Chapter 754: Negotiations

 Chapter 754: Negotiations

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Tang Song thought of scenes from the past when some small countries had started building nuclear weapons and when an extraordinary human had suddenly gotten their hands on a great zombie virus two to three years ago. These were scenes when an impending great military force had been mobilized to exert pressure... Were they not exactly the same as what was happening now?

Thinking of the extraordinary humans who had recently made frequent appearances in the Douglas family, Tang Song was even more certain of it.

'Could it be that they have something that can stimulate their system or raise their system's prowess?

'I'm going to have a look to see what kind of treasure it is.'

At the thought of this, Tang Song smirked, chanted an incantation, and performed the Art of Concealment he had gotten from his system. He turned into a breeze and headed for the manor.

His Art of Concealment was one which could truly change a living being's intrinsic qualities, turning them into a type of magnetic wave which could penetrate 99% of all physical materials. There was almost no detection means on Earth that would be able to locate him. This was also one of the reasons why he had been so confident all this while.

Simultaneously while Tang Song infiltrated the manor, Tom, who was at the other end of the manor, had taken on an intangible form and was strolling around the manor's exteriors.

Compared with Tang Song's Art of Concealment, Tom's intangible form was even harder to detect.

He threw a glance toward the exterior of the manor and saw that there were various people from the military, marine corps, and special forces. The more he saw, the more the corners of his lips curled up and he could not help but feel elated.

The Douglas family had destroyed all his hard work and effort, as well as annihilated several hundred of his subordinates. How could he possibly not feel any hatred toward them?

Additionally, he harbored even greater hate toward Elena, who had beaten him up and cut his body into two sections.

Right now, seeing the pressure the United States' military force was exerting, cracking down on the various criminal organizations and holding them in check, as well as seeing so many extraordinary humans stuck in the manor... How could Tom possibly not feel overjoyed? How could he not feel excited?

The reason he had come here today was so that he could see the miserable plight the Douglas family and Elena would end up in.

'Elena might even end up resisting to her death. And after she gets seriously injured, I might still be able to find an opportunity to make a move.'

At the thought of this, Tom could not help but smile coldly.

Just then, three black sedans stopped in a row at the manor's entrance. Although Tom did not recognize any of the people who alighted from the sedans, it was without a doubt that these people who just entered the manor had probably all been sent by the United States' government.

'As expected, are they trying to get them to surrender?' Tom mumbled inwardly as he saw this. In his opinion, it was unlikely for the United States' government to wage war within their own borders. The greatest possibility was for them to take this case seriously and to get the Douglas family to surrender.

Therefore, Tom entered the manor together with this group, wondering if he could get any benefits out of this operation.

'However, I guess these few people should also be extraordinary humans under the government? Otherwise, why would they rush over here to negotiate with Elena? It's a great opportunity for me to have a look at the strength of the extraordinary humans under the government.'

Just as he was thinking of this, Tom had already followed the Dark Knight and the others into the manor's hall.

In the hall, a total of over 20 extraordinary humans including Elena, Catherine, and Jack were already waiting, ready for battle. In the center, Fang Xingjian was seated on the sofa. Even the arrival of the Dark Knight and the others did not bring about any changes to his expression.

However, at the sight of Son of God Caesar, Fang Xingjian's gaze flickered slightly. "Oh? You've woken up?"

Caesar let out a cold snort, and the muscles and bones throughout his body trembled. However, he did not say a word.

The Dark Knight walked up to the front and said, "Hello. The Earth is our home, and as an intelligent civilization, we welcome the arrival of any other civilizations and are willing to extend our friendship.

"However... if there's a need, we won't be scrimp on the arrangements of any kind of martial powers."

Hearing the Dark Knight's words, Catherine and the others were a little stunned. What did he mean by this? Their target was not the Douglas family? It was only Fang Xingjian?

Moreover, why did these words sound as if they were meant for aliens?

"Martial prowess?" Fang Xingjian spoke nonchalantly. "If I had really used martial prowess, you guys wouldn't even be able to appear here."

A representative from the United States' government walked over from behind the Dark Knight. He spoke in a high and mighty tone, "Fang Xingjian, the Radiant Congress and our government are in full cooperation. Right now, you aren't just facing five powerful extraordinary humans but the United States' government as well.

"The Pacific Fleet is already ready for action 500 kilometers away, and 100 supersonic fighter aircrafts are ready to take flight at any moment.

"Over 2,000 of the greatest elite soldiers have surrounded this place.

"At least ten intercontinental ballistic missiles are aimed at you. The White House and the Pentagon have given the orders that we can activate nuclear weapons if required."

The official's expression was extremely cold when he said these, and there was an intense killing intent in his voice.

Compared to what the Dark Knight had said, everyone present could better understand the official's words. With each line he said, the countenances of Catherine, Elena, and the others all turned pale. At the mention of mobilizing nuclear weapons, the faces of many extraordinary humans in the Douglas family had turned ghastly as their morales plunged.

None of them had expected this. Why would the United States' government be so determined that they would not even mind mobilizing nuclear weapons?

Standing next to Catherine, Linda felt like she was on the verge of collapse. To begin with, she was only a female star with a beauty system. After being studied by Fang Xingjian and receiving an upgrade, she had only obtained a set of Beauty Sword Technique. The sword technique primarily dealt with charming her opponents and creating illusions. She was never a member for battling at the front lines.

Hearing what the official had said, she could not help but gasp, "How can you guys possibly dare to do so? How many people are there in Los Angeles? How can you guys dare to mobilize nuclear weapons?"

That official raised his head and said coldly, "The United States will never give in. If you aren't willing to surrender, then we won't budge even if we have to sacrifice Los Angeles."

Hearing his reply, Linda fell limp and collapsed, almost sitting down on the ground as if she had lost all her strength.

Clearly, the official's words were just to threaten and scare them. The reason he had taken on such a strong front to try and pressure them was so that he could get an advantage in the negotiations to follow. It was a common means used in negotiations.

However, right now, in this situation where the Pacific Fleet was on the standby and the military forces had surrounded Beverly Hills, a threat like this was unprecedentedly powerful, making it hard not to believe.

This sort of mental pressure was a common means used by the government. The United States' naval force were able to move unhindered across the world's oceans because they had used similar methods to suppress countless countries. They only had to move a little and put up an act to successfully cause many small countries to tremble in fear.

However, regardless what the official said, the gazes of the Dark Knight, Caesar, and Suleiman had stayed on Fang Xingjian all this while. When they saw that there was no changes to Fang Xingjian's expression and gaze, disappointment filled their eyes.

'As expected, he seems to think nothing of the Earth's military forces.' Although the Dark Knight had expected this from the start, he still felt a little disappointed.

At this moment, Fang Xingjian finally spoke up.

He said calmly, "I've got a question.

"Is that person hiding behind the door and the person outside the window also with you?

"If they aren't, then I'll deal with them first. They appear too wretched and it makes me annoyed to see them."