Chapter 736: Routed

 Chapter 736: Routed

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In the building of the Silver Shield's headquarters, streams of black smoke kept being emitted from inside the building amidst thunderous sounds.

They were sounds of gunshots and people fighting.

Many black shadows flashed at a rapid speed throughout the corridors, with their speed surpassing that of human limits. Even the well-trained gunners of the Silver Shield Company had difficulty hitting them, and when they did land hits, the opponents' movements were not affected at all.

Occasionally, the black shadows would pounce on the gunners, pressing them to the floor. Then stream of blood would burst out from the gunners with an agonized cries.

Kacha kacha sounds rang out, and a black shadow lifted his head, revealing his ferocious fangs and a wolf-like head. Under the shadow's body, the corpse of the gunner had already been torn into pieces.

The black shadow put out its blood-red tongue and licked his lips as a wild emotion burned in his heart. The werewolf lifted his head and looked up, letting out a howl that soared into the sky.

In the wake of this howl, the howls of many other wolves rang throughout the building. It was as if the modern city had been brought into the wilderness.

At the rooftop of the building, a man with platinum-colored long hair stood there while holding a golden longsword. He was panting intensely, and blood was seeping out from his forehead, back, and calves.

Standing before him was a huge wolf with black fur. The huge wolf had a height of over three meters and strong marble-like muscles. His sharp claws were like daggers, gently brushing the ground and leaving streaks of white.

The huge wolf bared his teeth, looked at the man before him, and smiled. "Legend, are you still not going to surrender? Submit to me and you'll be able to enjoy the authority to rule the world with me."

The person holding a golden longsword was the last extraordinary human in the Silver Shield-Legend. He possessed the legendary item exchange system and was able to accumulate love 1 points whilst in a romantic relationship. Through accumulating the love points, he would then be able to increase the limits of his system and exchange various legendary weapons.

However, it was a pity that Legend was a devoted man. This meant he was only able to gain points from his sole lover, causing his progress to be extremely slow.

Grabbing the Lævateinn 2 in his hand tightly, Legend said coldly, "Fossa, you were originally an ordinary human. How did you become a werewolf? Why is it that the entire special forces have become werewolves? Where are the other extraordinary humans in the special forces? Why didn't they come?"

"Haha, trying to find out information? It's fine to share some with you," Werewolf Fossa said. Ever since Fossa became a werewolf, there seemed to be an additional hint of arrogance in his character. He continued calmly, "The previous extraordinary humans in the special forces were unwilling to submit to our master, so they've all been killed. If you're unwilling, then all I can do now is kill you."

With that, he rubbed his sharp claws against each other.

At the next moment, the two of them collided fiercely, and various fire, lightning, and poison attacks were unleashed from Legend's weapon. However, regardless of the damage sustained, Werewolf Fossa was able to recover immediately as if he were an indestructible cockroach. Moreover, Fossa's body was extremely strong, and each of his claws seemed to be able to bring forth strong gales. His strength, speed, and stamina were all above Legend's, forcing Legend to be pushed back repeatedly.

Half an hour later, several tens of werewolves were standing on the rooftop. Fossa grabbed Legend's neck with one hand and lifted him up. Seeing how the latter was unable to move, the corners of Fossa's lips curled up into a brutal smile. "Hehe, how is it? Haven't you extraordinary humans always been looking down on us? What about now?

"You guys are just a bunch of lucky people who gained abilities by luck. You have no idea how to fight. Now that we've gained extraordinary powers as well, you people can't stand up to us at all!"

Kacha! As he broke Legend's neck, Fossa shut his eyes and sensed the seething power in his body. It was an extraordinary power, a power he had been craving to possess for a very long time. Now, it had finally come to him.

He had been an ordinary retired soldier, receiving a miserable salary from working at a security company that barely got him by. Thereafter, he joined the Gambino's special forces, but it was also another high risk job.

He did not know how many times he had felt jealous about those extraordinary humans, and how many times he had dreamed of gaining those terrifying powers.

Now, he had finally succeeded.

Letting out a breath, his hair started to slowly fade away and his fangs also shrank back. Fossa turned back to his human appearance. Then one of his subordinates handed a phone to him.

"Hello, Master. We've completed our mission. They're just a bunch of trash," Fossa said this while nodding.


"That's right."

"I understand."

After hanging up the call, one of his subordinates asked, "Boss, how is it? Where are we heading to next?"

Fossa laughed coldly and said, "Douglas's old man is still trying to mediate with the connections he had in the Law-Enforcing Department. He wants to have the government apply pressure on us. Never would he have thought that even the Law-Enforcing Department has been shocked by Master's power. They can't wait to join forces with us, so how could they possibly dare to stop us? The entire West Coast shall become our territory."

After saying that, Fossa turned and asked, "Douglas has a daughter, right? Where is she?"

A short moment later, many black shadows scattered off in many directions. Fossa looked up at the bright moon and said coldly, "You should be a little more well-behaved if we kidnap your only daughter, right?"


Three hours later, a private plane slowly came to a stop on the runway.

Allen Douglas, who was the head of the Douglas family, and Diana got off the plane together. At this moment, a group of black-clothed men surrounded them. Just when the guards next to Allen and Diana were about to take action, many black shadows darted out and dragged the guards away, turning them into pools of minced mean amidst their agonized cries.

There was only one black-clothed man who collided with a young girl. He was sent flying back for over ten meters, where he then fell to the ground and spurt out a mouthful of blood. However, he wiped his mouth and got to his feet like nothing had happened. He looked at Allen Douglas, Diana, and the little girl who stood before the two of them with a killing intent.

This little girl was Elena, the strongest extraordinary human in the Douglas family. Allen always kept her by his side to protect him.

Elena had a level-up system. It allowed her to keep leveling up by massacring humans and animals. With each level up, she would gain five attribute points which she could add to her strength, agility, flexibility, endurance, or reaction attributes.

The Douglas family had continuously provided her with animals to help her level up, so she was currently at level 40 with over 200 attribute points. Both her strength and agility had surpassed 80 points, and she could be said to be a human tank.

Her earlier attack had been unleashed at her full-power. This meant it could smash a person into a pile of crushed meat. However, despite this fact, her opponent seemed to be unscathed.

"Extraordinary human?" The black-clothed man shook his head. Then at the next moment, he swelled up, turning into a werewolf with a height of over three meters. The over ten black-clothed men next to him also transformed into a werewolf army. As many wolf howls rang out, the werewolf army surrounded Elena and the other two.

Elena looked at this scene with a grim countenance. Meanwhile, Allen's and Diana's faces were deathly pale as they broke out in cold sweat.

Diana shouted, "Are you guys out of your mind?! Attacking Allen at the airport... This is a violation of the regulations. The Law-Enforcing Department won't let you off."

"Law-Enforcing Department?" The leader of the werewolves said with a grin, "The person in-charge of the West Coast's Law-Enforcing Department is currently having tea with my master."