Chapter 743: Research

 Chapter 743: Research

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The group proceeded on and quickly entered an underground tunnel. They soon saw countless skeletons doing all sorts of jobs including digging, moving things, and constructing.

A huge underground city slowly emerged before them. There were all sorts of skeletons, zombies, and other undead species everywhere in this city. They worked endlessly without stopping in constructing and expanding the area occupied by the underground city.

About half an hour later, the group entered an experimental area of the city. Many workers whose faces had turned green were moving around.

Elizabeth asked curiously, "Are they all living humans? Living humans can stay here?"

The lich who was leading the way grinned. "Are you sure they are living humans?"

At the next moment, one of the working staff passed through the walls. Elizabeth's countenance changed, and she looked around. Then she immediately discovered that all these workers did not have shadows, and some of them had fog near their feet, which were hard to see clearly.

The lich grinned and said, "They are all ghosts that master resurrected-elite scientists from the human world."

Elizabeth gulped. At the next moment, she suddenly saw a familiar face with messy hair.

"Hey," she said hesitantly, "That can't be..."

"Einstein?" The lich said, "He's considered one of the earlier batches of scientists our master has resurrected."

They came across many other familiar faces on their way, causing Elizabeth's expression to become extremely strange. She was wondering if she had come to the netherworld.

After passing through another large metal door, they saw a young man dressed in a white coat conducting an experiment at a table. Upon the group's arrival, he said calmly, "Give me ten minutes, I'll be done very soon."

A male death row prisoner was on the table, shuddering occasionally while streams of blue electric currents surrounded him. As the young man chanted incantations, wisps of black gas gushed into the condemned prisoner's body.

At the next moment, the death row prisoner opened his eyes abruptly and looked at the young man dressed in a white coat.

"Suleiman... I curse you..."

As the death row prisoner opened his mouth, countless locusts emerged from his mouth and dashed out toward the young man wearing a white coat.

Just as the others were planning to make a move, the young man wearing a white coat snapped his fingers loudly. Then blue flames started to burn, incinerating all the locusts into ashes.

"Check his physiological indices.

"What about his brain waves?

"Does his consciousness still exists?

"What about the alpha particles density?"

As the young man in white coat asked those questions, many ghosts flew past before him. About five minutes later, the ghosts went off and the young man sighed. He then turned to look at the Dark Knight and asked, "What is it?"

The Dark Knight did not request for his assistance immediately. It was because he knew it was useless to ask for Suleiman's help directly. Instead, the Dark Knight asked, "Are you attempting system transplant?"

Suleiman nodded. "Systems attaches themselves to humans' will. They will draw out the information and energy from alpha particles based on the changes to the waves of the human's will.

"Information and energy. These are the foundations of the entire universe. As long as one possesses sufficient information and energy, they will be able to possess all power.

"And our research regarding alpha particles right now isn't even considered to be superficial knowledge yet."

The Dark Knight said, "I can disclose all my research on alpha particles to you."

Suleiman was slightly stunned. After a short moment of silence, he smiled and said, "I'm sorry, let's just cut to the chase. I can't help you with this matter."

"You already know about it?" Hearing that, the Dark Knight was stunned. However, at the thought of Suleiman's sorcery, he did not harp on it any further and asked, "Why?"

"The other party didn't display malevolent intent of wanting to destroy Earth," Suleiman said calmly. "As for whether a few thousand or tens of thousands people will die, it doesn't really matter to me."

The Dark Knight frowned. "Do you know how dangerous he is? He might not have any malevolent intent now, but an existence like him is already a huge threat in itself. We must have him under supervision and control."

Suleiman said calmly, "Threat? Our existence itself is a threat. Take your black technology system for example. Has anyone had you under supervision and control before? Why don't you announce it and hand it over to the government?"

The Dark Knight said coldly, "The current mankind doesn't have enough self-restraints to possess these technologies. As long as there is one person who is unable to control his own desires, he might end up bringing great damage to the entire human world one I hand them over."

"Then what about you?" Suleiman said calmly, "Are you sure that you'll be able to constantly keep that desire under control?"

The Dark Knight was stumped for a moment. Then Suleiman continued, "What if you lose control? Peter, you aren't God. You're only human. There's no way that you'll be able to take charge over the entire world. Go home, have a good sleep, and enjoy the pleasures of life."

The Dark Knight said in a deep voice, "I've placed 20 million femtometer robots in my brain, and Nicola, an artificial intelligence, constantly has my thoughts under supervision. If I show any signs of crossing the line and wanting to use the black technology system for my own profits, he will detonate my brain.

"I never trust any human, including myself."

Hearing what the Dark Knight said, everyone present was shocked. They were astonished at the Dark Knight's viciousness as well as by his sentiments. Even Suleiman could not help but fall silent. Then he sighed and asked, "Why do you have to do this?"

"No one can remain unchanged for eternity. I can only do what I can to sustain mankind's stability," the Dark Knight answered while keeping his eyes fixed on Suleiman. "Help me. I need your sorcery."

Suleiman sighed and said, "You have an airship, right?"

"What do you mean?" The Dark Knight asked puzzledly.

"The other party has probably already arrived on Earth. Caesar was tossed into the geosynchronous orbit. You haven't discovered that all this while?"


Los Angeles, United States.

In the manor, Catherine and six other people were still floating in midair. Ever since they entered their dreams at the beginning, they had maintained this state all this while, almost constantly being channeled with sets of information from Fang Xingjian. They were getting stronger with every minute and second.

Additionally, through the research he conducted on these different systems and their extraordinary powers, Fang Xingjian also gained a new understanding toward his own system.

'Knights' power comes from ether particles.

'The same goes for these extraordinary humans. They use their will to draw out the information and energy from ether particles, forming all sorts of extraordinary powers. And systems are the tools they use to affect ether particles.

'The same goes for the Knight system on my body. It's just that the Knight system is more concealed and perfect. It even created physical particles which is a medium of the system.'

As Fang Xingjian thought through these, he controlled Jack's body and continuously channeled in the energy of ether particles. Simultaneously, he projected the many music scores and lyrics from Jack's brain, which took the form of a light screen presented in the air.

Each of Jack's songs had yet to come into the world, but they were great songs which could resonate across the world.

However, Fang Xingjian's attention was naturally not on the songs but on how he was already able to bypass Jack's will and directly control a portion of his system.

'If I have more specimens to conduct experiments on, I may be able to reverse the systems and use my Knight system to control the power of their systems.'