the sky, and king of the earth. Yet he had been sent to keep watch over a brat. Of course, he would not be able to accept this.

He would not even pay any heed to Charlot's father who was the Second Prince, let alone Charlot himself.

In his opinion, amongst those in the Krieg royal family, only King Alexander and the Abyss Lord were considered significant characters. However, both of them had already given up on the Second Prince's faction. Thus, Morudo did not view them in high regard either.

However, True Lord Qingshan's prestige in Shang was growing increasingly, and even Morudo would not dare to go against his words.

'Hmph, after the True Lord and the others join hands to wipe out that Fang Xingjian, there'll be nothing stopping us. By then, with Shang's potential, we'll be able to be a match for the Mage Association and the Church of Universal Truth once we start to develop.'

At the thought of these far-reaching and promising prospects, Morudo's breathing grew increasingly faster.

A short moment later, Morudo pushed opened the door directly without bothering to announce his arrival, stepping into Charlot's study. He impudently scanned through the study briefly before looking at Charlot, who was behind the desk, and asked, "What instructions does Young Master have for me?"

Seeing Morudo unrestrained actions, Charlot was enraged, and he said coldly, "You evil servant! You see me as being young and ignorant and thus bully me, disrupting my cultivation. Now, you're even preventing me from participating in the royal family's monthly competition. Are you aware of your crimes?"

Morudo looked straight at Charlot without any care and said, "Young Master must be kidding. Young Master lacks cultivation talent and has even been injured by Prince Krol. I only stopped Young Master from participating in the monthly competition because Young Master's injuries must be taken care of."

Hearing Morudo's words, Charlot was so angry that he started laughing. "Alright, then what if I insist on participating?"

Morudo's tone was icy-cold as he said, "Young Master's injuries are too severe. I won't let Young Master participate in the competition. Young Master is better off recuperating in the residence during the days to follow."

Charlot laughed out loud as his eyes filled with killing intent. "Morudo, turn and use your snobbish eyes to see who that is."

Morudo was a little surprised. He had not sensed that there was someone behind him.

Just then, Fang Xingjian, who had been hiding at the side and watching the show, finally walked out. Morudo's earlier reaction had not been much different from what Charlot had said it would be.

Then before Morudo moved, Fang Xingjian had already slapped his palm down on Morudo.

Seeing Fang Xingjian's sudden appearance, Morudo's countenance turned very pale. "Fang Xingjian! Why have you come here?!"

He recognized Fang Xingjian, of course. After all, he knew about Fang Xingjian and knew what a terrifying existence he was.

Fang Xingjian said calmly, "You're from Shang?"

At the first instance Morudo saw Fang Xingjian, he unleashed his full powers, not to attack but to escape. Under True Lord Qingshan's advocacy, he knew well just how terrifying Fang Xingjian was. He also knew that Fang Xingjian was definitely not an existence he was a match for. Therefore, he chose to escape at the very first instance.

Brilliant golden light burst out from his body, and an intense martial will exploded out violently. However, Fang Xingjian's palm was like the weight of an entire world as it pressed down on Morudo's shoulder. No matter how Morudo tried to send his full powers exploding out, he was still unable to budge an inch.

Fang Xingjian then tapped on Morudo's forehead, and the latter fell down onto the ground like a three-year-old baby. Morudo's martial will shattered completely, and he was unable to fight back at all.

Morudo looked at Fang Xingjian with a ghastly countenance like he had just seen a ghost. "How is this possible? Even Alexander can forget about defeating me in a single move like this. How on earth did you do it?"

Fang Xingjian said calmly, "A month ago, I fought against Alexander, and we ended up in a draw. However, I've now reached tier four of the Divine level and defeating him will be an easy feat.

"Tell me, how many people does Shang have in the Imperial Capital now? Where is True Lord Qingshan?"

Fang Xingjian had finally gotten hold of someone from Shang, so how could he possibly let go of this person so easily or kill him? This was also a good opportunity for Fang Xingjian to verify the information Charlot had given him.

Morudo's expression darkened, and he gave it some thought. Thinking that what Fang Xingjian's asked for were not secrets, Morudo finally said after a good while, "Currently, Shang has a total of 52 people left in the Imperial Capital. Eight of us are Divine level experts, and the strongest of us are myself and another person. We're both at tier three of the Divine level. As for where True Lord Qingshan is, I have no idea either."

"There are actually eight Divine level experts?" Hearing Morudo's words made even Fang Xingjian surprised. Shang's abilities were truly shocking. These eight people were of no threat to him. However, if they were used in some other places, they would be able to kick up a storm and cause great damage.

However, where had this many Divine level experts come from? Fang Xingjian knew too well how difficult it was for Divine level experts to level up. Even in this generation with the world's metamorphosis, there were merely several tens of Divine level experts across the world.

Despite there being so many people under Fang Xingjian who had been given the nine levels of the mystical prints, none of them had been able to rise up to the Divine level.

If things really were as Charlot said, then these people were the experts from past generations and dynasties.