Chapter 747: Question

 Chapter 747: Question

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Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles.

An extremely lively gathering was being held at the hotel. The ones who had organized it were the Douglas family. This was a gathering of countless mafia groups and wealthy people across the United States' West Coast.

The center of attention at this gathering was naturally Elena-the unrivalled female tyrant who shook the entire West Coast with her overwhelming martial prowess.

Dressed in a gown, Elena sat down casually in a corner while holding a cocktail. She constantly attracted the attention of the people present, with people glancing in her direction every now and then. However, as they were fearful of Elena's reputation for killing, not many people dared to get close to her. Moreover, she had thrown the three men who had dared to do so out of the gathering.

Just then, a commotion broke out at the hotel's entrance.

The commotion got increasingly bigger and did not seem to be dying down anytime soon. There were even gasps and cries mixed into the commotion. Elena frowned, called one of her subordinates, and asked, "What's the matter?"

"It seems like two Chinese have some disagreements. One of them wanted the other to scram, but in the end, all of his bodyguards were beaten up by the other party."

"Oh?" Elena's brows was raised. "Is it for sure that they aren't creating trouble intentionally?"

"It shouldn't be the case. They seem to know each other. They might have some feuds from before," the subordinate said this and paused for a moment. Then he looking at a Chinese man who was walking over and stated, "That's him."

Under everyone's gaze, a charming and handsome Chinese young man walked over and took a seat next to Elena.

"To think that this guy dares to approach Elena."

"Earlier on, a male star who didn't know any better went over and was tossed out in less than three seconds."

"Hehe, I think that it's soon for this guy as well."

However, out of everyone's expectations, Elena did not throw out this man, who had casually approached her, like how she had done to the others earlier. On the contrary, she looked at this Chinese young man curiously and said, "Extraordinary human?" Her intuition told her that this person's abilities were not to be underestimated.

"Oh? You can tell?" The Chinese young man smiled and said, "I'm Tang Song. You must be Elena? Are you interested for us to get to know each other?"

Elena's subordinate whispered into her ears, "This is the representative from Hong Kong's Tang family. They have a branch in Los Angeles as well."

Elena looked at Tang Song and said, "You're very confident."

Tang Song shrugged and did not say anything. He merely looked at Elena with a gaze filled with admiration. Of course, he was confident. He had the celestial system. So, as long as he could continue getting people to admire him and satisfy the admiration level required for his system, he would keep on exchanging and receiving the memories and power of a celestial who had cultivated for 50 billion years.

This had allowed him to become a core member of the Crimson Alliance within a mere year. Not only had he created a storm in Hong Kong and taken many by surprise, he had also taught a lesson to a member of a rival family.

Tang Song shrugged while wearing absolute confidence in his smile. "It's better for ladies to be more gentle. Elena, don't you think that you'll be prettier if you act a little more gentle? Why do you always have to put on a serious face?"

Hearing his words, countless members of the Douglas family glared at Tang Song as he was openly taking liberties with their leader.

Elena's brows twitched and was about to flare up. However, she calmed down at the next moment and said calmly, "I'll teach you a lesson next time." After saying that, she just left, without even turning back.

"Is this still that female tyrant?"

"Elena can't possibly have taken a liking to this delicate-looking young man, right?"

Seeing Elena leave just like that made the many people extremely astonished. They also started to feel that Tang Song was an unfathomable existence.

However, Tang Song picked up the cocktail Elena had been drinking earlier and tasted it. He watched Elena's departing figure and revealed a mysterious smile.

'This lady is really fierce. However, if someone is able to subdue her, that person will be able to take over the criminal organizations across the entire West Coast without any cost. It's a fantastic deal.'

At the next moment, rumbles of thunder rang out in the sky. Tang Song looked at the sky curiously and said, "Thunder?"

The moment Elena walked out of the door, she leaped gently up into the sky. Amidst a series of thunderous rumbles, she crossed the city in a few minutes and appeared above the sea.

"Come out."

After she let out a bellow, three men wearing battle uniforms appeared behind her.

Seeing Elena as she stood on the surface of the water with her hands behind her back, one of the men said, "You came here intentionally? You want to deal with the three of us alone?"

Elena said coldly, "I won't be able to act without any restraints if there are too many people. I might just end up killing you guys by mistake."

"Hehe." The man smirked. "Do you know who we are? The Law-Enforcing Department has already taken note of you. Elena, you misuse your extraordinary powers and intervene with the mortal world, killing countless people.

"You have two options now..."

Before he even finished his words, his head exploded. It was only then that Elena appeared behind him with her fist still clenched. She shook her head and said, "You guys have only two options as well. Die or surrender."

The remaining two men let out furious bellows and charged out toward Elena.


An hour later, in Beverly Hills.

Catherine was on the lawn in the manor, where over 20 extraordinary humans continued sleeping while floating in midair. They were dreaming as Fang Xingjian continued channeling sword intents into them to get them cultivating all sorts of sword techniques.

Fang Xingjian's attention was all focused on these extraordinary humans, observing the reactions of their systems at almost every moment.

Ever since the Douglas family managed to unify all the criminal organizations across the West Coast under Elena's lead, over ten extraordinary humans had been handed over to Fang Xingjian. These people had either hidden themselves, resisted, or joined them willingly.

This deepened Fang Xingjian's study of the systems and also allowed for the conversion of the physical particles in Catherine's body to finally be completed today.

However, although Catherine's body structure had now been converted to be made up of physical particles, Fang Xingjian was still completely unable to sense any existence of Miracle World which would allow him to break through this tier of the Nine-Tiered Heavens.

Behind Fang Xingjian, Elena went down on one knee. Her eyes were looking downward, only glancing at Fang Xingjian's back from the corners of her eyes. As she looked at his back, a hint of contradicting emotions flashed in her eyes.

'The current me... Would I be a match for him?'

Right now, after going through many massacres across the West Coast to unify all the criminal organizations, Elena had reached level 212, and her agility and strength had exceeded 250 points. Her strength was now far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Being able to stomp on the air to create explosions, fly while stepping on the air, break mountains and split seas with a punch, kill with a single breath, and have a body toughness that would allow her to ignore a tank's main cannon had all become her goals.

The repeated victories and repeated retaliations toward weaker opponents she experienced had caused Elena to become increasingly confident in her own abilities.

Moreover, she had just managed to easily killed three experts from the Law-Enforcing Department. This aroused her curiosity.

She could not help but want to know.

'Can Teacher... defeat me?'