Chapter 742: Antarctica

 Chapter 742: Antarctica

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Although Feige was the person in charge of the Law-Enforcing Department in this region, he had never been at the front line before and neither was his will that strong. Otherwise, he would not have become a werewolf under Tom's temptation.

Fang Xingjian had only threatened Feige a little, and the latter split out everything he knew.

The Law-Enforcing Department managed the people who had extraordinary powers within the United States. However, other than the headquarters, the person in charge of the region was not allowed to have control of any extraordinary power. The regional forces were still formed by ordinary people who would be tasked with investigations and gathering intelligence.

After receiving their information, the Law-Enforcing Department's headquarters would then send out troops based on the concrete situation.

According to Feige, the Law-Enforcing Department possessed experts, but he had only met four of them before. Almost every single one of them had a battle prowess that was above that of a second generation werewolf.

However, one second generation werewolf could be created every month, and just four to five second generation werewolves would be sufficient to deal with an expert from the headquarters. He estimated that it would only take five to ten years before the werewolves would be able to take control over the entire United States government.

"So... weak?" Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed as he thought of that expert he had encountered on the sun's surface. That person's power was almost no weaker than a tier three Divine level expert.

Fang Xingjian looked at Feige and asked, "Then are there any other international organizations that are even more powerful than the Law-Enforcing Department? Who is the strongest extraordinary human in this world?"

Feige replied, "There is. The world's strongest organizations of extraordinary humans are the Eastern's Crimson Alliance and the Western's Radiant Congress. Their leaders are seen as the world's strongest experts."

"How strong are they?" Fang Xingjian asked.

"I... I don't know," Feige began to explain. "That's top secret information, and all the governments are basically hiding the existence of extraordinary power. After their operations, the Crimson Alliance and the Radiant Congress wipe out the memories of witnesses. No one knows what their abilities are or how strong they are."

Fang Xingjian frowned. Clearly, things were different here in comparison to Miracle World. One aspect was because of the modern society's stability. Another aspect was that the abilities of the the various extraordinary humans in this world were very different and they didn't wish to reveal their abilities, allowing others to find their weaknesses.

This resulted in many extraordinary humans concealing themselves in the darkness, like Catherine. As such, people like Feige would have very limited information regarding them.

Despite this, Fang Xingjian still had some estimations of this world's power. His earlier estimations were probably slightly too high. This world might not be as strong as he had imagined it to be.

However, now that he had the Douglas family standing in the front line, he could hide in the background and continue his research on the systems which extraordinary humans possessed while testing out this world's power.

Therefore, over the next few days, Fang Xingjian stayed in Catherine's villa and continued to teach the group sword arts. Even Elena, who had the level-up system, came to learn from him. Allen and Diana wanted to meet Fang Xingjian but were both rejected. He had only requested the two of them to continue expand their influence and gather information concerning extraordinary humans.

Although Fang Xingjian did not take actions himself, there was White Lion-who had learned the Golden Slash-with his astonishing battle prowess. There was also Feige to help to take care of things as well.

With such a powerful battle prowess being used for unifying the mafia groups, things moved on along a lot more easier. In a short period of time, they managed to unify several hundred mafia groups and then continued to expand out toward the south and the north.

Relying on the various riches and connections of the mafia influences, the Douglas family's businesses continued to expand, and Allen Douglas's influence in the West Coast grew rapidly.

White Lion's reputation also spread throughout the West Coast after having gained repeated victories. He was now known as the Subjugator White Lion.


In the Antarctica, a black steel foot stomped down fiercely into the snow.

The Dark Knight looked at the violent snowstorm and said, "We're reaching soon."

The terrifying snowstorm had almost turned the entire place into complete white, so whatever they saw was just strong gales and the blizzard. They could not even see the situation ten meters away clearly.

Behind him, the Bloody Queen was still only wearing the most basic T-shirt and short skirt, so she was shivering non-stop. Upon hearing what the Dark Knight said, she could not help but curse, "B*stard, why did we have to get off the plane and walk over? Even my blood vessels are going to be frozen."

Cyrus continued to hug the Bloody Queen's leg, smiling as he put his face against Elizabeth's thigh with a satisfied expression.

The Dark Knight's voice remained extremely cold, "The defense in front is too high, and if we were to fly the fighter aircraft over, we would be shot down."

Just as the two of them were talking, many red light spots lit up. Elizabeth was about to make a move when she was stopped by the Dark Knight.

"We're here. Don't do anything."

At the next moment, densely packed red dots neared. They were clearly the eyes of many skeletons. Amidst kacha kacha sounds of bones clashing together, the skeletons surrounded the three people. The skeletons' empty eye sockets emitted an eerie red light, giving off an ominous feeling.

Even Elizabeth was creeped out to be surrounded by a myriad of skeletons.

The Dark Knight's voice rang out in her mind once again, "Don't do anything. Just wait here."

Half an hour passed by, and just as Elizabeth felt that she was going to be frozen into ice, the skeletons opened up a path.

A man, who was so thin that he was just skin and bones, emitted streams of blue light from all over his body. He was floating three inches off the ground as he headed over. The man wore a black robe, and blue flames shone in his eyes. When he saw the three people, the flames in his eyes seemed to flicker a little, and a cold voice rang out in their minds through mental forces.

"Dark Knight, long time no see. Speak of your reason for coming."

The Dark Knight said calmly, "I want to meet Suleiman."

A creepy laughter rang out from the man's mouth. "Only the dead can meet the King of Death."

The skeletons in the surroundings trembled as they whipped out cold weapons including sabers, spears, staffs, and clubs. It was as if they would attack at any moment.

However, at the next moment, a voice rang out from void space, "Let them in." All the skeletons immediately backed off like vassals who had received a command from the Emperor.

The man took a long look at the Dark Knight and said, "Come with me."

Elizabeth followed behind the Dark Knight. She gulped and complained in her mind, "Who on earth are you here to meet? Who the hell is this man of skin and bones?"

The Dark Knight replied calmly, "He's a lich. 14 years ago, he gained the lich system and turned himself completely into a lich. Thereafter, the Scourge 1 he commands almost engulfed half of Africa."

"14 years ago... You're saying..."

"That's right. The war between the two areas in Africa was because of him. In a mere two months, over one million people died. There were countless skeletons, zombies, and dark creatures. We paid a huge price before we managed to wipe them all out, and it took us two years to deal with the aftermath."

"Then why isn't he locked up?"

The Dark Knight explained, "I'm not an expert in dealing with magic-related existences. That's why I sent him here and handed him over to someone who excels in magic."

Elizabeth asked curiously, "Who?"

"One of the greatest extraordinary humans in the world, the possessor of the netherworld system. He is also the greatest sorcerer in history- Abyss Lord 2 Suleiman."