Chapter 745: Surrounded

 Chapter 745: Surrounded

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Those four monsters were three-headed hellhounds, each with a height of five meters and length of over 15 meters. Their muscular limbs were burning with flames, and they would roar out toward the sky every now and then, revealing sharp fangs that were like longswords.

Their skin was as coarse as volcanic rocks, and it would secrete lava that dripped onto the ground, bringing forth flames.

The gunners' bullets were completely useless on them, just like tickling them. Furthermore, the three-headed hellhounds kept on emitting terrifying spiritual Qis which instantly sent many gunners scattering and fleeing in all directions.

However, before the four three-headed hellhounds, their attempts to escape were at snail speed. The four three-headed hellhounds dashed out like tanks smashing forth at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. They massacred over half of the gunners in the time it would take a person to snap their fingers.

The hellhounds tore apart the human bodies with just a casual swat of their claws or by ramming about indifferently. After which, they would open up their mouths and swallow the fresh bodies.

Tom could not help but reveal a satisfied smile when he saw the four three-headed hellhounds chasing after and killing the gunners playfully.

His system had upgraded once again, and at present, he had the ability to summon three-headed hellhounds. These three-headed hellhounds were extremely sturdy and impenetrable by weapons. They would be unscathed even if they were to be attacked by a tank. Even if they were struck head-on by tomahawk cruise missiles, they would only suffer from serious injuries at most. Furthermore, they could also make use of their flames to undergo rapid regeneration.

These were the Flames of Hell which were constantly burning on their bodies at a temperature of over 1,000 degrees. Other than being able to deal high temperature physical damage, they could also scorch a human's will directly.

The three-headed hellhounds had strength and speed which were not to be underestimated. To them, even second generation werewolves were existences akin to children's toys.

They also constantly maintained a terrifying spiritual Qi within a range of 100 meters around them. It could cause anyone with a wavering will to shudder in terror and give up on resisting.

With these four three-headed hellhounds, the number of ordinary warriors did not matter. These four three-headed hellhounds could even easily knock into an armored reconnaissance 1 head-on. Only attacks from fighter aircrafts, battleships, and far distance missile attacks would be able to defeat them.

'Hmhmph. After being chased by the Douglas family's lackeys for so long, it's time for me to retaliate.' Tom smirked. 'If it wasn't because you guys sent so many people for me to kill, allowing me to gather the hatred from so many dead souls, I wouldn't have been able to upgrade my system so fast. Right now, I'm already able to summon three-headed hellhounds.'

Tom had intentionally been escaping so that the Douglas family would continue sending people for him to kill. He then gathered the hatred of the dead souls to upgrade his Wolf God system.

Therefore, in the next few hours, Tom stopped in the canyon and used himself as bait to continue luring the Douglas family's gunners to attack him.

Within a short period of two hours, a total of four batches of over 40 gunners entered the canyon. However, all of them had turned into the three-headed hellhounds' food, and the three-headed hellhounds' roars became the nightmares of countless people.

In the next half an hour, although many people were lingering around in the distance, no one dared to get near to the place.

Tom let out a cold laugh and thought to himself, 'Don't dare to come anymore? Alright, since you're not coming, then it's my turn to initiate the kill.'

Thinking of how he had been forced to hide and battle non-stop day and night throughout this period of time... Even though it was something he had done intentionally, Tom still held a grudge and his heart was filled with fury. He was decided on massacring and taking over the Douglas family.

'It's good that they've been expanding their influence during this period of time and have integrated with countless criminal organizations. This will save me a lot of work.'

Just then, Tom's gaze narrowed and flashed with a blue gleam. He was sharing the vision of a Ghost Wolf that was one kilometer away. It was through such vision sharing that he was able to surround and kill his opponents, launch sneak attacks, and retreat timely, allowing him to remain undefeated.

An Off-Road Vehicle slowly came to a stop after driving into the canyon. Two men and one girl got off. One of them was White Lion, who had assaulted Tom before previously.

'Hmm? It's this guy again. So the other guy and girl are also extraordinary humans?' Tom smiled. 'This is just nice. You think that just three extraordinary humans will be able to deal with me? I'll take this opportunity to give you a little surprise.'

The three of them headed toward the three-headed hellhounds' location. Tom smiled and commanded the army of Ghost Wolves to surround the three of them. He could already foresee the three of them being defeated by the three-headed hellhounds later when the fight started. In the meantime, he was planning to use the Ghost Wolves to surround and trap them from both sides.

White Lion walked into the canyon and his frown deepened as he saw the scorched and shredded corpses. He reminded the other two, "Be careful later. Those Ghost Wolves are elusive and have great teamwork. We mustn't be careless.

"Moreover, I received reports from my subordinates that Tom seems to have one more type of monster under him now which seems to be similar to the legendary three-headed hellhound. Ordinary gun attacks are completely useless against them, and their strength and agility far surpass those of Ghost Wolves. We must be very careful."

White Lion's countenance was extremely grim. It was just as he had thought. Tom's potential was far too powerful. Within just a short period of time, his battle prowess had increased once again.

Seeing how Jack and Elena did not seem to care, White Lion sighed inwardly. 'This time around... Teacher might really be wrong...' For some reason, an ominous feeling kept flashing in his mind.

The three of them had physical attributes which far surpassed those of ordinary people. Even if they were just walking, they would cross a distance of several hundred meters within ten over seconds. As the air kept on emitting a scorching feeling, hints of sulfuric lava smell reached their noses.


Upon seeing the four hellhounds, White Lion's pupils contracted fiercely. He could tell from just their size and appearances that these four monsters would not be easy to deal with. The terrifying surging spiritual Qis they were exuding also kept on stimulating the terror in his heart.

Just then, unbroken and unending wolf howls continued to ring out from the surroundings as many blue and translucent huge wolves appeared in the air around them. They had their eyes set on the three people. The wolves had clearly surrounded them completely.

There were over 400 Ghost Wolves, a number which far exceeded White Lion's expectations. Clearly, Tom had deliberately concealed his capabilities in the earlier pursuit.

White Lion's heart sank, and his tone sounded extremely solemn, "Prepare to retreat. I'll bring up the rear while the two of you charge out at full power and report to Teacher immediately. Tom's strength has grown too rapidly. Teacher needs to take action personally.

"If this person is allowed to continue living..."

Saying that, White Lion's eyes filled with regret. He did not dare to imagine how powerful Tom would become if his system were to be allowed to continue growing.