Chapter 761: Return

 Chapter 761: Return

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There was still many mysteries of the Light Pursuit Sword that he could study, but Fang Xingjian did not continue. He had been in this parallel world for close to a month. It had been too long.

With a flash, Fang Xingjian left his current location. Currently, his body had turned into sword light, fully relying on zero mass mediums to transmit energy and information. It allowed him to turn his physical body into light and then move at light speed.

This movement was more powerful than a tier two Divine level's expert ability to move at akin to light speed. It was because he did not need to regenerate his physical body and thus now had one less weakness while regenerating.

As Fang Xingjian's physical body turned into a sword light, he managed to pass through the omnipresent martial will that had been crushing him earlier. It no longer had any effect on him.

In the blink of an eye, he returned to the front of the moon's surface. The manual for the sword technique that he had carved out was still fully intact. Clearly, the people on Earth were wary of Fang Xingjian's prowess and did not think of destroying this place.

Concurrently, Fang Xingjian once again turned his gaze toward the Earth.


Right now, on Earth, a great tempest had risen up in the mortal world due to the sword technique carved on the moon. There was a great sense of chaos.

Countless people started to observe the moon and take records of the sword technique. After that, they started cultivating it.

More and more people started to believe in the existence of superpowers, and more and more extraordinary humans appeared in public, no longer hiding their abilities.

Although most governments were still doing their best to conceal the existence of superpowers, it was clearly futile. After all, no matter how hard they tried to hide, there was no way they could hide the moon that was hanging up high above in the sky. As long as the moon was still around, there was no turning back for the world.

However, it would still take time for ordinary people to achieve success in their cultivation. In comparison, at least for the short term, Fang Xingjian's Reincarnation Sword brought about a greater change to the extraordinary humans.

Almost on the first day of their cultivation, countless extraordinary humans experienced a change to their bodies and systems. The more they cultivated, the more physical particles there were in their bodies. The changes to their powers and systems were overwhelming.

Almost all the extraordinary humans started to gradually get closer to the Knight system. It could be foreseen that as more and more people cultivated, the entire Earth would gradually become similar to Miracle World.

As for the Crimson Alliance and Radiant Congress, they put in all their efforts to recruit extraordinary humans, trying to get more and more of the under their management in order to prevent accidents from happening.

Of course, due to Fang Xingjian's existence, there might be many extraordinary humans who would join the Douglas family instead, causing the Douglas family to become an organization of extraordinary humans that was only second to the Crimson Alliance and the Radiant Congress.

However, Fang Xingjian could no longer be bothered with these things. This world's future could not be dependent on him and could only be dependent on itself.

As the world's futuristic and historical trends started to change, Fang Xingjian also gradually felt the summoning from the Miracle World.

This represented that this world would also slowly develop toward the direction of Miracle World. Two worlds from different timelines would get closer and closer to each other, until they arrived at the same destination in the end upon the universe's demise.

At the next moment, a powerful attracting force arrived. It was the summoning from Miracle World's Nine-Tiered Heavens.

A light flashed, and Fang Xingjian disappeared completely, leaving this parallel world.

On this return trip, Fang Xingjian seemed to be able to see two rivers that were originally moving in two different directions. Due to his actions, one of the rivers diverted, and a small stream flowed toward the direction of the other river.

He followed the flow of the small stream and returned to Miracle World.

'Is this the change of timelines?'

It was an extremely majestic and magnificent scene. Amidst the surging currents of the great river, Fang Xingjian seemed to be able to see all the changes happening to the entire world.

With each instant, at each section of the river, he seemed to be able to see all the information and energies in the entire world.

They came flowing from places of different distances, crossing void space, and then flowing into an unknown distance.

No matter if it was Fang Xingjian, Miracle World, the entire planet, or the entire solar system... Before the river of time, everything else appeared extremely small and insignificant.

A hint of comprehension suddenly appeared in Fang Xingjian's mind. Going from one end to each and every intersection, the flow of this river of time might measure to be the size of the entire universe.

This was the entire universe's history, forming the long river of time that was before him.

Fang Xingjian could feel his body floating on above the river of time. The profoundness of the past, present, and future flowed in his heart, and countless pieces of knowledge seemed to gush into his mind, giving him an indescribable comprehension.

This was a feeling that Fang Xingjian was extremely familiar with. It was the feeling of Sudden Inspiration.

At this moment, Fang Xingjian had finally reached tier four of the Divine level, possessing the real Sudden Inspiration ability.

When Fang Xingjian regained his senses, he had already returned to the skies of Miracle World, and the third tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens had disappeared.

Fang Xingjian looked toward his Stats Window. The attributes on it had become:


Name: Fang Xingjian

Age: 19

Occupation: Eternal Sword Seigneur

Level: 33

Strength: 726

Agility: 724

Reaction: 629

Endurance: 610

Flexibility: 609

Martial Will: 2,000

Skills / Techniques: Sword Prowess, Sword Force, Level 50 Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, Level 50 Celestial Eradication Four Swords.


Stepping into level 33, his attributes had also undergone a transformation, and he could be said to have gotten a lot stronger.

'It's a pity that the time was too rushed, and I was unable to stay longer to understand the process of the system's evolution.'

Fang Xingjian sighed lightly. He felt that if he could make sense of the Knight system's actual profoundness, he would definitely be able to gain unimaginable gains.

'But it's also good to return to Miracle World. Everyone here has the Knight system, so it's great for me to conduct experiments.'

Fang Xingjian gave it some thought for a while and returned to the Great Western Region Regional Academy. He then got back his Abyss and Thunder Calamity longswords. This would allow him to once again activate the full powers of the Celestial Eradication Sword Formation, especially since he had made new improvements to his Light Pursuit Sword.

Drawing out a white bone short sword, he channeled Infiltrating Void sword intents into it.

Fang Xingjian could sense that as the sword intents were channeled in, his Celestial Eradication Sword Formation underwent changes as it integrated with strong interaction forces. The effects began at the microscopic level, and the formation's uses and prowess increased once again.

'After completing the new sword formation, I'll perform Sudden Inspiration and search for Lilia's location.'

Fang Xingjian had not forgotten the reason why he had strived for tier four of the Divine level.

He had been unable to locate Lilia using the Sudden Inspiration ability he had gotten from tenth level of the mystical prints. Therefore, he had planned to comprehend the Sudden Inspiration ability so that he could search for Lilia's traces.

Lilia had been taken away by the Purple Robed Mages on the claim that they wanted to take her in as their disciple, and it sounded as if they were not going to harm her.

However, they were from the Mage Association after all. How could Fang Xingjian tolerate their action of seizing Lilia so simply?