Chapter 759: Writing

 Chapter 759: Writing

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A tier one Divine level expert could separate a part of their martial will and attach it into another person's body, thus existing as a clone.

So, when someone was a tier three Divine level expert like Fang Xingjian, an existence where the will and body had merged into one, they would be able to separate a portion of their martial will directly, turning into an actual clone that could be controlled remotely.

Previously, the one assuming command in the Beverly Hill's manor was Fang Xingjian's clone. As for his physical body, it had arrived on the moon a long time ago, and he had carved this set of Reincarnation Sword onto the moon.

Densely packed Chinese characters were carved on the moon's surface, and almost all humans noticed the abnormality when they looked toward the moon. If they were to look at it with a telescope, they would be able to read the content of the writings.

During this period of time, Fang Xingjian's television show had been disseminated out. Although ABC had made a clarification, everyone still thought that it was a trailer to a television drama.

However, due to the original debate as well as the realistic scene, the show still spread out across the world. It came a well-known piece of news on the internet.

With these as a base, a commotion seethed through the entire human society when a certain piece of information was disseminated on the internet.

"Did you hear?"

"Fang Xingjian's superpowers are real! He carved the cultivation method onto the moon's surface."

"How is that possible?"

"Go take a look if you don't believe it."

Similar conversations continued to break out on the internet. In the beginning, it broke out in Americas, whose people had first landed on the moon. Not long after the mysterious change occurred to the moon, the entire Americas started to break out in commotion.

Although the content was carved out in Chinese, there were many people in Americas who knew the Chinese language. Very soon, someone had translated the content carved onto the moon into English.

"I'm Fang Xingjian. This is a set of sword technique that I'm leaving behind for mankind..."

Just this first line alone was sufficient to transform mankind's future.

Countless posts on forums, Twitter and Facebook broke out. In almost just one night, everyone's conversation topic revolved around the moon's mysterious change.

This time around, the debates on the internet were all partial toward Fang Xingjian.

"Superpowers are real! His cultivation method has been carved on the moon!"

"Id*ot, how is it possible that there are superpowers? This must be a conspiracy."

"Then how do explain the words on the moon? Are you saying that they are fake as well?"

"They must have been carved by the people from NASA. They reached the moon a long time ago."

"Id*ot. In order for us to be able to see every single word, each word is larger than a field. You think that NASA would be able to carve them out within a day?"

In the beginning, there were still people who were led on by the government's hired internet ghostwriters into thinking that superpowers did not exist. However, very soon, with the moon's state placed before them, the internet ghostwriters were pushed back repeatedly, and no one believed them at all.

One could imagine how, as the as the moon continued to hang up high in the sky, more and more people would attempt to cultivate the Reincarnation Sword.

Moreover, as the words carved on the moon was in Chinese, it could be foreseen that more and more people would start to learn the Chinese language in order to gain a deeper understanding and comprehension of the sword technique's content. The Chinese language could become the most popular language on this planet.


Outside the hall, the Dark Knight looked at the moon in the sky and sighed, saying, "You've brought on a disaster."

"Disaster?" The Fang Xingjian on the moon appeared on its back and said, "This will be a revolution."

A huge Chinese character had been carved on the back of the moon, and it was now projected before Fang Xingjian. It almost filled up the entire back of the moon. If the moon were to revolve, everyone would see the word, 'Left', that had been carved on it.

"Who... did this?" Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed. His clone outside the hall asked the Dark Knight directly, "Do you guys know about the writing on the back of the moon?"

With Earth's technology and extraordinary powers, they should definitely know of the writing that had appeared on the back of the moon.

The Dark Knight threw a glance at him and said, "We do."

That single written word was an existence they had discovered almost right upon the United States' arrival on the moon in the previous century. Thereafter, countless countries had spent a tremendous amount of manpower and resources to study the mystery behind it. However, they had not been able to find out anything at all.

It was because... be it robots, astronauts, or even powerful extraordinary humans like Caesar, they were all unable to get close to that writing. All reconnaissance means proved to be completely ineffective as well. It seemed as if the writing had formed naturally, and there were no traces which showed that it was artificial.

However, how could this have been formed naturally?

Although they had not managed to find out the reason behind it, many people felt this could be a mark which one of the earliest extraordinary humans had left behind.

Hearing the Dark Knight's reply, Fang Xingjian walked toward the supernatural relic, the giant word, before him.

When he was 500 meters away, Fang Xingjian could already see a towering mountain with a height of several hundred meters standing before him. It was the protruding portion that had formed the writing.

However, from this moment onward, Fang Xingjian realized that with each step he took forward, he could sense an intense resistance coming from the air.

It was as like the sensation ordinary people would feel as they continued to venture deeper into the oceanic trenches. The increasing resistance continued to press down on his body, stopping his each and every move.

"This is...?

"What a powerful martial will."

Fang Xingjian's countenance changed. He had not expected to be able to encounter the power of martial wills even upon arrival in this Earth's parallel world. Would this not mean that there were also cultivators like Knights in this world in the past?

Sensing the increasingly powerful resistance coming from all directions, Fang Xingjian let out a cold snort and his All-Conquering sword intents gushed out. Mixed with the profoundness of electromagnetic forces, they slashed through the resistance, and Fang Xingjian dashed forward like he had entered a State of Solitude. In the blink of an eye, he broke through layers of barriers and appeared 100 meters before the writing.

However, the closer he got, the increase in the resistance grew even greater. When he was 100 meters away from the writing, Fang Xingjian felt resistance coming in from all directions, and the power was comparable to a tier three or even tier four Divine level expert.

Sensing that his advancement was getting increasingly difficult, Fang Xingjian's brows raised up. The sword light burst out from his eyes as All-Conquering sword intents slashed through the air. The void space showed silhouettes that looked like a rag being cut up into pieces. Fang Xingjian took this opportunity to charge forward and once again moved forward for 200 meters.

Having broken through a 200-meter distance, all the resistance in the air around him suddenly disappeared.

'I wonder how long this writing has existed for. To think that it could still retain such a powerful force? What was the cultivation level of the person who left behind this writing in the past?'

Fang Xingjian was extremely surprised. He was even more curious about the identity of the one who left behind this writing.

'Could it be the person had filled this world with ether particles?'

According to Fang Xingjian's inference, there should also not have been ether particles on this Earth in the past. There should not have been any extraordinary powers.

It should have been some expert who came to this parallel world and filled it up with ether particles when they were trying to strive to clear the Nine-Tiered Heavens.

Additionally, that person should be a similar existence to Fang Xingjian. Coming from another parallel world, they should be a person who cultivated the Knight path in the modern setting.

'But based on this world's historical records, the United States had already landed on the moon and discovered this writing before ether particles appeared...'

As these thoughts ran through Fang Xingjian's mind, he flew to the center of the writing. Sensing with his Sudden Inspiration, he landed on the ground, on the center of the word.

Before Fang Xingjian, there was a human figure sitting cross-legged on the ground with his back facing him.