Chapter 740: Round Up In One Swoop

 Chapter 740: Round Up In One Swoop

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Sparks splattered everywhere as White Lion almost brushed against the opponent's claws while dodging. Despite this, he was still inflicted with three white marks by the seething air, just like blade slashes on a steel plate.

White Lion's eyes narrowed. His body's toughness was almost comparable to a tank's plating, but the other party was still able to slice through the air and leave white scratch marks on him. How terrifying was his attacking prowess?

However, just after White Lion avoided the first attack, the silver-white wolf figure once again appeared behind him, clawing out like a white ghost.

Pffft! This time around, White Lion was dealt a direct hit. Then as blood splattered everywhere, a stream of platinum sword Qi suddenly burst out and slashed Jefferson's body. It pierced through Jefferson's chest and almost slashed the huge wolf into two from the waist.

After retreating for several meters, the White Lion looked at his waist. It was in a bloody state.

'What sharp claws. To think that it can actually tear my body apart?'

At the sight of this scene, Allen's and Diana's eyes gleamed. Both of them could not help but think of the possibility of them not surrendering but subduing this werewolf influence instead...

However, at the next moment, a series of granulations suddenly grew from the white werewolf's wound under everyone's terrified gazes. The granulations connected together and instantly closed up the wound on the huge wolf's body. In less than a second, Jefferson had recovered.

White Lion's brows twitched, and astonishment filled up his eyes. 'What a terrifying recovery power.'

He immediately slashed forth, sending out gushing sword Qis and turning them into a sword net that encompassed toward the huge wolf.

This time around, the huge wolf once again displayed his astonishing speed. Just like an elusive ghost, he darted out toward White Lion.

In that instant, the two of them engaged in an intense fight. As both White Lion and Jefferson possessed powerful killing prowess and defense abilities, they were both wary of each other's attacking means and did not dare receive the attacks head-on. However, they were able to use their attacks to push back the other party.

As they fought, sword lights splattered about and sword gales blew. Amidst a series of afteriages, no one was able to see their movements clearly.

Then as sword light and claw shadows continued to sweep out, a number of werewolves started to be on the defense.

"Back off quickly!"

Under great shock, everyone started to back off toward the hall's entrance.

"What's going on?"

A shout rang out. The Law-Enforcing Department's Feige had come over upon hearing sounds of fighting. When he saw the battle situation in the hall, he got a shock. "What's going on? Who's that?"

He had witnessed Jefferson's battle prowess before. Jefferson was an existence that could even tear apart a tank and fend off a modernized army. To think that there was someone who could fight against him evenly...

Allen Douglas, who was standing at the side, was also in great astonishment. It was as if he had never expected that this extraordinary human whom he had recruited earlier could have such a great battle prowess.

Simultaneously, more and more werewolves started gathering. Other than those who had been mobilized for other missions and those who had been killed, there were still over 130 werewolves stationed at the manor. Now, all of them gathered around the hall. When they saw the fight between White Lion and Jefferson, they were also extremely astonished.

It was not that they had not encountered extraordinary humans before, but it was very hard for the usual extraordinary humans to fend off a fourth generation werewolf. Those people would usually be unable to retaliate against a third generation werewolf. However, to think that a second generation werewolf-an existence that could go up against an army-was now having his attacks fended off.

Feige's countenance was grim. In his recollections, only certain monsters listed in the Law-Enforcing Department's top secret files would be able to achieve something of this level. This was not a world that a person like him, who was only in charge of a region, could understand.

In fact, people like him and even the Gambino family's werewolves understood too little of the extraordinary power in this world. After all, they were not at the highest level and knew nothing of those top secrets which could influence the world's situation and change human society.

Seeing how Jefferson was unable to take down his enemy after so long, another strong man and an elderly man howled and turned into two huge silver-white werewolves.

"Jefferson, stop wasting time."

"Let's deal with him together."

As the three huge wolves attacked together, White Lion's pressure suddenly increased by over tenfold and he found it hard to handle. Patches of blood appeared all over his body, and chunks of his flesh would be clawed off occasionally.

In the end, one of the huge wolves bit White Lion's neck, another bit his arms, and then Jefferson sunk his claws into his chest, tearing it open.

"Ahhh!" White Lion exploded, and ten streams of platinum sword Qis burst out from all over his body, slashing the huge wolves. Even though he slashed at the three huge wolves' necks, arms, chest, and stomach instantly, they did not even budge. Their injuries were already recovered at the next moment, displaying their terrifying regenerating abilities.

At the sight of this scene, the other werewolves cheered, but Allen's and Diana's countenance turned grim. The three werewolves, who were each able to tear apart a tank and who possessed an almost indestructible bodies, were far too terrifying. If such power were to continue to grow with them, would mankind not be dominated by werewolves?

Pffft! White Lion spurted out a mouthful of blood and looked at the three huge wolves, unable to accept this. "If it wasn't because the three of you joined forces, you wouldn't be able to defeat me."

"We're able to gain a new comrade every month. What about you? The world is destined to be dominated by us," one of the huge wolves said in contempt.

White Lion looked at the three huge wolves coldly and said, "Teacher will avenge me and kill all of you."

"Your teacher? If he comes, we'll also tear him up into pieces." Jefferson smirked disdainfully.

As he spoke, Jefferson was about to stir up White Lion's internal organs. However, at the next moment, light burst out from White Lion's body and a faint phantom image appeared.

It was the stream of sword intent which Fang Xingjian had left in White Lion's body. The sword intent was usually used to record White Lion's battle data and would only appear when White Lion's life was at risk.

Seeing the human-shaped phantom image, White Lion smiled. "Teacher!"

A hint of wariness flashed in the three huge wolves' hearts as they backed off over ten meters away, surrounding the phantom image and White Lion.

Allen and the others frowned, not knowing what had just happened. However, Diana stared carefully at that phantom image and let out a shout of surprise at the next moment.

'Isn't this that Fang Xingjian who was teaching Catherine sword arts? How can it be him? Moreover, White Lion was calling him Teacher...'

Fang Xingjian threw a glance at White Lion and frowned. He then looked at the three huge wolves and said calmly, "So there are higher quality ones? Who turned you into werewolves? Get him to come see me."

Jefferson snorted and said, "Who are you? Do you want to make an enemy out of our Gambino family?"

"Enemy?" Fang Xingjian said coldly, "You guys don't even have the rights to be cannon fodder."

As he spoke, Fang Xingjian took a step out and launched a punched toward one of the huge wolves. He could not even be bothered to use any sword techniques against them.

However, from the perspective of many of the werewolves, it was like the sky had collapsed and the earth was shattering when the punch struck. As Fang Xingjian punched forth, it was as if an explosion had lit up in the air, and shock waves exploded toward all directions with his fist as the center point. As the violent power surged outward, the gushing shock waves shattered the huge wolf into powder before Fang Xingjian's fist even touched him.

Over 100 werewolves were knocked out by the air currents produced by this punch. It was as if they had been hit by a sonic bomb and were all knocked out. Only Jefferson and the other huge silver-white wolf could surprisingly hang on. Allen, Diana, and Elena also managed to get away unscathed thanks to Fang Xingjian's protection.

Both Allen and Diana looked at this scene in great astonishment. To them, the huge silver-white werewolves were already considered extraordinary experts of the highest level. However, Fang Xingjian had punched one of them into meat paste with a single punch. What terrifying power was that?

Diana watched this scene blankly. "An extraordinary power can be this powerful?" She had initially thought that although extraordinary powers were special, they could only be comparable to weapons like handguns and machine guns, and were just another type of weapon.

However, this punch Fang Xingjian had just displayed changed her understanding of extraordinary powers completely.

The two remaining huge wolves were horrified. Almost at the instant the air currents dissipated, they turned into two white lightning bolts, dashing out toward the south and north respectively. They were going to make a run for it.

"Are you able to escape?"

With a flash, Fang Xingjian caught up to one of the huge wolf. Pressing his palm down, he managed to land a blow onto the wolf's head without any reservations.

In an instant, the huge wolf became like a lit firework. He exploded in parts, starting from his head and going down all the way to his tail. It was as if the entirety of his body had turned into splattering blood.

Following this, there was another flash, and Fang Xingjian caught up to Jefferson, who had run off for over 100 meters. With a light grasp, he lifted Jefferson by the neck like he was a little chicken.

Jefferson bellowed furiously and tried to bite Fang Xingjian's neck. However, when his ferocious mouth bit onto Fang Xingjian's neck, there was a huge bang . His white teeth were shattered, and his mouth was full of blood. Jefferson looked at Fang Xingjian in great terror.

'My bone's toughness, my bite's power, and my teeth's sharpness-all of them can tear apart a tank. How tough is his body?'

At this instant, Jefferson even started to suspect that the toughness of this person's body would not even be penetrated by an armor-piercing shell.

"I just so happen to be short of a watchdog. You can do the job."

Fang Xingjian's palm shook gently and dissipated Jefferson's power completely. It was now like Fang Xingjian was carrying a little dog. Under everyone's shocked and terrified gaze, he walked back to the hall slowly.