Chapter 755: Cut Off

 Chapter 755: Cut Off

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Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, many people present were extremely astonished.

How many experts were present?

Putting aside Elena, Catherine, Jack, and the others on Fang Xingjian's side, and also putting aside all the equipment belonging to the United States which were on surveillance for almost 24 hours from all directions...

Son of God Caesar, Dark Knight Peter, and Abyss Lord Suleiman each had systems that were respectively classified under superpowers, technology, and sorcery. Each of them could be said to be one of the strongest of their time and even if they were not amongst the top three, they would still be amongst the top five.

However, after Fang Xingjian said this, there was still no one who was able to detect Tang Song's and Tom's presences.

Tang Song's Art of Concealment and Tom's intangible state were both too mystifying.

However, if they were given two to three seconds, the three top experts would be able to find the two of them through all sorts of probing means.

However, at the same moment as when Fang Xingjian said this, Tang Song had already started to retreat.

It should be said that when Fang Xingjian pointed out their presences, both Tang Song and Tom were badly shaken and turned pale with fright. It was because they had never encountered an expert who could detect their presences in their current states so easily.

Tang Song's Art of Concealment could penetrate through 99% of existing electromagnetic waves. Visible light, infrared rays, and electric signals would almost all just pass through his body. No one would be able to see or detect him.

Tom's intangible state was even more mystifying. It allowed him to be completely transformed into a lifeform that existed in the form of waves. Not only could he not be seen or touched, he could even pass through walls by diffraction and interference.

It was because they possessed such skills that they had the confidence to infiltrate the manor.

However, unfortunately for them, Fang Xingjian was a great tier three Divine level expert. Let alone the current Fang Xingjian, the martial wills of tier one divine level experts could already step into the microscopic world and detect existences that were between spatial gaps.

Fang Xingjian had already noticed the two of them at almost the same instant they entered the manor. Then he saw the two of them walking around without any restraint as if there were no one around.

Tang Song's countenance changed, and he retreated rapidly. However, Tom took a step back and came to an abrupt stop, suddenly wondering if it could be that Fang Xingjian was trying to fool him. It was because Tom had yet to find any means that could detect him in his intangible state. He found it unbelievable that there was someone who could detect his existence or even attack him.

In the meantime, Tang Song acted very quickly and seemed to have already become one with a gust of violent wind at almost the same instant Fang Xingjian spoke. In a few seconds, he flew out over 1,000 meters away together with the wind.

'My Wind-Borne Xun 1 can allow me to merge with the wind and make my body like as light as a breeze. Not only will I be hard to detect, my movements will be swift and my speed will also be very fast. He might not necessarily be able to catch me.

Tang Song instantly reached 1,000 meters away, arriving on the roof of a building. Seeing that there was no one chasing after him, Tang Song let out a sigh.

Right at that moment, Fang Xingjian finally stood up from the sofa.

As soon as Fang Xingjian got onto his feet, Son of God Caesar also took a step forward. "What do you want?!"

They had not detected Tang Song's and Tom's presences, so they thought that Fang Xingjian was suddenly standing up to attack them.

However, at the next moment, Fang Xingjian took a step forward and suddenly disappeared.

After Tang Song landed on the roof, he was just about to feel relieved. However, he discovered Fang Xingjian's back facing him. Fang Xingjian was gazing up at the moon in the sky like he had been here waiting for Tang Song since a long time ago.

'What a fast speed!'

Tang Song's eyes narrowed. Then just as he was about to fly out and retreat again, he noticed that Fang Xingjian had also disappeared. Tang Song's neck stiffened as Fang Xingjian lifted him up.

Despite Tang Song wanting to struggle by activating his battle prowess and resisting, he realized that his body suddenly felt weak and unable to move.

Then violent gales blew, accompanied by crackling sounds of thunder rang out. Soon, the two of them had already returned to the hall's entrance, bringing along with them gusts of strong gales. All the fighters, who had been in hiding, were blown about.

Until this moment, Tom was still hiding behind the door.

Other people might not be able to see him, but Fang Xingjian's eyes could see that Tom was half-squatting at the door like a fool.

"You think that I'm an id*ot?"

With a bang , he stomped on Tom's back. The latter let out an agonizing cry and flew out. With just one kick from Fang Xingjian, Tom returned to his physical state and landed on the ground, falling flat on his face. Fang Xingjian stepped onto Tom's back, making him unable to move.

Tom struggled wildly, and all the muscles throughout his body bulged and swelled out. The power from the werewolves and the hellhounds burst out crazily, but Tom felt that the foot on his back was heavy as Mountain Tai, preventing him from shaking it off.

When Elena saw Tom who had been suddenly kicked out from void space by Fang Xingjian, her eyes gleamed, and she said, "Teacher, he's that Tom."

"Oh? This is him?" Fang Xingjian wore an indifferent expression as he looked at Tom who was under his feet. It was as if a pair of tongs he had been searching for a very long time in the kitchen had suddenly appeared.

His series of movements seemed casual and relax, but the hearts of everyone present throbbed.

It was because other than Son of God Caesar, no one had been able to see his movements clearly.

No one had been able to see how his last kick, which brought Tom out, had worked.

While continuing to step on Tom just like that and also carrying Tang Song, Fang Xingjian asked, "They aren't with you, right?"

The Dark Knight shook his head.

"Then that's fine." Fang Xingjian then tapped out with his finger, sending a stream of All-Conquering sword slashing forth which caused a terrifying electromagnetic force to burst out.

This sword, which could cut through everything, had been mixed with a hint of profoundness of electromagnetic forces upon Fang Xingjian's earlier comprehension. He was even able to slash out a Knight's martial will directly from their physical bodies. Using this, he had slashed out Tian Yi's will from the Fifth Prince's body and then chucked it into the body of a dog.

Right now, Fang Xingjian was performing the same thing again, but he tapped on Tom's body directly. With a bang , a steam of black gas was slashed out. It was about to fly away the moment it appeared, but it was instantly sucked into Fang Xingjian's nose with an inhale instead.

Tom's body shook suddenly. His face filled with horror and despair as even his four limbs had fallen completely limp.

"You! What did you do?! Where's my system?! Where did my Wolf God system go?!"

Fang Xingjian's earlier sword attack had clearly cut out the Wolf God system from Tom. Then Fang Xingjian sucked it in himself.

This was the latest development in Fang Xingjian's studies of the systems, an improvement from the foundation of cutting martial will. It was also a further improvement in the area of being able to control another person's system. Right now, he could already freely slice out the systems that existed in martial wills.

However, after he took in the system, he could only obtain its knowledge and energy. He could not use it as if he had gained another system. It seemed that the Knight system he had on him would repel these.

However, Fang Xingjian also sensed that when he absorbed a system, countless pieces of information would gush into this brain and his Knight system would go through an indescribable change.

All sorts of information concerning werewolves, hellhounds, and Ghost Wolves gushed into his mind.

Meanwhile, the countenance of Tom, who had his system cut off, changed drastically. He appeared extremely dejected, seeming to have lost all hope.

He had been an ordinary person originally, so he had achieved everything he had today with the help of his system. To think that his system had now been cut off by Fang Xingjian... Tom was really laden with despair.

Tom suddenly wailed out. He hugged Fang Xingjian's leg and said, "Please... Please return my system to me... As long as you can return my system to me, I'll do anything! I beg of you! I beg of you!"

At the sight of this scene, the countenances of everyone present changed drastically.