Chapter 758: Known By All

 Chapter 758: Known By All

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The United States Pacific Fleet was one of the few trumps that the United States had.

Only god knew how many trillions of dollars the United States had invested into the Pacific Fleet from the time it was formed.

It could be said that this naval fleet had allowed the United States to stand above Southeast Asia, as well as several tens of other small countries in the Indian Ocean. This naval fleet was what gave the United States the power to reign at the top of the world.

Yet, at present, this Pacific Fleet had just been instantly wiped out by Fang Xingjian. It was the equivalent of having chopped off one of the United States' hands.

Many of the people in the government and the military forces, who were aware of this situation, gasped and sighed, feeling a great sense of grief as if they had lost their parents.

Meanwhile, in the hall of the manor at Beverly Hills, the United States ambassador was sitting on the ground. His countenance turned grim, and his eyes filled with despair. There was no longer any of the high spirits he had displayed earlier.

The ambassador was not the only one like this. Many of the extraordinary experts in the surroundings were all astonished and on tenterhooks.

Even the many extraordinary humans from the Douglas family, who were on Fang Xingjian's side, were all terrified upon hearing that Fang Xingjian had crushed the Pacific Fleet with his hand.

Tom instantly seemed as if he had aged by ten years, and white hair started to grow out on his head.

With Fang Xingjian's demonstration of his powers, Tom knew that he would not be able to defeat Fang Xingjian even if he still had his system in the future and even if he were given ten additional years to develop, let alone now when he no longer had his system.

'Doesn't this mean that I'll never be able to get back my Wolf God system in my entire life?'

At the thought of this, Tom appeared even more dejected.

Tang Song, who had been tossed onto the ground by Fang Xingjian earlier, now had his back drenched in cold sweat.

Earlier on, Tang Song was still thinking that if Fang Xingjian were suppressed by the United States, he would still be able to get the Crimson Alliance to save him through the United States' government using political means.

However, faced with Fang Xingjian's display of prowess, Tang Song could not summon a single hint of hope in him.

Then Tang Song suddenly sat up, straightened his back, and then kowtowed while saying respectfully, "Mister Fang, please accept this kowtow from me. I'm willing to serve you as a slave for my life, offering you my services. I only implore you to show me benevolence and spare me for my earlier sin of disrespect."

Elena looked at the groveling Tang Song, Tom who had his wits beaten out of him, and the United States ambassador who appeared to be in despair and was not saying a word.

She could not help but let out a breath. 'Invincible... Invincible... Completely invincible and undefeatable... If I can reach this level in this lifetime, I would be able to die without any regrets!'

Meanwhile, the members of the upper echelons of the United States were all rendered speechless as well upon receiving the actual news.

Even Son of God Caesar, who was previously proclaimed to be the strongest existence on Earth, had never displayed battle prowess of such a degree.

As for the nuclear missiles, there was no one foolish enough to think of launching them anymore. What could nuclear missiles do to an existence that could crush and annihilate the Pacific Fleet together with its core battleships and nuclear submarines? The missiles would only plunge the people of Los Angeles into misery and suffering.

In the conference room of an underground structure, Secretary of Defense Edward sighed helplessly and said, "Let's give up. Withdraw all the troops.

"Send people to save those who are still in the seas.

"As for Los Angeles... Just treat it as if nothing has happened..."

Hearing this, the countenances of the people present were all different. There were some who released mournful sighs and others who displayed expressions of terror and shock, fury, embarrassment...

A young high-ranking officer could not help but stand up and say, "We haven't lost yet. There are still many weapons which we have yet to try. If we retreat like this, how are we going to keep up the prestige of the United States?"

"Prestige?" Edward sighed and said, "From the moment Fang Xingjian crushed the Pacific Fleet with a single hand, we lost all of our prestige." He then turned to a white-haired professor and asked, "Professor Ashley, are the calculations out? What is the approximate amount of energy used by Fang Xingjian to accomplish all these?"

"It's comparable to Mount St. Helens' 1 volcanic eruption or ten times of a magnitude 8 earthquake. If such an attack were to be released directly in Washington, D.C., then it could flatten this place completely."

Everyone fell speechless at Professor Ashley's reply. Although they also felt that Fang Xingjian's attack was amazing, they had not really calculated what kind of prowess this scene represented. Upon hearing the results from the Professor, no one else requested to continue the battle.

Within a short period of time, the large batches of troops were withdrawn, and the government ambassador who had previously fallen onto the ground stood back up as well. He bowed deeply toward Fang Xingjian, saying, "Mister, I extend deep apologies for my act of discourtesy earlier no. We're willing to compensate for all the losses we have caused."

This was how a politician was. He could be arrogant and prideful at one point, yet he could slap himself in the face before threats and interests, acting just like a loyal dog at the very next moment.

Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "Scram. Don't come and annoy me any further."

The ambassador felt as if his life had been pardoned, and he quickly left the place.

Right now, the only outsiders left were the Dark Knight's group.

Fang Xingjian looked at the Dark Knight and asked, "You still have other matters to talk about?"

The Dark Knight's countenance was grim. To be honest, although he had tried his best to overestimate the other party's abilities, it seemed that he had still underestimated Fang Xingjian.

He now had no confidence that the battle force he had gone to great efforts to prepare could win against Fang Xingjian.

Hearing Fang Xingjian's question, the Dark Knight asked, "Can I know what is your objective for coming to Earth?"

Fang Xingjian walked out of the hall and looked at the bright moon in the sky. "It's only to disseminate sword arts. Nothing more."

The Dark Knight asked outright, "It's the sword technique you were disseminating through the television show? It can stimulate mankind's superpowers?"

"That's right."

The Dark Knight frowned and said, "If everyone possesses extraordinary power, then the entire world would become hell. The law would no longer be able to restrain people, and the government's power and prestige would plunge. The entire civilization would lose the power to progress. Is this what you want?"

The things that the Dark Knight said were also the reasons why he had been keeping the world of extraordinary powers away from the mortal world, never allowing extraordinary humans to overly intervene with society. This was also the reason why he did not allow his black technology to influx into society.

It was because, in the Dark Knight's opinion, mankind's temperaments and morales were far from being ready to accept extraordinary powers.

Fang Xingjian shook his head and said, "That won't happen. When everyone possesses extraordinary powers, it'll just be giving everyone a chance. The bad guys will get stronger, but the good guys will too."

"Then what if the government were to monopolize your sword technique?" The Dark Knight asked an incisive question again. "Right now, the ones in power could monopolize the information concerning the sword technique, preventing the civilians from cultivating it. What if this were to happen?"

Fang Xingjian laughed out loud and said, "If I want the whole world to know of my sword technique, then there won't be anyone who won't get to know about it."

The Dark Knight's gaze suddenly turned serious at Fang Xingjian's words. He followed Fang Xingjian's gaze and looked toward the sky. The clear moon had became covered up by densely-packed black prints.

The optical telescope installed in the Dark Knight's armor instantly allowed him to zoom in on the view, letting him see things clearly. Those black prints were none other than densely-packed words. As long as a person were to look at the moon with a telescope, they would be able to read the words.

On the moon, Fang Xingjian's actual body floated in midair. From the beginning, what he left behind in the manor in Beverly HIlls had been a clone.

Right now, under his feet, there was an endless stretch of mountains.

If a person were to look down from a great height, they would discover that these protruding mountains were big words that had been carved out. Each of them was like a towering building, soaring up from the ground. At present, a myriad of words had been carved onto the moon's surface, spinning as the moon revolved.