Chapter 744: Pursue and Attack

 Chapter 744: Pursue and Attack

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In accordance to Fang Xingjian's thoughts and a beckoning wave of his palm, the sleeping Elena flew toward him. A tremendous amount of milky white light gushed into her body endlessly, making her stronger.

Elena's level up system allowed her to keep leveling up after gaining sufficient experience points through massacring her opponents. However, her level structure was clearly different from the Knight system. She did not possess any form of extraordinary power and only gained five attribute points after leveling up. Elena would then be free to use the points to increase her strength, agility, reaction, endurance, or flexibility.

The numbers for the five attributes in this system were more or less almost the same as those in the Knight system. Clearly, it was highly likely that, in the future, the Knight system would absorb a portion of the merits that the level up system had.

Through the research Fang Xingjian conducted recently, he was now able to channel ether particles' energy and information directly into Elena's body, turning them into experience to help her level up.

As of now, Elena had leveled up from 40 to 200 directly, gaining 800 attribute points. Fang Xingjian helped her distribute these attribute points evenly, causing all of Elena's five attributes to be above 200 points.

After all, if all of these points were placed onto a particular attribute, it could result in flaws such as having insufficient stamina, clumsy movements, or an inability to react to situations in time. It would be a waste of attributes. Having an even distribution of attribute points would allow one to develop their potential right down to every single attribute point, leaving no wastage.

Elena had only learned a few sets of basic sword techniques. However, due to the fact that her five attributes were all over 200 points and above, she possessed a physical body that could surpass supersonic speed, as well as a terrifying strength which allowed for her punches and kicks to break mountains and rivers.

Thereafter, in order to better bring out her physical attributes, Fang Xingjian taught her the Supreme Mistwind Sword.

Just then, Fang Xingjian frowned slightly and looked toward the manor's gates.

At the next moment, his body completely reassembled at the manor's gates with a flash. He saw White Lion, whose head and chest were all bandaged up. The moment he saw Fang Xingjian, White Lion dropped to his knees. He smiled bitterly and said, "Teacher, this student is useless. When I was chasing that Tom who created werewolves... Not only did I fail in chasing and killing him, I was even injured by him instead."

"Oh?" Fang Xingjian had not expected that White Lion, with his current battle prowess, would still be heavily injured by the opponent. So, he asked, "He's very strong?"

White Lion said ashamedly, "Currently, Tom can not only create werewolves but also a kind of monster called Ghost Wolves. They can turn into an intangible state to dodge attacks and take on a physical form to attack others. They can even turn into shadowless and formless states at any moment to retreat from or infiltrate into a place. Ghost Wolves are really troublesome. I got these injuries from his sneak attacks.

"We have over 100 dead and injured in our team at the front lines, but we are still unable to lock down on where he is.

"He even sent out Ghost Wolves to assault Allen. Thankfully, he didn't succeed and only managed to kill a substitute."

Ever since Allen Douglas was kidnapped by the werewolves, he had become even more wary. As such, he recruited several substitutes to take his place for activities outside while he stayed hidden in the underground fortification, not stepping out at all.

White Lion then requested for assistance, "Teacher, please do step in to capture Tom."

Hearing that, Fang Xingjian nodded, but he did not take this to heart. Although such matters might seemed to be of great importance to White Lion and Allen, it was merely like a fight between children to Fang Xingjian. The level was far too low, and he was not interested in spending time dealing with Tom.

With a casual wave of his hand, Jack and Elena flew over. Then at the next moment, they opened their eyes as they stood on the ground.

Fang Xingjian was almost done with conducting research on the systems of these two people. He had already dug out all of the potential he could from them as well.

Jack had been imparted with a set of Shadowless Sound Sword technique that could be performed with his system's ability to control sound waves. This Killing sword technique had an unrivalled prowess, possessing a battle prowess that far surpassed White Lion's.

Elena was even better. She had been brought up to level 200 by Fang Xingjian and had become a super strong existence. Even White Lion could be killed with just a few cuffs and kicks from her. Moreover, Fang Xingjian had also casually taught her the Supreme Mistwind Sword which could better bring out her powerful physical attributes.

Fang Xingjian said calmly, "I've imparted the two of them with top notch sword techniques and they've mastered them. They'll help you to expand your influence and capture Tom."

White Lion had always been in high admiration toward the prowess of Fang Xingjian's sword arts. The fact that his own abilities had been increased by over ten times was the best evidence.

However, he felt that Fang Xingjian still underestimated Tom. Even if both Jack and Elena possessed a battle prowess that was at about the same level as his, it would be still too hard to take on Tom's army of Ghost Wolves.

He said hesitantly, "Teacher, Tom has several hundred Ghost Wolves under him, and they are not to be trifled with. Tom even possesses an unknown system, and their numbers are still on the increase. If we don't focus our powers and wipe them out in advance, they'll turn out to be a disaster."

White Lion thought that Fang Xingjian was still unclear of the threat which Tom posed and reiterated the case.

However, Fang Xingjian shook his head. He looked at Jack and Elena and said calmly, "The two of them are sufficient.

"Unify the influences across the East Coast as soon as possible and then gather all the extraordinary humans in the area here. If they don't come over... seize them and bring them here. Within ten days, I want all the extraordinary humans across the West Coast to appear before me."


An hour later, White Lion brought Jack and Elena back to Silver Shield's headquarters-a 30-floor-high skyscraper.

He was still feeling extremely worried over how Fang Xingjian had taken Tom lightly.

White Lion sighed and said, "Sigh, Teacher is still underestimating Tom too much. This person is very amazing in terms of his system's potential, as well as in his tolerance, ability to come up with schemes, and his strength. I've never come across someone who can surpass him in these areas. If we can't get rid of him in one go, he'll end up turning into a great disaster in the future."

Elena smiled, clenching her fists as she sensed the overwhelming power coming from her body. She was fearless.

Just then, the phone rang, and White Lion picked it up. His countenance changed and said, "We've discovered Tom's location."


At the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the United States.

As one of the most well-known and majestic landscapes, this canyon was over 400 kilometers long. Its deepest point was at a depth of 1,800 meters, and its widest peak reached 28 kilometers.

Standing there and looking at the canyon would make one gasp at how great the world was, as well as how magnificent nature was.

Right now, Tom was wearing a suit and sitting casually on a cliff. A Ghost Wolf was lying down meekly next to him, while Tom leaned against it like it was a sofa as he stroked its furry head with one of his hands.

Gunshots rang out in the canyon under him, and there would occasionally be the furious bellows and shouts of humans as well as beastly roars.

A group of over ten gunners were being pushed back by the attacks of four monsters. They were unable to retaliate at all.