Chapter 741: Wolf Pack

 Chapter 741: Wolf Pack

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The most astonished person present was probably Diana. Fang Xingjian, whom she had thought of as an ordinary extraordinary human, now displayed powers which threw out her general knowledge.

'Sword arts? How is this sword arts? How can this possibly be just sword arts?'

White Lion had already witnessed Fang Xingjian's powers previously. However, upon seeing that Fang Xingjian managed to deal with over 100 werewolves and three huge wolves-that could tear tanks apart and break buildings like one would break a toy-with just two punches and one grasp, he was still very shocked.

Bearing with the pain, White Lion stood up with a respectful expression. "Teacher, I'm sorry. I didn't manage to wipe them out and made you have to come over."

Fang Xingjian casually tossed Jefferson onto the ground and said indifferently, "I'd merely placed a stream of sword intent into your body."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, everyone present trembled slightly.

While they spoke, Fang Xingjian's martial will was already scanning the entire manor. However, he did not discover the presences of any other people.

Fang Xingjian looked at Jefferson, whose mouth was filled with blood, and asked curiously, "Where's that guy who can transform people into werewolves? Where is he?"

"Master isn't here." Jefferson continued to look at Fang Xingjian with an unyielding and arrogant expression. "You've killed so many werewolves... They are all our master's painstaking efforts. He won't let you off for this!" He glared at Fang Xingjian. Although surprised by Fang Xingjian's battle prowess, Jefferson still put up a strong front.

"Not here?" Fang Xingjian frowned and then turned to look at Diana, Allen Douglas, and Elena.

He said:

"The Douglas family will come under me in the future. You guys will be the one to handle all the work. I'm not interested in how it is managed. You will also take over the Gambino family. All the authority and wealth can go to you. I don't want any of them.

"However, if there's anything I request for, you must bring them to me."

A gaze, which was like sword light, was cast onto the three people. Then an awe-inspiring aura, that was like that of a god or a demon from the heavens, came gushing out.

Fang Xingjian's words sounded extremely nonchalant, but Allen was unable to summon up any will to resist them. His face turned pale as he immediately nodded and said, "I'll remember Master 1 's words. From today onward, our Douglas family will go all out to support Master. We will go all out, even at the expense of all of our wealth, if it can satisfy your wishes."

As Allen Douglas spoke, a flame was lit up in his eyes. The power Fang Xingjian had displayed was too terrifying, and White Lion seemed to have improved tremendously after receiving his guidance. It would be foolish of Allen not to cling to such an amazing character.

This was especially when today's events with the Gambino family had taught him a good lesson: compared to wealth and authority, power was the final means of determining everything.

Of course, this was under the situation in which one possessed extraordinary powers that were strong enough. Ordinary humans would not be able to go up against them even if they were to possess tens or hundreds of billions of riches.

Allen's eyes shone and he thought excitedly, 'With him around to back the Douglas family, we'll have the needed resources to rise up. It might not be impossible to rise up and become the most powerful family in the United States.'

Beside him, Diana watched on in great surprise. Although the Douglas family was not the richest family, they had a 100-year legacy and were a real estate magnate of several decades. They owned assets worth over 100 billion USD, and they had several tens of real estate projects, over ten financial companies, and countless employees working for them. To think that such a tremendous amount of wealth would come under Fang Xingjian with just a few words.

Her eyes were gleaming as she looked at Fang Xingjian now. 'Is this what great power brings? To be able to single-handedly rival all authority and riches...'

However, Fang Xingjian did not say anything more after that. After all, how could he possibly care how much wealth the Douglas family had? He had only subdued them in passing to make his future actions more convenient.

He then looked at Feige, the person in charge of the West Coast's Law-Enforcing Department, and grabbed him. "He's from the Law-Enforcing Department-an official in charge of the management of extraordinary power?"

Allen nodded and said, "That's him."

Fang Xingjian nodded. He needed to gather information in this aspect. "I'll be taking this person and this dog along with me. White Lion will be working for you from now on. You can deal with the remaining werewolves however you like.

"As for the first mission that I'm giving you... It's to find that extraordinary human who can transform people into werewolves." With that, Fang Xingjian turned and was about to leave.

"Oh, right." However, he then turned back to look at Elena. Confronted with his gaze, this little girl could not help but back off a few steps like a timid, young beast.

Fang Xingjian smiled, "You have talent. Come over here to learn sword arts from me tomorrow."

Then Fang Xingjian left, bringing Feige and Jefferson along with him. With a leap, he smashed through the roof accompanied by a bang . Then after a slight pause followed by a dash, he broke through the sound barriers, cut across the cloud layers amidst a series of thunderous sounds, and disappeared into the horizon.

Just this astonishing means of departure made everyone feel in great awe of him.

Fang Xingjian flew back to the manor at a high speed, knocking out the huge wolf with a single thought. Then Fang Xingjian tapped out with one of his fingers, and Feige slowly woke up.

Seeing Fang Xingjian, Feige revealed a shocked and terrified expression. "What do you want? I'm a government official of the United States. You can't kill me."

Fang Xingjian said indifferently, "Alright, tell me about the Law-Enforcing Department."


In a small town that was over 1,000 kilometers away from the West Coast, a young man-who wore a pair of spectacles and a suit, and had his hair neatly combed-was seated at his desk, silently watching a video on his laptop.

The video was of the battle which had occurred in the Gambino family manor. From the angle of the shoot, the video was clearly the feeds from various security cameras.

When he saw the battle between White Lion and Jefferson, the young man frowned slightly. However, when Fang Xingjian suddenly appeared and instantly killed over 100 werewolves and defeated three huge wolves, the young man's pupils contracted and his countenance turned extremely grim.

"Amazing, to be able to instantly defeat three second generation werewolves..." However, the young man stood up at the next moment and walked out with a cold smile on his face.

"I didn't expect there to be such a powerful extraordinary human besides myself in this world."

He walked up to an open space in the town. There were corpses all over the town like it had turned into a ghost town.

"Even if I complete the system upgrade now, I may still be a little weaker than you. But after I upgrade my Wolf God system once again..."

As he spoke, wolf howls rang out in the surroundings and many wolf shadows appeared in void space. They were the Ghost Wolves the young man had just summoned. These Ghost Wolves could move through void space like ghosts. They possessed no forms nor substance, and in crucial times, they turned into physical forms and attacked. Each of them were even harder to deal with than second generation werewolves.

"Hmph, after I upgrade my system again, I'll take back everything that you owe me."

At the next moment, the howls from several hundred wolves rang out as the Ghost Wolves appeared around the young man. It was as if hell had arrived, and the mortal world had become the netherworld.

This young man was Tom, the person who turned people into werewolves. It was clear that his Wolf God system was not one which simply turned people into werewolves.