Chapter 750: Show

 Chapter 750: Show

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The unease in Ford's heart did not receive any attention from Fang Xingjian and the others.

Everything was going according to Fang Xingjian's plan. Although he had no idea how many benefits and threats Elena and the Douglas family had given to ABC, the entire broadcasting company went along with his.

Of course, influencing the broadcasting company was just the first step in Fang Xingjian's plan. After all, if he wished to influence the entire world, this was far from being enough. This would only be a beginning, a warm-up.

That night in the Pentagon 1 , the United States' Secretary of Defense, Edward, was looking at the report before him with deeply furrowed brows.

An unprecedented underworld empire had developed in the United States' West Coast. Furthermore, they possessed an extraordinary human who could go up against the military force. They had even defeated the elites from the Law-Enforcing Department. With an existence like this in their country, how could Edward possibly be able to sleep?

To fight or attempt to take them in... This became a decision that Edward was extremely hesitant to make.

With their power and influence, a war would probably break out in the area if they chose to fight. Even if they managed to clinch a victory, they would still suffer great losses. After all, they would be going out to war on their own lands, in extremely prosperous areas like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

However, if they chose not to fight, were they going to just allow this influence to continue to grow? There would probably be no members of the management who would accept a result like this.

At that moment, an assistant entered the office anxiously and said, "Officer, switch on the television quickly."

"What's the matter?" Edward reprimanded unhappily, "How could I have time to watch television?"

The assistant switched on his cell phone and played a video. At the beginning, Edward wanted to reprimand him. However, not long into the video, he was completely taken by its content, and a series of expressions flashed across his face.


A talk show was in progress inside a television studio.

The beautiful female host smiled and asked, "Mister Fang Xingjian, so you're saying that you have superpowers?"

Fang Xingjian, who was seated on the left, said, "Yes."

With his reply, the audiences laughed. The beautiful female host also shook her head helplessly as she looked at the three guests on the right and asked, "Professor Barun? What is your take on superpowers?"

Professor Barun, who was from Stanford University 2 's Physics Department, was a white-haired elderly man. As a reputable physicist, he had long lost the stamina and inspiration toward conducting research due to his age. However, the achievements he had gained back when he was young were enough for him to brandish for life.

Over the past few years, he had attended many television programmes and gained the name of being a celebrity physicist.

Professor Barun looked at Fang Xingjian with contempt and said, "It's already the 21st century, and it has been many years since humans have landed on the moon. I would never have thought that there were still people who believe in superpowers.

"In the Middle Ages, humans believed in the existence of witchcraft and alchemy. In the modern times, with the development of Science, people have started to believe in the existence of superpowers.

"But in the end, this is just due to humans having different understandings toward nature. Thus, this develops into different imaginative thinkings that they want to rely on.

"As everyone knows, the organizations that claim to be studying superpowers haven't obtained any concrete results at all. They are just scammers trying to trick fools.

"And you... are the same."

Under the stage, Ford frowned. He looked at Catherine, who was seated next to him, and asked in fawning tone, "Miss Catherine, is this going to be alright?"

In Ford's view, the program Fang Xingjian had arranged for was treating himself like a clown subject to humiliation. Could he possibly be relying on this to create hype and get famous? However, wasn't acting like a fool already an outdated move? Right now, the audiences had a great immunity to such things.

Catherine took a look at Ford, and a hint of despise flashed in her eyes as she saw how Ford's earlier contempt had now become respect.

"It's fine. Just watch," Catherine said. Then she thought to herself, 'Without any questions, attacks, or objections, how can the truth stand out? But... is this really a good thing...?'

Once the program was broadcasted, various influences would probably apply pressure very quickly, especially the government. Broadcasting this program would be going against the policy of hiding extraordinary powers. Could the Douglas family really tide through this?

Even Catherine was unaware of what Fang Xingjian's plan was for after working with the broadcasting company.

However, now that things had come down to this, there was no other way out. Catherine looked at Fang Xingjian. At present, Fang Xingjian had already placed the entire Douglas family in the same boat as him. Their powers had all been given to them by Fang Xingjian, so there was no way that they could go against his wishes.

On the stage, the host continued to ask, "Kris, what are your views on this?"

Kris was a beautiful middle-aged married lady. She had been the female lead of a television drama before and had soared to fame. However, the few works she had worked in thereafter received mediocre reactions, and as such, her fame was not as great as before.

Hearing the host's question, Kris smiled and said, "I do believe in superpowers. I ever witnessed someone using psychokinesis to bend a soup spoon. It could be that there are still some mysterious powers in the human body."

Professor Barun said in contempt, "Those are just some magic tricks. Kris, you've been scammed."

"That might be so, Professor Barun," Kris said with a chuckle, "But I still feel that it's more romantic to think that there are mysterious powers on Earth. It'd be even better if there are werewolves and vampires."

The female host then asked the last guest, "Andy, do you think that there are superpowers in this world?"

Andy was a black-haired young man wearing a suit. He was a magician that had recently risen to fame in Las Vegas, and despite being of such a young age, he now had his own special performance show in Las Vegas.

After hearing the question, he said, "I don't have superpowers, but I know that magic exists in this world."

Putting out his hand, a coin suddenly appeared. The coin the kept on jumping between his two hands as if it was being controlled across space. This performance brought him a round of applause from the audience.

After doing this, Andy threw a challenging glance toward Fang Xingjian and said, "I hope that your performance later can surpass this."

Regardless of whether it was Professor Barun's incisive refute, Kris trying to act foolish and cute, or Magician Andy taking the opportunity to perform, the three guests only had one goal-to gain some reputation through the program. Who would really be concerned about Fang Xingjian's superpowers?

However, Fang Xingjian was unconcerned. He had gotten the staff to randomly get a few guests on the show to give a greater impression through the comparison. This was just the first step in his plan.

Currently, there were not many people watching the show. Most people changed the channel after seeing that the topic was superpowers. With the flourishing of technology, there were fewer and fewer people who believed in superpowers.

"This guy must be an id*ot."

"It's another person who has gone crazy over wanting to become famous."

"Let Professor Barun give him a good scolding. Why is it that all sorts of lunatics are allowed on shows these days?"

"Kris is really beautiful."