Chapter 735: Conflict

 Chapter 735: Conflict

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Outside the manor, a black-skinned man, a Native American, and a yellow-skinned man slowly got off the sedan.

They were all extraordinary humans from the Silver Shield Company. Other than one person who stayed behind to stand guard in the office, the rest of them had all rushed over here at White Lion's call.

The dark-skinned man had dreadlocks and was dressed in a leather coat and sunglasses, looking just like a rapper. He shook his head impatiently while asking, "What's the problem? Why have all of us been called over? Do you guys know what happened?"

The Native American, who had on a set of ordinary sportswear, answered with a nonchalant expression, "I heard that there's an extraordinary human who is very strong. The three of us are needed to deal with him together."

"Very strong? How strong?" The yellow-skinned man, who was dressed in a loosely fitted T-shirt and baggy pants, said while chewing bubblegum. "I still need to rush back to play games. Let's get this over with."

Saying that, the yellow-skinned man took the lead and headed toward the manor. All three of them possessed systems and were extraordinary humans. In ancient times, they would be existences capable of dealing with 10,000 enemies. Even in the modern age, they were amazing existences. As such, they received high salaries in the Silver Shield Company. They would only be activated upon special circumstances, so they were all very prideful.

However, the moment they stepped into the manor, an intense aura came descending from the sky, encompassing them. It was as if there was a hand gripping tightly onto their hearts, making them unable to move.

"What's this?"

The trio's countenances changed drastically. At the next moment, they discovered in surprise that they had lost control over their own bodies. Streams of power were transmitted from the air like someone was clenching their bodies, controlling them to move forward.

Soon after, the three extraordinary humans, who had twisted expressions and eyes filled with horror, slowly made their way to the lawn.

White Lion looked in their direction and shouted, "You guys are here! Come over here!"

However, seeing that that the trio remained motionless where they were, White Lion was stunned. He walked up and discovered that their bodies were not moving but their pupils were looking all around, revealing a strong feeling of anxiety.

"You guys can't move?"

Seeing the three of them blink furiously, White Lion gasped. He had thought that after calling a few more extraordinary humans here, they would be able to get away even if they could not deal with Fang Xingjian.

Never would he have expected that they would lose without any rhyme or reason before they even arriving. They did not even know how they had been defeated.

At this moment, White Lion's expression appeared extremely grim as he looked at Fang Xingjian's back.

Ignoring the four extraordinary humans observing at the side, Fang Xingjian continued to guide Catherine, Linda, and Jack in their sword arts cultivation. He also transmitted a set of physical particles into Jack's body while observing the changes to the bodies of the three people.

As they continued to practice Nurturing sword techniques, Fang Xingjian could sense that world-shaking changes were occuring in their bodies with every passing moment. Their bodies were slowly changing from those of humans into those of people in Miracle World.

In particular, Catherine possessed a bodybuilding system which continuously aided her cultivation. This allowed her cultivation to be more effective, and she could even absorb energy from ether particles to strengthen her body. This was an ability which one could only have after completing the first transition, but Catherine managed to do this in advance with the help of her system.

'Interesting.' Fang Xingjian could sense the circulation of Catherine's system. 'If I can understand the principles behind these systems, will I be able to understand the principles behind my Stats Window? The various functions displaying attributes, skills and techniques, skills synthesis, and ether synchronization rate... They are also a type of system as well.'

Fang Xingjian took a look at Jack and Linda while thinking, 'If I can merge the abilities of their systems to create a set of sword technique for them, I'll be able to better understand the way their systems work.'

Fang Xingjian suddenly understood. If he could guide Catherine into becoming a Knight while concurrently gathering all sorts of extraordinary humans together to understand the principles behind how different systems works, he would be able to use this to gain a deeper understanding of Miracle World's Knight cultivation system.

He threw a glance at White Lion and the other three extraordinary humans with a smile. "Do the four of you wish to learn sword arts?"

The other three extraordinary humans were stunned. However, White Lion immediately dropped to his knees and lowered his head, saying, "It's our honor to be able to learn sword arts from you."

Therefore, over the next few days, Fang Xingjian helped train them in sword arts, completely ignoring what was happening in the outside world.

While they were in the midst of their cultivation, the United States' Gambino family had an intense conflict with the Douglas family which Catherine belonged to.

Within a short period of time, the special forces under the Gambino family's command attacked from all directions, killing over 20 important members of the Douglas family. The attack indirectly caused a loss of over 100 million USD and even affected the Douglas family's businesses.

"B*stard, are these guys out of their minds?!" Diana smashed her head onto the office desk and said, enraged, "They won't have a good ending from blatantly fighting it out with us like that. Could it be that they want both sides to suffer losses?"

Although the wealthy families in the United States possessed their own military forces, none of them would be foolish enough to fight it out in the United States. Most of them would play around with their influence, regulations, and money. All this while, they had taken care to not overdo things. They would not be like this, seeming as if they wished to go all out to kill another wealthy family.

"It seems that it's because the Gambino family's leader has changed," Jessica, Diana's beautiful female secretary, said. "A person by the name of Tom has replaced the previous leader, Foron, and become the current person in charge of the Gambino family. He has sent out many extraordinary humans from their special forces, and we are being pushed back."

"Where's the police? The FBI? The Law-Enforcing Department? Where did all of them go?" The United States had their own department which manages extraordinary humans-the Law-Enforcing Department. This was also one of the reasons why all the great families did not act recklessly despite recruiting extraordinary humans.

Diana could not understand how crazy the Gambino had become for them to be acting so recklessly, ignoring all regulations.

The female secretary shook her head and said, "They killed members of the police and the FBI. Without any extraordinary humans, there's no way of going up against the special forces. As for the people from the Law-Enforcing Department... they weren't mobilized for some reason..."

"This lunatic." Upon hearing that the people from the Gambino family had killed members of the police and the FBI, Diana shook her head as she felt the Gambino family had completely lost their minds. However, the Douglas family could not possibly perish with these lunatics.

Diana asked again, "Where are the people from Silver Shield? Where are White Lion and the others? Why didn't they take any action?"

The female secretary cast a look at Diana. The latter's enraged expression was too terrifying, giving off the feeling that a violent storm was coming.

"Other than Legend, White Lion and the other three have gone missing. Their phones are switched off, and we can't find them."