Chapter 749: Take Action

 Chapter 749: Take Action

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At the entrance of United States' American Broadcasting Company 1 .

Fang Xingjian and Catherine got off the car slowly and looked at the building of the broadcasting company. After scanning it with his martial will, Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "There is quite a large number of people inside, but is its reach wide enough? I hope to get as many people around the world as possible seeing me teach sword arts.

"As for the degree of cooperation... Regardless of whether it is morning, afternoon, night, or late in the night, my teachings must be repeatedly broadcasted."

Catherine nodded and spoke with a hint of pride in her tone, "Xingjian, please rest assured. This is the ABC. There will be no problems.

"Regarding the degree of cooperation, Elena and my father have spoken with Robert in advance. It's definitely not an issue."

As one of the biggest broadcasting companies in the world, the United States' American Broadcasting Company was one of the Fortune 500 companies. It had over 200 subsidiary broadcasting companies under them in the United States and audiences spread across the Americas. The ABC was definitely a giant corporation.

Just as Fang Xingjian and Catherine were talking, another couple walked over. The man was handsome and appeared to be in good spirits. With bright blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes, he was dressed in the most trendy suit of the season and his face beamed in confidence and pride.

On the other hand, the lady appeared stunning and seductive. She was very fashionable, like a model who had just walked down from a runway.

Hearing their words, the caucasian man laughed and looked at Fang Xingjian with a hint of contempt. "Kid, do you know where you've come to? Even the biggest Hollywood stars or Europe's superstars wouldn't dare to say something like that when standing here."

The man who spoken in a snobbish tone was called Ford. He was a producer of a well-known variety show, and many of the most popular programs in ABC had been produced by him. Ford had great connections and fame in both the broadcasting company and the entertainment industry.

Showing off his seniority, he spoke arrogantly, "You better be careful of what you say here. Otherwise, you won't even know why you've been given the cold shoulder by your company. It's not that easy to stay in this industry."

After saying these, Ford then smiled and looked at Catherine. "Miss Catherine, your friend doesn't seem to know much about this industry..."

Ford knew Catherine right from the start and had been coveting her, an international model who was also a rich young miss, since a long time ago. There were not many who had her looks and figure, let alone the fact that she was the daughter of a property magnate.

Therefore, he could not help but want to put Fang Xingjian down after seeing the two of them appear here like a couple.

However, Catherine looked at Ford and said in a cold voice, "Mister Ford, please apologize to Mister Fang immediately. Otherwise, you'd be making an enemy out of the Douglas family."

"What?!" Ford had never expected that Catherine's reaction would be so intense. He said, both astonished and infuriated, "Catherine, do you know what you're saying?!"

Ford was a great senior in the broadcasting company and had connections with the board of directors. He even possessed a portion of the shares to the broadcasting company which he had received as a reward, and there were countless celebrities and television hosts who were his students. Ford could be said to be an experienced veteran who had gained great merits. How could he possibly tolerate Catherine treating him like this?

Regardless of how powerful the Douglas family was, they would not be able to intervene with the ABC.

The lady next to him was a new and upcoming television host. With sweet looks and a sexy figure, she was donned in branded goods all over. She smirked and said, "Catherine, don't be too arrogant. This isn't your family's territory. If you continue blabbering rubbish, the two of you can forget about appearing on any programs under the ABC. You'll find it difficult to even take a single step forward."

Ford nodded arrogantly. It might be hard for him to ban Catherine from appearing on shows. However, with his influence in the ABC, it should be easy for him to impede the progress of the young man next to her, whom he had never met before.

Clearly, as staff working in the broadcasting company, the two of them were unclear about the sudden and intense changes that had been going on recently with the criminal organizations across the West Coast over the past few days.

However, just as Ford was about to speak up, a cold snort emerged from Fang Xingjian, and the air suddenly became extremely heavy and stuffy like they were in the deep sea. Ford and the female television host dropped to their knees with a thud like mice who had encountered a tiger. The smell of urine wafted out from between their legs.

"What's there to talk about? Catherine, you must learn to ignore ants." After Fang Xingjian let out a snort, he turned and left. "There's no need to explain. Just step over them."

After saying that, he walked toward the broadcasting company's lounge together with Catherine, leaving Ford and the female television host kneeling on the ground with pale countenances. Their eyes were filled with fury and rage.

"Mister Ford? What happened?"

"Mister Ford? You have urinary incontinence? Do you need me to help you call for a doctor?"

"Mister Ford, let me help you up."

After being surrounded by a crowd for over ten minutes and eventually helped up to his feet, Ford finally got up and escaped to the office together with the female television host. He then wiped his body quickly and changed into a clean set of clothes.

"Damn it, what the hell happened?"

Ford was still puzzled by what had happened and flew into a rage from the embarrassment. He could not understand why he had knelt down and had wet his pants. However, he knew that this matter must have some relation to that young Asian man.

He cursed in his office for five minutes and then immediately grabbed his phone, planning to give a call to investigate that Asian man's identity before planning out his revenge.

After making a few calls and giving out orders, Ford sat down on his chair. Despite doing this, he was still fuming. Having been with the broadcasting company for close to 20 years, he had never felt so humiliated before in his life.

Just then, his cell phone rang. Ford took a look at the caller identification and immediately wore a respectful expression as he said, "Hello... Chairman... I understand... Alright... Alright... I got it..."

After hanging up the phone, his expression turned into one of great surprise. "To think that the Chairman has come personally. Who is this honorable guest?"

Shaking his head, he immediately stood up and headed for the conference room. The moment he entered, he noticed that there were a few prominent television hosts, show directors, as well as some of the managerial directors and General Managers. Even the Chief Executive Officers of some of the studios, laboratories, and the development department had arrived as well. It was an unprecedented lineup.

Ford walked over to a television host he was familiar with and asked, "Hi Jamie, what's with the great lineup? Do you know what's happening?"

"I don't know," the television host named Jamie said with a shrug, "But I heard that some important client has come. Even the Chairman has gone to welcome him personally."

"The Chairman went to welcome him personally? Could it be an exclusive broadcasting rights? That's not right. Even this wouldn't require the Chairman to head over himself. Or could it be that someone is going to buy over the company?" Ford shook his head, not understanding. He had never encountered such a grand welcome.

At that moment, the door to the conference room opened, and the Chairman walked in. Catherine and Fang Xingjian followed behind him, and the three of them were casually discussing something. However, it was apparent that the Chairman was trying to get into their good books.

What kind of joke was this? The ABC's greatest shareholder was The Walt Disney Company 2 , and the ABC's current Chairman was also The Walt Disney Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer- Robert Iger 3 .

Moreover, what kind of monster was The Walt Disney Company? They had countless subsidiaries under them and over 200,000 employees in total. They were a massive existence with assets worth close to 100 billion USD.

Seeing how even Robert was trying to get into Fang Xingjian's and Catherine's good books, Ford's eyes almost popped out.

'Who on earth have I offended?'

Cold sweat kept breaking out on Ford's back.