Chapter 762: Love

 Chapter 762: Love

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Three hours later, the white bone short sword, which had been channeled with Light Pursuit sword intents, soared abruptly into the sky. In that instant, a sword light flashed, splitting into a myriad of swords. It was a resplendent sight as they soared up into the sky.

At the next moment, Abyss, Thunder Calamity, and another white bone short sword also soared into the sky. The four Divine Swords reflected each other's brilliance, and the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation instantly encompassed an area within a radius of 10,000 meters.

Streams of profoundness behind gravity, electromagnetic forces, and strong interaction forces passed though the place. The sword lights moved with great ease between the microscopic and macroscopic level, emitting streams of extremely mysterious and amazing prowess.

With this, Fang Xingjian's sword arts improved once again. The prowess of his Celestial Eradication Sword Technique also surpassed its limits once again, reaching yet another new height.

As he withdrew his sword formation, Fang Xingjian's gaze once again shone with layers of killing intent.

'The next thing to do is to look for Lilia.'

At the thought of this, Fang Xingjian closed his eyes. Then gradually, an empty and pure feeling slowly headed toward his heart as he went all out to activate the senses of his Sudden Inspiration.

Previously, he had relied on the Sudden Inspiration from the tenth level of the mystical prints. Although Fang Xingjian had used that to search with the best of his abilities, he was still unable to find any traces of Lilia at all.

This time around, other than the sensing ability he gained from the tenth level of the mystical prints, there was also a profound flow of the past, present, and future in Fang Xingjian's heart. The events in the past flashed before Fang Xingjian one after another like forming a long river of time that was flowing toward an unknown direction.

A short moment later, Fang Xingjian opened his eyes with an intense killing intent being emitted from them.

'Not around?'

In the past, when Fang Xingjian only had the tenth level of the mystical prints, he had been unable to sense Lilia's presence at all.

Now, with his own cultivation factored in, Fang Xingjian was still unable to sense Lilia's location. However, he sensed another piece of information-Lilia was no longer in this universe.

'The Sudden Inspiration has its limits too...' Fang Xingjian then thought of that majestic, endless, and vast timeline he had seen previously.

'The Sudden Inspiration's senses can only sense the timeline I'm in.

'Lilia is no longer in this timeline... Therefore, my Sudden Inspiration is unable to sense her existence.'

At the thought of this, Fang Xingjian's brows furrowed tightly.

He had not expected that the Purple Robed Mages would have the means to leave this timeline and arrive in some other parallel world. If this was the case, it would be very hard to locate Lilia.

However, he had previously heard that the Purple Robed Mages were also going to participate in the ritual to summon the evil god. It might be the best opportunity to find Lilia.


The sky was dark.

In a dilapidated modern city...

Purple-colored fungal growth covered the entire place and in a short while, a a swarm of bugs flew past in the sky.

In the center of the city, there was a tall building with over 100 floors. The entire building was encompassed in a purple mucous fluid. There would occasionally be bugs the size of tigers crawling in and out of the building's surface. It was as if the entire building had turned into a nest for bugs.

At the highest floor of the bugs' nest, a young lady dressed in white was seated on the ground. There were many huge translucent spheres before her, and there was a naked man in each of these spheres. The spheres seemed as if they had grown out from the purple fungal growth like growing on fruit trees.

The men had muscular bodies and handsome appearances, and they emitted powerful waves. They were all existences of great talent.

Behind the white-clothed lady, a young lady dressed in purple robes squatted down slowly. She gradually reached out her hands and hugged the white-clothed lady.

The purple-robed young lady's stuck out her scarlet tongue and licked the white-clothed young lady's earlobes. Seeing that the latter could not help but shiver a little, the purple-robed young lady said softly, "What's wrong, Lilia? You don't like any of these men?"

The person at the top of the bugs' nest was the abducted Lilia. Right now, she had no makeup on her, and she appeared to have slimmed down. Her gaze was lifeless and emotionless.

On the other hand, the young lady, who had appeared behind Lilia, gave off a feeling of perfection. The size of her eyes and nose, the positioning of her mouth, and even her hands, legs, bust size, and waist size gave off an inhuman sense of perfection. It was to the extent that any little bit more or less would not be as good.

The lady was wearing a long robe, and her eyes emitted a faint purple glow. She gave off a feeling of endless mystery.

Hearing the purple-robed young lady's question, Lilia's expression was icy cold, and her gaze became increasingly cold.

"I don't like them."

The purple-robed young lady's tongue licked Lilia's face as she sighed and said, "Lilia, I gave you supreme authority, unlimited wishes and wealth, and endless men for your choosing. What else do you want?"

As she said this, her gaze swept past the men who were encased in the translucent spheres. She then said, "Aren't they good? I've put in great effort to make adjustments to their appearances, figures, and talent. They can fulfill all kinds of preferences in all areas."

Lilia said indifferently, "I don't like them."


With another sigh, the purple-robed young lady turned into a wisp of fog and moved from behind Lilia to in front of her. Her face was now right before Lilia's. Their noses were right in front of each other, and her eyes were looking straight into Lilia's.

With an explosive bang, all the spheres immediately broke down, turning into a pool of blood together with the men inside. They were then gradually absorbed back into the purple fungal growth.

"Then tell me... what on earth do you like?"

The purple-robed young lady's palm gently brushed past Lilia's cheek like she was stroking a precious piece of porcelain.

Lilia looked at her, not saying a word.

The purple-robed young lady hugged Lilia's head as if she was holding a treasure. She sighed and said, "Purple faction black magic represents the multiplying to an extreme amount, or... love.

"Multiplying to an extreme is the power of love. As long as there's love... one can change any time and location, as well as the future of any two living creatures.

"And I'm also the only Mage King amongst the many generations of Purple Mage Kings who is in control of love."

As she said this, she gave off an extremely sad atmosphere. The grief in her eyes seemed as if it was going to bring the entire world into the deep abyss. Even Lilia could not help but be affected by the sight of this scene.

The entire city suddenly tremored with the Purple Mage King's grief. Countless bugs broke out from the ground and unleashed sad cries as they looked toward the sky. A myriad of bug species emitted various cries, and the grief and agony in their cries made the entire world seem as if it had become a ghost city.

The Purple Mage King continue to speak with a sorrowful look, "You have the potential to inherit my power. Regardless of what it is, I'll definitely let you find the thing that you like." As she said this, a purple glow flashed in her eyes.

Looking at that purple glow, Lilia could not hold it in and said, "I..."

The Purple Mage King lifted Lilia's chin and looked at her in great anticipation, saying, "Go on..."

"I..." A hint of haziness flashed in Lilia's eyes. "I want...

"Fang Xingjian..."

"As you wish... my child..."